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Naruto slows opens his eyes five days later when he does the light starts to hurt his finally waking eyes. When he can see he looks around the room and sees that his kaa-san is sitting by his bed sleeping.

When he starts to move she wakes up and smiles at him but walks out of the room making him realize that she's going to tell everyone that he's up and alive. A little while later he sees Soma walking into the room with a smile. She runs and tries to climb up the bed when he sits up and picks her up.

She puts her head against his and looks up at his eyes. "I was scared before and now I'm not scared." He smiles to the innocent child before rubbing her head lightly but he looks to see inner Moka walking in next.

She walks over to him with a smile on her face, her hands move to reach his hand holding in. she sits down on the bed beside him and their daughter. "You don't need to be scared anymore Soma-chan, ok?" She nods her head to her tou-san before smiling bigger but both of them hear his gut start to talk.

Naruto notices that she no longer has the necklace anymore making her stare at her. "You're no longer sealed?" She shakes her head before giving him a kiss on the lips and drinking his blood.

"My kaa-san figured it's best to finally face Alucard than force me to be sealed away in order to keep him from waking up." He runs his hands through her long silver hair and watches her go back to drinking his blood.

Once she's done she smirks at him with some of his blood still on her lips. She licks her lips clean the best way she can hoping it will make him stare harder at her which she's happy that it did by the look in his eyes. "If you keep doing that we may need to ask someone to babysit Soma-chan."

"Maybe that's a good idea, we do have our summer break now, three months off and where do you want to go?" He starts rubbing Moka's back and goes lower to her ass making her give him a devilish smirk.

"Back to the shinobi lands that way you will be safe from them and I can train for three months." She stares at him before moving her lips to his ear but his eyes go to her crimson slit eyes that he just can't stop staring at.

"Are you sure you're truly ready to go back to the lands that caused you so much pain?" He nods his head to her before taking her hand and kissing it but she moves her finger to his lips than looks down at Soma with a smile.

"Let's get some food." She gets up first and takes Soma into her loving arms while she watches her mate get up from the bed and takes her hand softly with his. They start to walk out only to see everyone waiting for him.

"How are you doing?" Minato is the first to ask him that but he just smiles and looks at Moka who smiles back at them showing that he is good. "We are planning on going back to the shinobi lands for the three month break but not Konoha."

"You should go back to Konoha after all that's where your kaa-san and I are going, I'm going to retake my job and you will no longer be exiled." Naruto smiles and nods his head to his father but closes his eyes then faces Jin.

"I need your help Jin to make allies in hell, I need support against these people but I don't know who they are." Tenshi walks up to him with a face that shows him he's making the right choice in getting allies.

"He had the crest that belongs to the royalty of devils. Devils who once ruled hell till the first Kyuubi overthrew them. They may be trying to bring back to life one of the old devil lords but you will need to find allies that is for sure." His face becomes hard to think that that man was a devil of all things.

"I can help you and Tenshi do you mind helping me? You can gather the kitsune and a few allies that the kitsune trust the most. Have them meet Naruto-sama at this village and I'll do the same with the other races." Tenshi nods her head and disappears in smoke leaving Naruto to stare at his two family members.

"Let's talk son and you can bring your girlfriend or is it fiancée?" She points to the ring on her finger causing both of them to blush badly. She starts to wave them to follow after her and her husband to talk.

When they finally stop they are at outside the school and sitting down at one of the tables but Moka just looks at Naruto. "First let's talk about you having a fiancée and a kid at your age." Naruto just swallows hard before looking back at them because he doesn't know how to say anything about that to them.

"It all happened fast, I found Soma here dying so I saved her by turning her into a kitsune. I had met Moka the next day and things just started. I had seen her and had known that I wanted to be with her." Moka smiles but she sees his kaa smiling at well but Minato just shakes his head only to be slapped upside the said head.

"Now I have a grandkid!" She does a yell out loud before grabbing Soma and holding her making her just stare at up at her like she's crazy. She looks back to her father with eyes that say help me please causing him to laugh.

"How was your life inside Konoha and we are sorry we couldn't be there when you needed us." He stares at his dad but shakes his head because he knows it's not their fault for not being there.

