M Rated folks. No one under 18 please. I mean it. Rape, dark themes. Saku/Ita

The Rape of A Sakura

The air was damp. Sakura forced her eyes open, scared there would be a bright light to attack the pain inside her head. However, all that she saw was darkness. Her hands were fastened above her head to the wall, a stone barricade all around her. A pain in her throat let her coughing in agony.

Recovering, Sakura heard something stir to her right. As her eyes adjusted, she saw another person chained to the other wall adjacent to her.


Sakura froze. Could that be… Sasuke? She had no idea where she was nor how she got there. She couldn't remember anything.

"Sakura, are you alright?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura could see his outline now. His white kimono hanging open, and his black hand guards forced over his head. He, however, was relaxed, like he had gotten used to that position.

"I'm… fine," she said.

Sasuke humphed and just as Sakura was about to ask what was going on, she winced at light from the door opening. Light crept in along with a shadowy figure, but it was gone before she could see properly. However, a faint torch lit the room and in its soft glow, Sakura saw a nightmare materialize.

The crimson gleam of Itachi Uchiha was focused on her. His expression was stoic, and yet, she sensed something dangerous. Something hostile. Before she had time to scream, she was trapped in a world of red and black.

He's already thrown me into a gen-jutsu.

In the dense endless world, she heard somewhere in her head, "I will break you will."

All she felt after that was pain.

# # #

"Sakura!" Sasuke yelled.

Her screaming, writhing body being right before him made him feel like he was the one being tortured. Burying bonds such as the one that held him to her was different than destroying them. Sasuke realized with disgust he had never severed this bond.

Sweat dripped down her forehead as her body tensed and her wrists began to bleed down the chains. Just as Sasuke felt he might rip the chains from the wall to stop him, Itachi released her from the gen-jutsu. Sakura hung limp against the chains, her breathing labored. Faintly, she glanced up at her attacker, a dark glare in her eyes.

"You'll never break my will," she whispered.

Sasuke stared at her, his eyes wide. He wanted to scream at her to not push Itachi, but in that moment, he felt nothing but swelling pride that his old teammate would not give into him. That moment didn't last. Itachi was upon her like a raven to its prey. He grasped her chin and clutched it in his hand, lifting it to meet his piercing gaze.

"Get away from her," Sasuke growled.

Itachi didn't even look at him.

As Itachi held her gaze, he grasped her top in his other hand and ripped it down the side. The torn material fell off her body, leaving her with nothing but bindings to cover her chest. Sakura's eyes had widened, and Sasuke noticed the way she tensed.

With disgust, Sasuke realized exactly how he intended to break her will.

"Itachi. What does she have to do with this?" Sasuke said, trying to spare her from the fate awaiting her.

Itachi glanced sideways at Sasuke. "She has everything to do with this."

Itachi released Sakura and turned to Sasuke fully. Slowly, he approached him and stopped before him. At Sasuke's feet was his katana. Picking it up, Itachi gave Sasuke a pointed look before turning back to Sakura.

"Sakura, look at me!" Sasuke said. His Sharingan was engaged and if only she would look at him, he could throw her into an unbreakable gen-jutsu that would release her from this fate.

Just when she almost had eye contact with him, Itachi shoved her head into the wall violently. Crying out in pain, Sakura resisted, but then the chains holding her glowed just as Sasuke felt a burning at his wrists.

"Damn it!" Sasuke said. The chains were sucking the chakra from them, keeping them weak. He sighed as he felt his Sharingan disengage.

I'm sorry, Sakura.

# # #

Sakura gasped as blood trickled down her lip at Itachi using Sasuke's katana to cut her bindings from her chest, drawing a thin line of blood in its wake. As the thin material fell away from her, Sakura's eyes widened.


Sakura's arms twitched as if to cover herself and she felt her face turn red. As Itachi released her chin, she opened her eyes. He was looking at her as if he had won. Glaring Sakura stared back, unwilling to give into this bastard.

He closed his eyes and smirked as if to comply with her defiance. To her right, Sakura could hear Sasuke growling as Itachi ran his hand down her side. He intentionally hardened her nipple with his touch before he took her hips with both hands. Catching Sakura in his gaze, Itachi ripped off her skirt.

Sakura winced.

"Are you really going to do this right in front of Sasuke?" she whispered.

Itachi focused on her. "That's the whole point."

Sakura felt sick to her stomach.

"How can you do this to him? How can you be so cruel?" Sakura asked, her voice trembling.

Sakura gasped as the chain broke and she fell to her knees. In moments, Itachi grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall.

"You don't know what cruel means," he said, "but I will show you."

Itachi grabbed her leg and pulled her around his waist. Sakura didn't have the strength to stop him, and he easily held her against him.

"The cruelty is not in what is done, but how it is done. I'll make you beg for me to give you release, Sakura, right in front of your beloved Sasuke," he said into her ear.

Sakura was about to protect when she felt something hard against her abdomen. Hot floods of passion surged through her body as she felt him against her, and Sakura nearly cried. How could this man… who is about to rape me… make me feel this way?

As a tear slid down her cheek, she felt his hand on her leg.

"Itachi!" Sasuke shouted. Sakura was surprised to hear the desperation in his voice. Clearly this would bother him, but was he concerned for her?

"Don't do this to her. I'll do anything if you just leave her out of this," Sasuke said.

Sakura didn't understand what he was saying, but Itachi paused and looked at him, his eyebrows raised. She could feel the intensity between them, and she heard the note of surrender in Sasuke's voice, but none of it made sense.

Itachi, however, did not respond. Instead, he pulled Sakura into a heated kiss that she couldn't help but respond to. She did everything she could to push him away, but it was futile. His lips tasted like candy, and the feeling of him being so close repulsed and excited her.

