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Chapter 3

Itachi turned away as he realized what he had just walked in on. It didn't really surprise him, but he was surprised the girl wasn't in more pain. The soft moans of his little brother as he came were intriguing, and Itachi knew Sasuke was aware of his presence. Pulling the girl in his arms, Sasuke leaned against the wall of the cell as far from Itachi as he could get.

"Leave us alone," Sasuke growled.

Itachi narrowed his eyes as Sasuke stood up, despite the weakened girl's attempt to keep him at her side.

"What are you doing Sasuke?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke was beyond exhausted and had hardly any chakra at all, and yet, still stood to face him.

"I have to kill you."

Itachi closed his eyes, his disappointment clear. "I thought after all those years with Orochimaru you might have become strong enough to face me. I was wrong. Clearly, you have no idea how far beneath me you really are little brother."

Sasuke saw the flicker of his brother's Sharingan as he opened his eyes, but only for a moment. The next thing he knew was that his cheek was pressed against the cold stone wall, Itachi's hand at the base of his neck. Sasuke gritted his teeth in frustration, but there was nothing he could do. Itachi's hold on his was solid, and he had no strength. Absolutely nothing had changed. The last time he had met his brother, it was a very similar position he had found himself in.

- Warning, yaoi start. -

"Do you remember, Sasuke, when we were kids?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke's eyes tightened and his scowl grew deeper. He noticed Sakura had stopped breathing.

"It is the same as it was then, Sasuke. You are still weak, and I am still the only one who you can never defeat," he said.

Sasuke closed his eyes. That time, when he was little… it felt so long ago, as if it hadn't really happened. It wasn't long after that Itachi had left him, and taken everything from him.

"Admit it, Sasuke. Your rage isn't so much because I murdered the clan, but because I left you alone," Itachi taunted.

"Fuck you," Sasuke muttered.

Sasuke wouldn't deny it had hurt the most to lose Itachi, but it didn't change how much he hated him for what he had done. Itachi was the only person in the world Sasuke would consider superior to him… the only one he would ever let touch him like he had. His superiority, his dominance, his pure Uchiha blood that was so rare now… it truly made Sasuke's pulse quicken and it infuriated him. He certainly didn't love Itachi, and he certainly wasn't attracted to any other male… but there was something inborn within him that made Itachi able to control him, and use him… and punish him.

Itachi's hand pressed Sasuke's neck harder into the wall, and panic rose within him. He wouldn't really do this… in front of Sakura… would he?

"What are you doing, Itachi?"

Sasuke could feel the cruel look on his face. "Forcing you into your place. Now that you're older, perhaps you will learn the lesson. You enjoyed it far too much when you were a child. However, I can't say I blame you, it's not as if there is anyone else who could put you in this position."

Sasuke could feel Sakura's eyes on him, burning him. As if this situation weren't bad enough…

Sasuke turned his head sharply, momentarily breaking Itachi's hold. "Sakura, don't watch this!"

The moment his eyes met hers, he realized how terrified she was. She sat, helplessly tugging his shirt around her, watching him without really understanding what was going on. Unfortunately, she was about to find out.

However, with perfect timing, Itachi regained his position and thrust Sasuke's head against the wall again.

"Sakura," he said, turning his head towards her. "I don't want you to take your eyes off of Sasuke. In fact, I'll make it easy for you."

At that moment, Sasuke felt a sharp pain at his side, a shocked gasp leaving his lips.

"If you look away, I'll cut deeper next time."

Sakura stared at the wound and Sasuke's pained expression for a moment before speaking. "I'm sorry, Sasuke. I can't let him hurt you like that."

Sasuke glared at her. "I don't care what he does to me, Sakura. I don't want to you watch."

Before Sasuke could hear her reply, he felt a blade drag across his skin, the clothes he had remaining falling away. Desperately glancing at Sakura, he relaxed as she hurriedly looked away, her breathing terribly erratic.

"You only just made this worse, Sasuke," Itachi whispered.

- Yaoi lemon start -

Itachi's hand closing around his exposed cock made him shudder involuntarily.

"Would it be more disturbing for her to see you in pleasure at the hands of your brother, or in pain?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke's lips parted and his eyes widened and again, he noticed Sakura had stopped breathing. Before he could react, Itachi had Sasuke's breathing in short pants and sweat on his forehead. The more pleasure Sasuke felt, the more the hatred coursed through his veins.