"They attacked me, hated me but there were a few people who didn't hate me. I had Kyuubi to watch over me and help me but your sealing went wrong. Kyuubi's mind was sealed inside me and I became the Kyuubi." Kushina stares at Minato who just shrugs his shoulders and rubs the back of his head.

"They will pay for hurting you Naruto-kun because no one has the right to do that." Kushina said with her eyes showing pain but she realizes something. "Who is the Hokage-sama now?"

"The 5th Hokage is Tsunade and the old man died thanks to his asshole ex student that showed up and attacked the village with village of Sound and Sand but Sand is now our ally. Well it was before I got kicked out so I don't know if it still is." He thinks of Gaara now and hopes he didn't do anything foolish.

"Tsunade-chan is Hokage how in the hell did that happen?" Kushina breaks out in a laugh causing Naruto to laugh with her.

"Ero-sensei took me to find her and I made a bet that I could learn the rasengan in one week and I did. So she had to become the new Hokage then." Minato stares at his son shocked to find out that he learned it that fast.

"It took me three years to create that attack you learned it in one month?" He smirks and nods his head but Kushina pats her husband's back saying it's ok that he out learned you. Moka moves her hand under the table and grabs his hand.

"Just how far have you two gone so far?" Both of them blush but when Moka sees Akasha walking over she was now putting her head into his neck trying to hide her face. Akasha smirks and sits down with everyone but her smirk never leaves her face.

"They have gone far even if it's not something I like." Kushina stares at the other mother before moving her glare to her son.

"You did that without marrying her first! What kind of man did you grow into?" Kushina's face looks pissed off but a second later she screams out another thing.

"Now marry her and give me more cute grandkids!" That's when everyone just looks at her like she has two heads or something.

"I'm here to tell you that your whole group is going with you and don't ask me why." Naruto just stares at her but closes his eyes. He doesn't know why they would want to come with him to his village like this.

"That makes no sense as to why they would? Why not go to their homes or families?" Akasha smiles to him because he can be a big fool at times which she can see that Moka thinks the same by her own smirk.

"They think of you and Moka as their friends, that's why they are coming with you, you can be a big fool at times." Moka nods to her mother agreeing, making Naruto just move his hand to her butt.

She jumps little bit in her seat but looks away with a blush making the three adults try to figure out what happened. "Did you grab my daughter's ass again Naruto-kun?" He just smirks but his mother hits him on the head.

"Tell me everything that has happened in your life." He looks over to Moka who nods her head showing its ok to tell them. She moves his free hand with her right hand giving him the support he needs and wants.

He tells them all that has happened making them pissed off at the village and they are happy he had met few people that treated him. "You two need get things packed and ready now off you two go." They do what their family tells them and leaves with Soma in their care so she can get to know her family better.

When they get inside Moka's room he kisses her neck slowly moving her to the bed but she looks up at him. "Time to get ready and we can do that once we get to your village." He just frowns but she moves her finger to his lips.

"Don't worry you going to like seeing me change into something better." He smirks while watching her stand up and head over to the dresser. She slowly takes off her shirt and bra before looking back at Naruto.

Naruto moves over to her and uses his finger to move around her right nipple whiling looking up at her. He moves his lips to her lovely rose tip right nub. She lets a small moan leave her lips as he keeps sucking on them.

"I do need a shower why don't you join me?" He whispers in her ear causing a shiver to go down her back. "You are lucky I have herbs in my shower to let me be in water." He smirks and runs his hand to her skirt.

"I don't think you will need this then?" She shakes her head no making him take off her skirt and panties but she can feel his finger hitting against her pussy. He slowly goes back to her neck and kisses it. She begins to lead him to the shower while he takes his own clothes off once they get inside she takes off her socks.

Once the two of them get out of the shower and move to the bed they see the outer Moka looking at them making Naruto smirk. She just blushes fully when she looks at what is going on in front of her but can't help but stare more.

Two of them get clothes back on but outer Moka just keeps shaking her head to them. "How are we going to make this work? If someone says our name and we have the same name it's going to be confusing."

"You can just call me Ura when the other me is with us." He kisses her lips before moving to her ear to begin whispering inside of it.

"I'll call you Ura-hime a lot more from now on then." She blushes but moves her hands up his chest only to stop when they hear Moka telling them to stop. She looks at her innocent outer side and can't believe they used to be the same person.

