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Previously in our story

"Fang, we need to find the flock," I whispered. He nodded and stood up, holding his hand out for me to take. Grabbing hold, we started to fly into the mountains. The flock would be together soon.

Nudge's POV

I looked at the sky, counting as many of the stars as I could. Iggy sat down next to me, stretching out his legs and wings.

"Hey Iggy, do you remember when …Max told us that all the stars in the sky are angels and they float up there, watching over us?" I struggled over saying her name, like a rock was embedded in my throat. He nodded, his unseeing eyes lifting to the sky he could only dream about.

"That was a story that Jeb told us, did you know that. Before you, Gazzy, or Angel came along he told us that whenever we were upset or scared." I could feel tears trailing down my dirt encrusted cheeks.

"Do you think there is one more angel up there now?" He turned to me, his gaze full of pain and grief.

"Nudge, I wish I could say that the stars are the same number they were last night, but I don't think I can prove that to be true." I remembered back to the night before. We had all been sitting around a fire eating cooked rabbit, courtesy of Iggy. Max had Angel and Total in her lap, laughing when Angel sent her a picture of Gazzy clearing a classroom when we were going to school near Anne's. Everyone looked so happy, even the emotionless rock that is Fang had a small smirk on his face.

"Iggy there are thousands of stars/angels up there and yet things like this happen to kids like us, do you think we've done something to tick off the big guy upstairs?" Iggy let out a pained chortle.

"Nudge, I have a feeling that if we ticked him off, far worse would have happened to us already." I stiffened.

"But don't you get it, far worse has already hit and gone, Max is gone, without her what are we going to do?" He wraps his arm around my shoulder, shaking me gently.

"All I get is that you think Max is dead. She could very well be still alive, we just have to hope, you know Max as well as I do, she is a fighter, she won't die off easily, remember, many of the whitecoats have tried." I nodded, giving him a watery smile.

"I'm smiling Iggy." He put his hand on my cheek, wiping away the dirt and tears with the sleeve of his shirt.

"Yeah, but you're also crying Nudge, don't worry, everything will turn out all right." I blushed, knowing he couldn't see it. "And blushing," he laughed. Mentally cursing myself for forgetting Iggy's ability to feel colors, I leaned over and put my head on his shoulder.

"Thanks Iggy, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you here tonight." It was his turn to blush and laugh nervously. He gave my shoulders a squeeze, pulling me closer in the process.

"Not a problem, that's what I'm here for." I closed my eyes, feeling tired from running and hiding all day.

"Good night Iggy," I mumble.

"Good night-" I didn't hear the rest of what he said, sleep engulfing me too quickly for my ears to hear him.

Iggy's POV

"Good night Iggy," Nudge mumbled.

"Good night my sweet," I whisper back. (I'm sorry if you think that is the wrong thing for Iggy to say, I had a lot of trouble trying to come up with a name he could call Nudge that would fit his personality.) Leaning down, I kissed Nudge on the forehead. Putting my arms under her legs, I pick her up and walk her back into the cave.

"Oh my god is Nudge ok," I heard from my left, followed by a gasp from the right.

"Yes, she is just fine, she just fell asleep, where can I set her down?" Someone took hold of my upper arm, gently pulling me.

"Set her down here," Angel said. I got down on one knee, putting her down.

So you're crushing on Nudge, that's so cute!

I go still, the only movement coming from my eyes which widened slightly.

You won't tell anyone right? Especially not her, please, I'm begging you!

Oh don't worry Iggy, I'm not going to spill, I just want to let you know that I think it's cute!

Thank you Angel, I owe you one!

Angel just smiled before walking away.

Angel's POV

Thank you Angel, I owe you one!

I forced a smile, trying really hard not to cry. I'd heard the same thing already, twice, once from Fang, and once from Max, both talking about the other. I remember it just like it was 5 minutes ago, both of them pulling me aside after I let them know I was in on their little secret. I turned from him, walking over to the other side of the cave. Sliding down, I wrapped my arms around my legs, trying to hold together my shattered life. I felt like a fragile mirror that was dropped and broken, only the bad luck wasn't given to the one responsible, my own curse backfired and hit me in the chest.

