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Teenagers-My Chemical Romance

-The boys and girls in the clique
The awful names that they stick
You're never gonna fit in much, kid
But if you're troubled and hurt
What you got under your shirt
Will make them pay for the things that they did

They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me
They could care less as long as someone'll bleed
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me -

There was something unmistakably annoying about high school. And almost as annoying as the screaming and chaotic hallways of high school was the fact the Billy Kaplan had no idea what made high school so…exasperating. He supposed it was a combination of things, ranging from the ugly pastel green walls to the impossibly wet wands of gum under every desk. At least, that was his first guess as a new and incoming freshman two years ago.

His sophomore year he decided it was the idiotic, clique-y cheerleader girls that squealed and giggled every time a senior football player stocked by (and the fact that Billy squealed a little himself in his head) and the impossibly stupid teachers that should never had gotten a license to actually pass on their idiocy.

But one day, while sitting in the back of his English class, staring out the large window at the grey, pouring rain, Billy's brain switched from whining about the newly gotten black eye to a sudden realization. High school had many annoying qualities, not just the paint, gum, cliques, and crappy ass teachers. Not just the insanely small selection of electives, food choice (all of which looked like it would morph and run around terrorizing students as a tiny Venom), and out-dated text books. It was so much more than hours and hours of homework that never actually prepared one for the finals and hearing gossip and rumors no one would be able to stop from spreading.

What Billy finally realized during a particularly long lecture about why Hamlet isn't just some stupid fuck whining about his life, was that on top of all those horrible things, none of them were the real reason why high school was so annoying.

It was because, eventually, high school forced one to face who they really were and accept it, no matter how much the world won't, and the world really wouldn't, because no matter how hard parents tired to tell their kids to be optimistic and everything would work out fine, the world graffiti-ed a big fat "Liar" on their advice. Even that wasn't really what was annoying Billy. It was the fact that Billy had reached the answer for himself far faster than any of his peers would.

And it was an ugly answer, one that went along with pretty much every suicidal pushing punk rock song out there. One that the world would defiantly turn around and say, "Well you can just hang yourself now."

Billy Kaplan had gotten lucky in the family department and was pretty well off in the wealth area too, but his luck stopped there. High school just proved to shove it in his face every day, in the form of swirlies in the girls bathroom, regular "physicals" from nearly every jock, snobby eye rolls and disgusted looks, and of course, the oh so wonderful bright red, dripping spray paint on his locker, labeling him for life.

He was doomed from the moment he stepped his geeky ass into the hallway his freshman year. Which was too bad, because the beginning of high school was the beginning of a pre-teens life changing perspective that morphed them into the adult they would one day be.

Realizing all of that in less than two seconds made Billy's blackened eye throb extra painfully. This was what he was going to be, for the rest of his life. A beaten, too shy, geeky, faggy, mutant who was too big of a fan boy and way too obsessed with nerdy movies and TV shows.

Instead of thumbing his desk top with his fist and letting out a frustrated, mildly-self hating growl, Billy opted for a heaping sigh and continued to watch the rain flood the school grounds. Most days would be considered the worst day of someone's life if they experienced Billy's normal day. So Billy wasn't used to going home, flopping down on the couch and announcing to his family that today had been the worst day of his life. In fact, he had never done that…ever.

Until today and he planned on going home and flopping down on his couch and thinking to himself that today was the worst day of his life.

Today was the day he figured out that he pretty much meant nothing to the world, let alone just one person outside his family.

Until then, he had to suffer through the rest of English.

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