"I need go get ready and you behave yourself." He gives her a slap on the ass before leaving the room but Moka just stares at him like he's still the same persons she doesn't want to get anyway near.

When he gets outside the room he looks around and can't believe he's really in a place like this. A place with dorms and a school but he closes his eyes because this school didn't treat him like a monster like the shinobi one did.

He keeps walking down the hallway and just keeps getting lost in the past because he doesn't realize he had run into Mizore causing the two of them to fall over. When he looks down at her his hand was on her chest but he moves it slowly.

He gets up and helps her up but she just stares at him making him just hope that she's not mad at him. "I'm sorry for falling on you Mizore-chan." She just nods her head before moving back inside her room with a blush on her face.

Naruto continues on to his room but once he gets inside he can see Soma enjoying her little self by playing games with Kushina. He lets a smile come to his face and just takes in the scene in front of him.

"You took a long time to get back." He almost jumps when he hears Akasha's voice like that. He just looks to his right to see her watching him with her foot tapping against the floor making him scared.

"Yeah I guess I'm a little late aren't I?" He moves to the bed and starts to rub Soma's head making her look up with a smile at her father. She hugs him then goes back to playing with Kushina but he can see his own father walking over to him.

"Naruto-kun I would like it if you would let me train you once we get back to the village." Naruto stares at him because he didn't know what to say to that. He looks at his daughter and knows he has to get stronger and fast.

"I would like that tou-san because right now the only thing I need to do is become stronger." He just keeps staring at his daughter and makes a fist with the images of him almost losing his last fight like that.

"Naruto-kun it's not always the strongest that wins the fights but the smartest when it comes to out doing your enemy." Minato just moves his eyes to his son but he just moves his hand to his shoulder.

When everyone is ready and waiting for the bus Naruto couldn't stop staring at his lovely mate who is wearing a long crimson colored dress with a slit running down the sides of her legs giving her room to move but also strapless showing off her lovely back.

Naruto moves his hand against her bare back making a shiver go down her spine but leans into his hand. She moves her lips to his giving him a lovely kiss filled with passion making him pull her into his arms.

When the bus finally gets there they get in but Naruto sits with his mate while Soma sits on her lap making the two love birds happy. Moka plays with her daughter's hair while she talks to Naruto but once the bus stops outside of the village that's when they all get out and the bus leaves them.

Once the group enters the village he tells them to look around while he and his family head to the tower. Soma and her kaa-san head to get something to eat but Naruto tells them about his favorite ramen stand causing Soma to yell she wants to go.

While they walk everyone couldn't believe the 4th Hokage is alive again and start to look to see Naruto with him making them scared. When they get to the tower and Jiraiya and Tsunade see who had walked in they turn pale as a ghost.

"What in hell Minato-kun you're alive! How in hell did you pull this one off?" Minato just grins before pointing to Naruto. He then fills the both of them in on what happens and Tsunade gladly gives him back his job.

"I need go find Moka-hime and Soma-chan." He goes off but the adults just look at each other before Minato sits down in the chair. He turns his chair to face the window and the village he had thought would honor his last request.

"This village didn't even do what I told them to do before I died and for that I'm going see to it the ones that wronged my son pay for it. First order is to remind the council they aren't the leaders of this village." He gets up from the chair and calls the shocked Anbu down to gather both sides of the council.

Now with Moka and Soma after eating ramen and heading over to the dango stand.

Moka just looks around but once she gets to one of the tables she can hear a name that she learned from Naruto past. "You know it's better now that the loser is gone right Sasuke-kun?" Her eyes focus on the one that is now known as Sasuke but he notices it and smirks to her.

"You like what you see do you?" Moka just gives him the finger causing him just get pissed off and stand up. He walks over but when he sees Soma he just laughs before moving closer to her making her pissed he dare laugh her at little girl.

"I see so you sued after all if that kid is really yours." He tries to grab her breasts only to be kicked into the wall of the dango stand but once he hit it his body went right through the wall causing him yell out in pain.

He gets to his feet pissed off but his banshee just tries to hit Moka only to have herself round housed kicked besides her beloved Sasuke. "I'll only say this once so you better listen, no one but my mate can touch me like that, not someone as weak as you."

"Tell me who the hell you are calling weak!" He runs to attack only to be stopped and held above the ground by his neck by none other than Naruto. Naruto's eyes show just how much hate he now has towards Sasuke.

