Bold=Bright Star of the West

Italics=Clear Sky

Normal=Graceful Maiden

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Part 4: Separated

And so, we have come to end of it all.
We have told our tales, given voice to our heartache, and sent our words away on the wind.

We have lost many in our lives, many relatives, friends, and beloved comrades.
When they were taken from us, we mourned, we wondered why.

But we were given the change to live on, to find the place where we belonged.
To get to those places and to fill those roles that fate had given us,
We encountered more hardships, pain, and suffering.

And we lived.
We lived to see another day, to see the day when we realized that we had found somewhere to roam free.

And we enjoyed our new lives.
We grew to love the ones we met, and vowed never to leave them as long as we had the power to prevent it.

We knew it really could end badly for us again.
But, for just a little while, we decided to see only the good parts and to ignore the bad.

Some of us returned to the wild where we had been born and where we never thought to return, taking with us a beloved companion.

Some of us only just joined the world of the wilderness, not understanding any of the lessons it had to offer but for the wisdom of another.

And still others returned to a life of ease in the hands of kind masters, finding another who treasured them as much as we did.

Our tale is finished. We have told you all that we had within us.

Though it pained us to relive our lives for you, it's good that you now know.

Because, through it all, we know that our exploits would end, and our stories are truly worth telling.

Lakota Life Series completed March 10, 2009.

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