Title: Small Prices
Author: ferretgirl_1124
Warning(s): some questionable thoughts on Brother Blood
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG13

Summary: What thoughts led Jinx to Brother Blood's school?
A/N: Finally managed to write something. Shocking, I know.

She could be better then this. It was something she had known, but it took the man, that crazy, condescending, slimy old man to make her really think about it.

That pissed her off.

She knew she could be better, she had told him. Of course she knew. Anyone could be better then a two bit thief robbing mini marts.

Then why, he had asked, why was she still doing just that?

The hexer growled under her breath, and hunched deeper into her hoodie, flinging a small curse towards a child's balloon as she passed, but did not laugh when it popped, scaring the boy to tears. That was just another stupid, petty…well, it wasn't even really a crime, was it? No. It was a hobby, in a way, but it wasn't a crime. And it was so small.

He had told her she could be more. She could be the best. Now, she made sure to remind herself, that wasn't saying much considering the caliber of most villains these days (this thought branched into another that spurred a dark chuckle 'A cynical teenager, that's original, good job Jinx') but it was still worth something. She wanted to be the best. Hell, who doesn't?

But that meant taking orders from the old man. She thought about this as she left the park and ducked into a nearby alley. He had made her…uncomfortable, which made her defensive, and eager to strike out. That would make things difficult. Though, what she was uncomfortable about, she couldn't really say. He didn't seem the type to go after much younger girls, or boys for that matter, he didn't want her killing children, and his school idea didn't seem to be a Titan based trap ('They aren't smart enough for something like that' purposely ignoring the irony that she herself was being condescending; they were just heroes, after all).

So what had set off her alarm bells?

A nearby siren made her drop against a wall, wary and on edge despite the fact that she hadn't done anything for two days, and with her mind of the man for the moment, the answer came to her.

His eyes.

They were flat, cold, and greedy, and they seemed to be hungry for her; not for her body, but for her soul. Jinx shivered, then dismissed this notion. If that was all there was…well, only idiots believed in things like souls. She supposed she could give hers up, if it meant better things then skulking through urine scented alleys just to steal another fifty dollars from another cowering, pimply faced late night clerk.

Yes, she decided as the sounds of the siren ebbed away, she would tell the old man yes. Because really, her soul would be a small price to pay if it meant she would be the best.