Kurenai and Team eight along with Anko, who had been there, just stare at what Naruto is going to do and for the fact that he's back in the village. "If you ever try and hurt my mate again I'll kill you and if you ever laugh at my daughter. I'll burn you into ash!" He throws Sasuke into the nearby building.

"You're not allowed in this village demon!" Naruto eyes because a blue slit version staring back at the pink haired woman. This same one he once had called a teammate and a close friend but he just laughs.

"If you haven't heard the 4th Hokage is back to being leader of this village or do you think my own dad would kick me out?" Sakura just stares in shock but he just laughs more because he then looks back at Sasuke.

"Sasuke you can try going to council but I think they're now being reminded that they are not leaders and have no say in village matters." Naruto sits down at a table followed by his mate and daughter only to feel everyone staring at him.

Kurenai is the first to walk over making him give her a small smile which results in her giving him one back. "Are you really going to be coming back Naruto-kun?" He just nods his head but rubs Soma's head.

"It's good to see you again Kurenai-chan how are you and everyone doing?" Kurenai sits down but Moka watches her carefully. She only has to feel Naruto hand on her shoulder showing her it's safe and not to worry about Kurenai.

"We have been doing well but what about you? Is the 4th Hokage really back?" He nods his head to her and then looks at his daughter and mate making Kurenai smile, but a sad one which both Moka and Naruto notice.

"Can we talk later Naruto-kun?" He nods his head to her but she just sits there only to have her team come over to the table. Naruto's eyes met Hinata's who looks at him with the same eyes she did when she called him a monster.

"Why are you talking to him sensei?" Kurenai just shakes her head at Hinata because she didn't know how she became the kind of woman she is today. Kiba also shakes his head before saying hello and moving Hinata away from them along with Shino.

"Hello gaki did you miss me?" Anko was now hanging over his shoulder making Moka glare at the new woman causing Anko just grin and stick her tongue out. Naruto moves her off him making Anko give a cute pout to him.

"You are still the same gaki as you were before leaving, no fun at all." She smirks before eating a dango but Kurenai glares at her making Anko smirk again. "And you better be coming to visit me later like you're going to with Kure-chan." She walks away once she done eating her dango.

"She's the same old Anko-chan for you." Kurenai nods her head but the lovely family gets up and starts to head over to the Hokage Tower to talk with his tou-san about things. When they get inside Tsunade is staring at him funny then at Moka.

"Tell me Naruto-kun you've only been gone for a little bit and you already come back with a fiancée without even telling me?" Naruto is now sweating badly but looks over to see his tou-san and kaa-san laughing at this.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Moka asked sweetly to her but you could see her fangs showing only making Tsunade just stare closer at her. She then moves both of them to the seat and sits them down fast.

"Naruto-kun you and your friends will also be staying with us at your new home, let's get going to show you where it is." Naruto just stares at his kaa-san but he does what he is told and follows her along with Moka holding Soma.

When they get to the house Naruto couldn't believe this place is his, it's just huge. Moka takes his hand and they follow them inside and go to a room but they stop and point to the door behind them.

"The one behind us is Soma's room and the one in front of us is the room we had made for you when we were still waiting for you to be born." They open the door to see a room with orange paint making Moka eyes tick.

"What is with this family and the color orange?" Moka just couldn't take it anymore, too much damn orange in her mate's life. Kushina just gives her a deadly and evil glare only to get one to match it by Moka making her smirk.

"Naruto-kun did pick a great wife if she has the guts to glare back at me." She just makes a happy face making Moka think this family is totally crazy but she looks over to Naruto who's smiling at her.

"We'll leave you three alone and I think Soma-chan is getting sleepy." Minato points to the sleeping kid making them all smile. Naruto brings her to her bed and puts her in it with the covers over her. He kisses her forehead and leaves the room to let her sleep peacefully.

When the two of them are the only ones in their bedroom he moves her to the bed with a kiss to her lips. "I'm starting to enjoy crimson and silver more than orange." He kisses her lips again but moves his finger to her lips.

"Kyuubi-sama I heard you're going be leading the war with the devils, are you out of your damn mind?" Naruto turns around to see a three tailed kitsune demon in the room. His eyes now show anger that someone would question his orders or his plans like this.