# # #

Sasuke gritted his teeth as he watching Itachi kiss Sakura. A pain Sasuke had never felt before crept into his mind as he watched Sakura struggle to not give into him. His hands were all over her. He touched her everywhere, her breasts hard and eager for him to be near him.

Sasuke's eyes tightened.


"Sakura," Itachi said, "Look at Sasuke."

With force, she complied. Her eyes were red and tearful as she stared at him. After so much time apart, Sasuke had forgotten what she looked like. Now this image of her with Itachi would forever be burned into his mind.

Itachi took Sasuke's katana and held it between Sakura's legs, the hilt at her wet folds. Sakura whimpered as he glided it across her slick entrance and closed her eyes, which Itachi punished her for.

"Keep your eyes on Sasuke. If you close them, I'll kill him," Itachi said.

Sasuke had never felt so sick before in his life. Clenching his eyes for a moment, he growled "Itachi… You'll pay for this."

As he looked into Sakura's vivid green eyes, Sasuke nearly lost his composure. She was scared. She was more than scared. She was broken.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke!" She said.

Itachi gripped her throat as he shoved the hilt of the katana into her body all the way to the blade. The scream that erupted from her lungs made his bones turn cold. Sasuke felt his heart stop beating as he watched her cringe with pain. Tears flooded her eyes as blood dripped down his blade. Each crimson tear that fell made Sasuke feel more and more rage.

He pulled at the chains with all his might, but without his chakra, they didn't move. Helpless and alone, Sasuke watched in horror as Itachi pulled the katana out of her small body and rammed it inside her again.

Sakura didn't scream this time. Her eyes stayed locked with Sasuke's and despite her pain, she managed to whisper, "I'm fine."

Sasuke couldn't hold back the tears any longer.

"I'm sorry, Sakura…" Sasuke whispered as he looked away.

# # #

Sakura couldn't believe Sasuke was crying for her. The thought was lost as Itachi pulled the katana from her and threw it towards Sasuke's feet. The flash of an Akatsuki robe swaying in the air made Sakura turn to Itachi. He was looking at her emotionlessly, accessing her.

She was about to fall when Itachi grabbed her waist and laid her under him on the cold hard ground. Before Sakura knew what had happened, she felt something even bigger than the katana. Releasing a trembling breath, she watched Itachi pull a kunai from his sleeve and push himself the rest of the way inside of her with one solid thrust.

This time Sakura screamed. Itachi leaned down over her, placing the kunai at her lips, running it against her tongue.

"Can you taste it, Sakura? The traces of Uchiha blood?" he asked, his eyes wicked in their burning state.

Sakura flinched and jerked her head, cutting her lip.

Itachi ran the blade town her throat and flicked each nipple with the tip.

"Admit how good the pain feels, Sakura, and I won't sink this into Sasuke's heart," he said.

Sakura stared at him.

"Tell him how wet you are for me right now, Sakura. Tell him how much you desire me to move within you to save his life," Itachi said.

Sakura glanced at Sasuke who was not looking at her. He was looking at Itachi with murder in his eyes.

A sharp movement of itachi's hand holding the kunai made her jump.

"It's true, everything he said was true," Sakura cried.

"You'll have to do better than that, Sakura," Itachi said, aiming the kunai.

"I want him to fuck me, Sasuke. I want Itachi to fuck me because of how wet he makes me," Sakura sobbed.

Sakura closed her eyes with haste. She couldn't look at him ever again… because it was true.

She did want him to move within her. She wanted it more than anything.

There was a clatter as Itachi dropped the kunai on the stone and gripped Sakura's waist.

"Don't worry, Sakura, I'll give you what you want," he said.

As he pulled out of her and slammed back in, Sakura tried her best to remain silent, but it was impossible. He pounded into her hard, the sheer length and girth of his manhood reaching every point within her just right. As he moved harder and harder within her, she finally heard him begin to pant.

Perhaps he was human.

# # #

There was nothing Sasuke could do to block out Sakura's moaning. The longer Itachi fucked her, the louder she moaned. He could even hear Itachi's breathing become harsh. The sick sound of his body slapping against Sakura's was eating away at him. He had never thought about Sakura like this, but now that he couldn't get her naked body out of his mind, he was more jealous than he ever felt. She was supposed to be his.

And now Itachi was raping her right in front of him and making her enjoy it. Just when he thought that it would soon be over, he heard a change of pace. He opened his eyes to see Sakura panting and Itachi lifting her to her feet. Sasuke's eyes narrowed as Itachi turned Sakura around and shoved her against Sasuke. He would have caught her had his hand not been chained above his head, but it didn't matter, Itachi was behind her, holding her up.

With Sakura's damp and naked body pressed against his, his erection would be obvious. Sakura's cheek was pressed just under his chin so he couldn't see her, but he knew she was aware.

To Sasuke's shock, Itachi grabbed Sakura's waist and shoved into her once again, with her body pressed against Sasuke. There was a cold look in his eye as Sasuke felt him begin to fuck his teammate right against him.

A fury like he had never felt before consumed him. Sasuke could feel the vibrations of Sakura's suppressed moans in her throat. Her hands clutched him tightly as her body began to shake.

"Sasuke," she whispered, holding him tightly as Itachi made her come. She shuddered and cried out in ecstasy as Sasuke felt Itachi's last and hard thrust into her body.

Itachi released her and picked up his cloak as Sasuke felt the chain holding his hands to the wall break. Grabbing Sakura before she fell, Sasuke fell to the floor with her in his grasp. The door to the cell closed and the torch extinguished. Once again, they were alone in the darkness.

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