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shot one.



A small giggle escaped the girl's mouth, and with evident horror, she covered the traitorous opening with a hand. But the blond didn't seem to notice. He continued his odd swagger, a large smirk on his face.

"Hey Kiba!" Naruto shouted out, stopping his odd walk, half squatting, hands at his waists. The dog boy turned, an eye brow cocked at his friend. As Naruto's eyes narrowed, Kiba grinned, catching on. Shino found the cowboy hat he'd been inspecting ripped from his hands, to furnace his teammate's head.

The two boys began circling each other, in true, cheesy, western style.

"Dis town ain't big ee-nough fo' da both ouff us." Naruto drawled, his eyes locked with Kiba's.

"I reckon." Inuzuka agreed, his own hands poised above his waists, like Naruto's. Hinata stood to the side, still hiding her mouth as she giggled relentlessly. Shino stood to his own side, looking... well, looking like Shino.

There was a small, dramatic silence as the two ninjas circled each other comically.

"Draw!" Naruto shouted, drawing the attention of other shoppers. He and Kiba snatched out their imaginary guns at the call, instigating in several rounds of 'pew pew pew', and many other various gunshot noises.

Turning away from the scene, the innocent girl tried to stifle her laughter. It was like they were trying to get her to make a fool of herself. Not that she could blame them. Grinning, she risked a glance over her shoulder, just in time to see Naruto run and propel himself into the air, before, quite ungracefully, rolling behind a wrack of overalls.

"No!" Kiba suddenly shouted, his hands going to his heart. Hinata turned to watch him, mystified. "He got me!" The dog boy doubled over, moaning loudly.

The cashier watched the teenagers with a scowl, from the other side of the store.

"Ahahaha!" Triumphantly, Naruto twirled his imaginary gun on his finger, staring down at his defeated rival with a grin. "No one can defeat Buffalo Naruto! Kiba James, you are no match!" Hinata couldn't help but roll her eyes. Neither of the two boys had even heard of either Buffalo Bill or Jesse James before the sharpshooters had been mentioned to them by the carriage driver.

Hinata turned her attention to the stack of hats next to her. Cowboy hats, all of them. No surprise, as they it was a western shop. The farther west you got, the farmer-er it got, or so Tsunade had put it. The teenagers, none of them having ever spent much time in the western areas of the Fire Country, were in no rush get home after a lax guard mission in the heart of the ranch world.

Her eyes skimmed over a nearby hat. It was maroon, with a small chain of silver hearts going along the edge of the part of the hat that stuck up. The girl mused what it would look like on her; she was too much of a chicken to try it on in front of Naruto, though.

Intent on her ponderings, she didn't notice Naruto making his way over to her.

"Mwahahaha!" He laughed loudly, and she felt his arm encircle her waist.

She dropped the hat, and suddenly couldn't breathe.

He wasn't squeezing her. Not to the point where she couldn't breathe, atleast. But the poor girl couldn't, for the love of herself, move. He was touching her waist. He was touching her.

"And now, I'll steal the pretty little heroine, and be off to my evil liar!"




The blood didn't seem to be reaching her brain. She took a raspy breathe, glancing over at the boy next to her. He grinned back at her, teeth showing, eyes partly blocked by his large black cowboy hat.

"And of course," Naruto said after a pause, his voice teasing as he stared down at the girl, "then I'll have my way with her." This was then followed by boisterous laughter from the teen boy.

Hinata's mind couldn't even comprehend what he'd said. He was hugging her against him, he was calling her pretty, he was teasing her about planning on having... she stopped her mind before the word 'sex' popped up.

Not that it mattered.

She fainted any which way.

"Eh? Hinata?" Suddenly, the blue eyed ninja found himself supporting Hinata's weight, both arms wrapping around her to keep her from falling.

"Oh, great job, you idiot." Kiba remarked, from where he laid sprawled on the ground.

"What the hell did I do?" Naruto snapped, before scoping up the out-cold girl bridal style. She tended to faint a lot, and more then once he'd had to carrying back to a place where the group could wait for her to wake up.

"You really don't know, do you?" Shino said darkly from Naruto's shoulder, and the hyperactive ninja jumped back a foot, before glancing over at where the bug boy had been standing.

"How the hell did you move so fast?" Naruto responded, blinking. Shino didn't immediately respond. His ciphered face stared at Naruto's. Finally, he spoke.

"Idiot." With that, Shino headed out the door, followed shortly by Kiba.

"Dumb ass." Kiba agreed loudly, receiving a glare from the cashier as he exited.

Naruto frowned, before turning his eyes back down to the girl in his arms.

He had to admit, he didn't mind when she fainted.

She was cute, laying in his arms.

"Oi, are you coming?"

"Yea, yea!" Depositing the hat on the counter, Naruto ran after his teammates, making sure to be careful with his pretty little heroine.




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