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Chapter Thirteen

At the Game Shop:

That evening when everyone had assembled at the Game Shop, Solomon said.

"Now that we are all here, we have to concentrate on making sure that our loved ones know that we love them and that we want them to succeed.

In order to do that, we have to all start praying that God and Ra will hear our pleas, and send our loved ones their love and strength so that they can destroy D'Lim and send his remains back to the shadows for all eternity."

So they all formed a circle and held hands and then Solomon said, "Dear God and Almighty Ra, please hear our pleas, please send your love to those who are going up against one of the evilest creatures from the shadow realm.

At the Museum:

Shadi, Yami, Bakura, Marik, Odeon, Joseph and I'Muk are all going to fight D'Lim, they are going to try to send him back to the shadows so that he cannot kill another human, and then our town of Domino will be safe for everyone to live in. Amen."

After they were done praying, Roland said, "We all need to get some sleep, early in the morning Shadi and the others are going to go find D'Lim and we need to be ready to send them our love and strength so that when they fight that creature to the shadows."

So then Yugi showed everyone where they could sleep and when Solomon turned off the lights, he said, "I pray that tomorrow they will be successful and will all return to us." Then he walked up the stairs to his room and got some sleep.

Early the next morning, Shadi got everyone up and as they stood around the table he said, "Let's all review what we are going to do when we meet up with D'Lim." Then they all left and went to where they knew that D'Lim would be, as they arrived at the address, Shadi said, "My Ra bless us and make us successful in our quest."

On the way to Joseph's apartment:

Then as they looked up ahead, they saw D'Lim and he was walking down the sidewalk in search for someone else to kill, he was loosing his power and he wasn't going to go back to the shadows without a fight. Shadi looked at Joseph and he said, "It's up to you now."

Joey nodded his head and then he walked towards D'Lim and he said, "Hey you stupid piece of shit, hey I'm talking to you!"

D'Lim turned around and looked at Joseph, laughed, and said, "Well look what I found, another human for me to kill." Then the creature took on its natural form and started slithering towards Joseph, when it got close enough to kill, Joseph then said, "I don't think so, this is the last time you kill anyone else."

Then the others came hurrying toward where Joseph was and they formed a circle around D'Lim and then Shadi began chanting and the others joined him, "As we stand here, we form the circle of banishment, we ask the gods to send your unworthy soul back to the shadows from where you came. You are an abomination that should never have been set free, now as we form this circle we beseech the gods to send you to the shadows.

As they were saying the words, D'Lim's body started to shake and it began screaming and begging them to stop, then all of a sudden, there was a flash of light and Shadi and the others were thrown in different directions.

When everyone was able to stand up, Shadi said, "Its over, D'Lim has been sent back to where it came from. I want to thank each and every one of you for what you did; now I'Muk and I have to go back to the shadows and make sure that D'Lim is sealed away forever."

After Shadi and I'Muk left, Odeon said, "I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to get back and let Ishizu and Malik know that I'm alright." Joseph then said, "I'm with you, lets go."

As then as they all started walking towards the Game Shop, Joseph looked at both Bakura and Marik and he said, "Maybe now you two will think before you ever open another box." Yami and Odeon both began to laugh and then Joseph, Bakura and Marik joined them.

Bakura then said, "Oh I don't think any of you have to worry, we both learned our lesson, we nearly lost our loved ones and neither of us will ever let that happen again."

Outside the Game Shop:

When they finally got to the Game Shop, Joseph opened the door and when Solomon went to see whom it was, tears filled his eyes as he said, "God answered our prayers, you're all here and safe." Then he went and hugged every one of them and then he said, "Go inside."

Yugi looked at the direction his grandpa went and when he saw Yami, he yelled, "You're back." Then he ran and launched and himself into Yami's arms sending them both falling to the floor.

They were kissing and hugging each other and then it was like a domino effect, Yugi was first, then Ryou, Malik, Seto, Mokie, Ishizu and finally Roland all ran and gave each of them hugs and kissed them and then Ishizu asked, "Where's Shadi?"

Joseph walked over to her and he said, "He and I'Muk, they went to the shadows to make sure that D'Lim was sealed, so that he could never come back. He's fine and will be back as soon as he can." She hugged him, kissed his cheek, and said, "Thank you."

Then right before them Shadi appeared, and Ishizu started crying and she ran to him, Shadi held her in his arms and he started hugging and kissing her and she said, "I love you, and if you ever do anything like this again, I swear I'll send your ass to the shadows."

Everyone was watching this and they all laughed and then Yugi, Ryou, Malik, Seto, Mokie, Solomon and Roland all looked at Yami, Bakura, Marik, and Joseph and they all said, "That goes for all of you, we'll ask Ishizu to seen your asses to the shadows if you ever do anything like this again."

That night, lets just say that Ishizu and Shadi went back home, so did Bakura and Ryou, Marik and Malik, Seto and Joseph and then Yami and Yugi went upstairs to Yami's room and they all made love to the ones they loved.

The next morning, when they all met over at the Game Shop, Solomon said, "We need to have some kind of service for the ones who died." Shadi then said, "I agree, tomorrow we can go to the Park and we can all say good-bye to the ones that we lost."

So the next day, they all met at the Park and Seto provided the balloons that after they all wrote things about the ones who died, they each took a balloon and released it into the air, the balloons traveled towards heaven where the ones who died, found the messages and sent their love down to the ones on earth.


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