Max's POV:

God damn white coats, they just have to send their "oh so precious" erasers after me and my flock! Just wait until get my hands around the throat of the dipstick that planned this. Shit, I knew I should have bought those walkie talkies when I had Anne's credit cards. I climbed out of my cave to find fang and the rest of the flock. As I got out, I was surprised when I felt furry hand grab my neck and pull me off my knees. Oh shit, this wasn't good. I looked into the face of my favorite dueling partner, Ari. He grinned at me with a creepy, wolfy grin. I started to struggle, trying to get free but Ari was too fast. He shoved my head into the solid rock behind me, and slowly, everything started to go black. I was falling unconscious when I heard a scream of pain and fury as my savior threw a kick at Ari's spine.

Fang's POV:

I watched as a group of flyboys flew past the cramped cave I hid in. I swear, if I die in this claustrophobic, little cave, god is gonna wish that he never put me on this earth in the first place. God damn white coats, where is the flock, (especially Max?) I searched for movement in the part of mountain I could see. Nothing. Shit, I knew Max should have bought those walkie talkies when we had Anne's credit cards. I continued searching when I saw her, she was safe, I couldn't stop a happy feeling from flooding through me. Then all happiness and joy was washed away when I saw Ari swoop down and grab Max by the neck. My blood boiled to a temperature that couldn't have been good for my health. The dog practically threw Max into the rock behind her. Any human could realize that Max was falling unconscious because she hit her head so hard that I heard an echo of the crash throughout the mountains. I didn't realize what I was doing until I felt my foot make contact with Ari's spine and heard his scream of agony in response. Guess what the genius did next, he dropped Max and she was plummeting to the ground so fast that I was afraid I wouldn't make it this time. I caught her when she was about three yards from the ground. I flew into the woods nearby and found a well hidden hole big enough for us to hide in. I sat there in surprise, Max still wasn't awake. Usually it only takes Max around three minutes to wake from unconsciousness if it was just a hit on the head and it had been 10 minutes! This wasn't good!

Ari's POV:

I found one, the question is, is that the one I wanted to find. Is that Max? If it isn't I will just snap its neck and continue searching. Our one order from the white coats was to not damage the body beyond repair because they wanted to dissect them and see the anatomy of their bodies. Who knows what dissect means, but who cares, as long as we get the job done, I am happy. If it is Max, then that is an entirely different story. I would grab her and run, she is mine, no matter what the white coats say about it. The only down part is that with Max gone, my father would love me more, too bad I couldn't stay and bask in the glory for a year or two. I searched the air around me if I don't hurry, a flyboy will get there before I can check if that's her, and because of our order, I might have to carry her corpse away, and even though that would be fun, I don't think I could do it.

Iggy's POV:

I heard a crash coming from the north of where Gazzy, Angel, Nudge, and I hid. Seconds later I heard a scream of agony. Angel and I were the only ones to realize the noise. I heard the noise itself but she whispered to me that Max's mind went blank. The last thing Max saw was Ari's smile and Fang coming to her rescue. The others were to busy whispering escape plans to realize what Angel had just said. I told her to read Fang's mind and she almost screamed. Her eyes were filled with terror as she saw Max falling from the sky.

Ari's POV:

I snuck up to the side of the cave where I saw the bird kid. As it started to climb out of the hole, I grabbed it by the neck. To my pleasure, I had found Max. She looked at me first in surprise then disgust. I could tell she was about to start fighting back, so I shoved her body into the mountain behind her so hard that I almost saw stars from the jarring impact it had on my arm. That's when my luck paid of. I hit Max's head so hard that her consciousness was starting to fail. Of course, Max's little buddy happened to be hiding in a cave right behind me. I didn't realize this until I felt a heavy boot crash down on my spine. It hurt so much that for one second I lost all feeling in my body. All of my muscles tensed up and I dropped Max, but not before I heard what sounded like a crack. I might have just broken Max's neck, but I was in so much pain that I couldn't even think straight. The good part was that Max's friend went to catch her before she hit the ground, so I had the ability to regain my senses. But when I looked down, Max and her friend were nowhere to be seen.

Fang's POV:

It has been 30 minutes and Max still hasn't woken up. Her heart had slowed down to a normal human pace which was about half of what it should have been, her eyes were clouding over, and her breathing was slowing. Max was dying and there was nothing I could do.

Angel's POV:

Fang's thoughts hit me with a wave of torture and pain. It was so strong that I actually cried out in pain. Iggy was at my side immediately while the others stared at me in shock. My palms were sweating and I was crying so hard that I bit my cheek so the flyboys didn't hear. When I could finally breathe, I stared at Iggy in horror. I sent them all an image of what I just saw. Iggy's face went pale, Nudge started to cry, Total began to whimper, and Gazzy was shaking his head in disbelief. Max, our Max, was dying.