She isn't going to be coming back this time, this time were alone.

Hey Angel, where you guys hiding at?

It was Fang. He sounded strange, like he was hiding something.

I'm here, in the cave at the far north side. Everyone is here other then you.

What about Max? Is she there with you?

No, she isn't.

I was irritated that he was pulling this, what was he thinking, messing with my feelings like this. He probably knows that I know about Max, so why is he shoving dirt in my wounds!

Do you know where she is?

Do you think you're funny? Cause your being really mean right now you heartless #%$&!


"MAX!" Everyone in the cave looked at me. I ignored them, running to the opening in the cave. There, flying towards me was Fang, and to his right-

"MAX, YOU'RE ALIVE!" I jumped off the edge, pulling out my wings and racing towards her. I collided into her, squeezing her around the back. She gasped, falling a few feet, dragging me down with her. "Are you ok Max?" Her face had paled; sweat rolling down the side of her face. Fang came around to Max's other side, a worried look in his eyes.

"Max, did the wound open again?" He lifted the bottom of her shirt up. I saw a bandage wrapped around her back, blood blooming in the center of her lower spine. "Shit," he mumbled, grabbing her under the shoulders and knees. She folded in her wings, wrapping her arms around his neck. He sped towards the cave opening, folding in his wings and running to a stop. He set Max down, helping her lean up against the wall.

"I'm fine, really, just a little weak at the moment." She still looked extremely pale.

"Let me see it," Fang said. Her reaction surprised us all, even Fang himself. She sighed and lay down on her stomach, resting her head on her arms. Fang shook his head, pulled the bandage away, and grimaced. The wound looked like someone used a spork to scoop out a chunk of her skin. (Haha, I love that story, three words Death. By. Spork.) He looked around the cramped cave, looking aggravated when he didn't find what he needed.

"Iggy, do you have a pocket knife or something sharp," I asked. Fang looked at me strangely. Iggy dug through his pockets, retrieving the little Swiss army knife he bought at a gas station we had passed in our travels. Holding out my hand, he relinquished

it after a small hesitation. I grabbed my cotton sweatshirt, using the knife to cut it into strips. Nudge came over and started to do the same with her fleece jacket. When we had a decent amount of strips, we handed them over to Fang who started to make a pressure bandage. He used the left over pieces to hold down the neatly made bandage.

"There, that should hold until we can retrieve a first aid kit from an outdoors store or something like that." Max pushed herself into a sitting position, leaning against the rocky wall. Fang sat next to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. She leaned into his shoulder, scooting closer to him. I coughed, gaining their attention.

"Uh, is there something you want to tell us," I said, eyeing how close they were. Max blushed but didn't move. Fang just grinned. Yes, you heard me right people, he grinned. He pulled her closer.

"What Angel, do you have a problem with Max and me cuddling, surely you know by now." He smirked. I focused on the thoughts he was practically yelling mentally.

"Oh my god, it is about time you two!" Max smiled.

"Yes yes, I know, but can we have some quiet now, I could really do with a good sleep before I take my shift." Everyone turned to her, eyes wide. "What?"

"You don't honestly think were letting you take watch tonight, do you," Nudge yelled. "I'm old enough, I'll take your watch, you aren't in any condition to take watch!"

"But-" Fang cut her off.

"Nudge is right, you aren't taking watch, she can handle it. If we want to get out of here any time soon then you have to be up to full health." We had left her with no space to argue. She sighed, resting her head on Fang's shoulder and wrapping her arms around him. Fang encircled her in his arms, being careful not to touch her lower back. We all started to lie down in different places around the cave, Iggy sitting near the edge of the cave. The flock was officially back together, and that thought alone filled my body with pure joy.

"Good night everyone," I said, curling up in the corner and slipping into the realm of dreams.

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