"Tell me who the hell do you think you are?" Naruto moves a fist and walks over to the kitsune but the kitsune doesn't seem to be bothered and foolish. "I'll ask you again who the hell you think you are."

"You have no hairs and you want to fight? You need to get a son before you even think about fighting!" Naruto just kisses his teeth and looks at him with a look only few people have ever seen and none of them lived.

"You may not like to hear this but that's how life is! That is why all other Kyuubi had many mates why do you think you had the right to be a Kyuubi? The last one saw you as his son!" Naruto just looks at him shocked because that couldn't be the only reason he was allowed to take the title.

"We had thought Tenshi would have mated you already, she did the last three after all." He just stated it like he was talking about the weather, causing Naruto to grab him by the neck and slam him into the wall breaking it.

"I say this once don't you act like you know her or anything like that!" The kitsune is now pissed forcing him to leave but Naruto just sits on the bed with his hands holding his head. Moka sits beside him and moves his head onto her chest.

"You shouldn't let yourself get bothered by this Naruto-kun. This is just how life is and that's because women can never be an heir to a throne in monsters or demons eyes." Naruto just kisses her lips but gets up.

"I need to get some air and we can talk about this later if you want." He makes two clones to fix the wall and heads out. Once he gets outside he walks to the one place that always gave him peace of mind and that's the Hokage Mountain.

He sits down but after a little while he can hear footsteps when he looks over his shoulder he sees Tenshi walking up to him. She sits down beside him and just stares deeply into his eyes making him worried something is wrong.

"I heard what you did and you shouldn't have done that just because of what he said about me." Naruto just stares back at her before moving his finger and flicking her nose making her glare at him.

"No one has the right to talk about you like that do you understand Tenshi-hime?" She smiles at him before closing her eyes. She moves her head onto his neck making him look at her but they hear footsteps then a new person sitting down on the other side of him.

"Naru-koi, I know I love you and I know you need more kids in order to do that so I'm ok with it." He just moves her head into his lap and rubs her head making her stare up at him but his eyes just look into her crimson slitted eyes.

"You shouldn't be ok with it because it's not fair to you or anyone I else I end up with." She just smirks at him and moves her finger to his lips softly. She knows she has a pride issue thanks to being a vampire but also because she only wants him to be with her.

"You are a king of hell and there aren't any other ones that can take your place. Soma is our daughter but she also isn't a male and has no right in hell's eyes to become the next Kyuubi." She moves that finger to his chest and right on the area that holds his heart.

"I know you will treat everyone fairly, but like you said someone as good as you doesn't come easy or fair all the time." He just looks at her with a look said don't copy my lines like that causing both women to laugh at him.

He looks at Tenshi taking in all he can of her from her slit black eyes to her red fur ears also her five tails that just come around her body. He looks at her red fire color hair and moves a hand through it making her just smirk to him.

"I still don't like this." They just giggle and he lies down with Moka moving her body so her head is on his chest and Tenshi moves so her head is on his neck. "All I want to do is keep everyone safe and now this happens. First devils now Alucard but I know I'll keep you all safe."

That's when Moka smiles before kissing his lips which he just looks at the two women on him and smiles. First is Moka, who he has just met and in a few weeks has become someone that gives him strength to keep pushing on.

Then he looks over at Tenshi, the kitsune demon who in a way raised him along with Kyuubi but she was always there to keep him safe when he needed help or just someone to play with. He remembers all the times he played kid games with her or she had made him fall asleep with her singing.

"Let's get back home ok?" They both nod and he grabs them and disappears only to reappear inside his bedroom and on the bed with the two of them. "How did you do that Naruto-kun?" he just said it was something ninjas can do.

Tenshi finally gets the guts to kiss him on the lips but Moka starts but doesn't get mad only she just kisses him once Tenshi gets done. "This is going be one strange life soon but at least I know the fighting will not change."

"Naruto-kun I want you to know that the kitsune race is at odds with you right now, most of us take your side, it just a few like the one you just saw aren't really on your side. They don't believe you're fit to lead us because of your soft side." Naruto just stares at her because no way he's going to change who he is no matter what.

"Ones that do follow you only follow you because of that soft side so you better never become a hateful person." Moka nods at that making him laugh and kiss both of them lightly before just looking at them.