Sasuke felt himself near his release and opened his eyes to get a glimpse of Sakura. As he told her to, she had her back to him and was shaking. Seeing her like that made him nearly finish, but Itachi had released him. Unable to fight it, Sasuke felt his brother against him as he gripped Sasuke's arms and pushed them against the wall.

"You see, Sasuke, no matter how much you try, you desire the blood in my veins. As an Uchiha, you are naturally obsessed with your own lineage… giving way to your obsession with me. And because of that, you will always give in to me, but never forget Sasuke, I will always be the one behind you," Itachi said.

Not a moment had passed between Itachi's cold words and Sasuke's heart-wrenching cry.

Sakura's mind snapped when she heard him.

"Sasuke!" she yelled, turning to face them.

Her panic faded into shock, as she saw what was happening. Itachi had Sasuke pressed completely against the wall, and he was buried deep inside of him.

"Itachi!" Sakura yelled. "Please! Stop this… you can have me, you can do whatever you want, just please... leave Sasuke alone!"

Itachi turned his crimson eyes towards her. "Foolish girl. This is not about physical desire. Besides, I don't need your permission to do as I please with you. And if you look away from Sasuke again, I will be sure to make certain you will never again enjoy the feeling of a man inside you."

Sakura stared open-mouthed as Itachi slid himself out of Sasuke's weakened body. She felt every part of herself shatter as Sasuke cracked open his eyes and looked at her with an expression of great pain. His hair was falling down his forehead and he had never looked so innocent to Sakura as he did then, only to wince in pain as his brother dominated him.

Broken and reckless, Sakura couldn't take it anymore. She charged at Itachi, ready to claw his eyes out and surprisingly, was able to knock him away from Sasuke. As soon as her triumph occurred, he backhanded her and she was on the ground, her lip bleeding profusely.

Angry and vindictive, Itachi grabbed Sasuke and thrust him down onto Sakura.

"Put yourself inside of her," Itachi commanded, "I don't just want her to watch, I want her to feel it as show you you is stronger, little brother."

Sasuke made to move, but Itachi was faster. He pushed him down, between Sakura's legs, to the point Sasuke's lips were nearly touching hers. Realizing resisting was pointless, Sasuke looked into her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sakura," he whispered.

Instead of feeling her resist, Sakura clutched his back, and touched her forehead to his, the soft tendrils of black hair grazing her skin.

Scared of not obeying Itachi immediately, Sasuke pressed himself inside of Sakura, only to feel his brother take him again. As Itachi thrust into him, again and again, Sasuke clutched Sakura's small body, restraining the gasps of pleasure he was feeling from an array of sources. It disgusted him he felt pleasure from this situation at all, but there was much truth in what Itachi had said.

Sasuke was obsessed with his lineage… he had initially denied Sakura because she was not an Uchiha, or even close to having such a superior bloodline. It was true that Itachi was the only one in the world he would consider above himself, and therefore, the only one he could feel such pleasure from.

Sakura was aware that Sasuke was no longer in pain, and rather than finding it disturbing, she was relieved. She wanted to believe it was because he was buried inside of her, and lying atop her nude body, but even if that was part of it, she knew there was more to it. Itachi had clearly enjoyed fucking her much more, but for the sake of establishing his dominance over Sasuke, he was willing to do this to him, and make his lover not only watch, but physically feel each thrust.

Perhaps being associated with the name Uchiha was not something she wanted.

When Itachi finally pulled himself out of Sasuke, he left muttering, "Go on now, Sasuke, fuck her and pretend she is one of us."

Glaring at his back, Sasuke muttered, "How can anyone accept what we are?"

Sakura stared at him and was shocked when he didn't even look at her, and twisted her to her knees, and fucked her senseless until she passed out.

Exhausted and broken, Sasuke stared at Sakura as she slept. For the first time, he appreciated her for not being part of an elite bloodline and for not being like him. One day, if she would let him, he would be more like her rather than the filth that the Uchiha blood within him demanded that he be.

The level of arrogance that must be required for him to enjoy his brother fucking him, even as a child had to be off the charts. Or perhaps it was the result of centuries of inbreeding. Sasuke smirked. Perhaps it was a good thing there were only a few of them left, considering how demented they turned out to be.

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