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Chapter One

Joey was walking home from the Game Shop around dusk, he decided to take a short cut through the alley behind the Bowling Alley, when he heard whimpering coming from behind the dumpster. He went over to see who or what it was, and when he walked behind the dumpster, what he saw made him want to throw up.

Lying in his own blood and feces was Seto Kaiba. He had been beaten nearly to death his face looked almost like ground beef and Joey was afraid that he might have been raped. Seto was whimpering like an animal that had been abused by its owner. Joey spoke softly to Seto, who was about to jump out of his skin, "It's alright, I won't hurt you." Joey said.

Seto looked at him with such fear in his eyes that Joey nearly started to cry, Joey then said, "I need to get you out of here and back to my home, and do you understand what I'm saying to you?"

Seto nodded his head that he understood, then Joey held out his hand and when Seto grabbed hold of it, Joey gently pulled him to his feet and then he said, "Can you walk by yourself?" Seto tried but then his left ankle gave way and he started to fall, Joey held onto him and then he said, "Alright, put your arm around my shoulder, I'll help you walk, it's going to hurt but I'll try to be as gentle as I can."

When they finally got back to his apartment, Joey unlocked the door and helped Seto to sit on the couch, then Joey said, "I need you to take off those ripped clothes, I have some sweats that you can wear.

And I also need you to take off your shoe and see how bad your ankle is, will you let me do that?" Seto nodded and as gently as he could he took off his clothes and Joey went to the closet and handed Seto the sweats to wear, then Joey took off Seto's shoe and when he saw how bad that Seto's ankle was, he knew that he had to get help. Joey then took some peroxide and cleaned up the bruises and cuts on Seto's face the best he could.

Joey didn't know who did this to Seto, but right how he had to get some help, so Joey said, "Who did this to you?"

Seto closed his eyes and then in a childlike voice he said, "I'm afraid to tell you, they might come back and hurt me again." Joey knew about being beat, hell his dad use to do it to him, until he finally stood up and beat his dad nearly to death then his dad never hit him again.

Joey then said, "You're safe here, no one is going to find you, I give you my word." Then Seto said, "Alright I trust you, please don't let them hurt me again." Joey reached over, picked up the phone, and dialed a number, and when the person answered, Joey said, "I need your help, someone has used a friend of mine for a punching bag and he's in bad shape, can you come over and see if you can help him."

The person that he called said, "Alright I owe you one, I'll be right over." Joey hung up the phone and Seto looked at him and asked, "Who did you call, please tell me." The fear that Joey heard in Seto's voice nearly made him cry, he told Seto, "I called Bakura, you know Ryou's Yami."

Seto's expression went from one of fear to one of terror, "NO, DON' LET HIM COME NEAR ME, HE AND MARIK ARE THE ONES WHO HURT ME, PLEASE DON'T LET HIM TOUCH ME!" Seto yelled.

Joey quickly grabbed picked up the phone and called Yami and said, "Get over to my place and fast, I called Bakura for help. I just found out that it was Bakura and Marik are the ones who beat him, Yami he's coming here, please help me keep my friend safe."

Yami said, "I'll be right there." Then Joey put the phone down and turned to Seto and said, "I called Yami, he'll be right here." Seto nodded that he understood, then there was a knock on the front door and Seto nearly jumped out of his skin. Joey said, "Stay here, I'll go see who it is." Joey went to the door and said, "Who is it?" Then he heard Yugi say, "Joey, open up it's me Yugi and Yami's here too."

Joey hurried over and opened the door, when Yugi and Yami came in Yami said, "Close the door, I'll use some shadow magic to seal it, now who is it that they hurt?"

Then from behind them they heard, "Me, I'm the one." Both of them turned around to see Seto leaning against the door jam, he looked like he had been through a war he was really a mess.

Yami walked over to Seto and then he said, "We need Ishizu's help, she can heal these wounds, they were made from Shadow Magic."

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door and Seto tried to move and he nearly hit the floor, but Yami caught him and helped him to sit on the couch.

Then Yami looked at Joey and said, "Tell Bakura that you don't need him after all, that you call the Ambulance and your friend is on his way to the hospital, I'm going to contact Ishizu and let her know what's going on."

Joey went to the door, and not opening it he said, "You can go back home, I called 911 and they came and took my friend to the hospital." Bakura started laughing, then Joey heard Marik's voice, and he said, "How stupid do you think we are, Wheeler open this door or I'll knock it down, you have until the count of three."

Yami had contacted Ishizu and told her what had happened and that Marik and Bakura were at Joey's now, threatening to knock down the door, and that he didn't know if he had enough strength to take both of them on. She then said, "Shadi just came over, I'll tell him and we'll both be right there."

Then just as they heard Marik and Bakura start hitting the door trying to break it down, Shadi and Ishizu materialized into the room and Shadi said, "Stand back, I'm going to give them a taste of their own medicine, I'm sending them to the shadows for a few minutes, Ishizu please see if you can help heal Kaiba."

Then there was a flash of light and they heard both Marik and Bakura scream and Shadi said, "I'll be right back, I'm going to make sure that those two know that I'm not happy at all by what they did." Then with a wave of his hands, he was gone.

Ishizu then said, "Seto, please close your eyes, I'm going to help heal your body." Seto looked at Joey who went over and sat down beside him and Joey said, "Please do as she says, I'll be right here, I promise no one will hurt you again."

Ishizu then started chanting and she touched Seto on his head then she screamed, and fell to the floor. Yami ran over and helped her up and he said, "What's wrong?" Ishizu then said, "I have to contact Shadi, he's in trouble, it wasn't Bakura or Marik, it was an evil changeling, that's what beat Seto up."

Joey then said, "What the hell is that?"

Ishizu the said, "Its an evil spirit that can make itself look like someone else, this one is almost pure evil, I don't know who conjured it up, but it they don't know what their doing, this thing can turn on them and it won't be a pretty sight, believe me."

Then Yami helped Ishizu to contact Shadi and when she did, Shadi told her, "I'll take these two and lock them in the basement of your home and then I will come back and we can try to find out that brought allowed this abomination into our world."

Ishizu then told Shadi, "I'll bring Kaiba back to the house and maybe together we can discover who those two idiots released onto Domino, I pray that it isn't D'Lim, if it is, how in the name of Ra do we get rid of him?"

Shadi tried to settle her down by saying, "If it is D'Lim we'll discover how to get him contained and then I can send him back to the shadows where he came from."

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