On His Grave the Rain Will Fall

A storm was brewing and my brother and I were smack in the middle of it. This wasn't really news; it had been a long time coming. Dark clouds threatening since we were kids, a constant element in our lives like cheap motel rooms and lumpy mattresses, like dusty bars and watered-down whiskey, like a soldier's duty and a family's loss.

The clouds above were heavy, saturated with rain, holding back the onslaught until time itself ran dry.

It was only a matter of time and we both knew it. Death was waiting to claim us, stealthy and silent…stalking us as we stalked evil.

Fear rumbled deep in my gut, terror that tonight might be the night. I was anxious, my mind pricked with visions of what lay ahead; balancing on the edge of solitude as the reaper sought the last of my loved ones.

Living with so many near-misses, reminded of too many close calls, we both knew time would one day scream out our game was forfeit, called for rain as night closed in.

As good as we were, as fast as we ran, man can't stop the rain. It is inevitable. Destined to blanket the earth; burning through sparse air, plummeting downward and engulfing man below, drowning him in his fate.

I'd faced so much death in my life, so much loss. All I had left was my brother.

He never saw it coming, but I did…every nightmare pushed back again when morning came and with it a new chance. My brother was still alive, again alive…

We still had time.

Time ended on a dark and dreary day. The last wisp of light slipping away as a murky blur of gray descended upon us. The rain came in a blinding fury as all hope washed away.

Kneeling in a dirty puddle I cradled my brother in my arms, my tears lost within the rain glistening down his cheeks. His limp body robbed of all his strength, all our determination failing to stem the tide, all my love unable to traverse the distance.

In vain I called out his name.

No one answered but the rain.

The End


March 2009

This was my attempt to transpose both brothers' loss into one story, Dean losing Sammy at the end of AHBL1 and Sam losing Dean on that Wednesday in Mystery Spot. With a few omissions it can even serve to lament Dean's passing in NRFTW.

Just goes to show how much death and loss the Winchesters have suffered when we have so many instances to choose from. And while this story is dark, we all know both brothers returned to life. Thank you, Eric...

So my question is, who did you think was speaking as you read this? Does it work both ways or did I lose my way? Reviews welcome… hell; I'll even get Dean to personally send his thanks. Really.., I've got his cell number right here.

Thanks for reading, B.J.