Scarlet and the Black Knight.

Part Fifthteen.

Excalibur Scarlet vs the Dark Queen.

As Scarlet was covered in the Golden light, Golden Knight Armour appeared all over his Robot Body, a Red Cape on his back and a Golden Helmet. Also Caliburn was completely fixed and Improved. He now had what looked like wings on each side of the Blade and his Hilt was a combo of Red and Gold.

"Woah," Scarlet said.

"That's the Greatest of the Sacred Swords! Excalibur!" Hikari said. Scarlet did a quick practice swing, before looking up to see Merlina inside the Dark Abyss.

"Alright! Let's do this!" Scarlet yelled as he flew up after her.

"You will not understand, nor could you understand! That is why I must do this, I am finished with you!" Merlina said as she suddenly transformed too. She now looked like the Black Knight again, except she was the size of a Dragon, had four arms, in two of them was the Staff she carried while the other two carried a pair of Claymores.

"What good is a neverending world? Sounds kinda lame to me," Scarlet said as he flew towards Dark Queen. She quickly spun her staff causing Black Orbs to fly towards Scarlet but he easily dodged them and blocked a slash from one of the Claymores before jumping away from the Second one, before seeing on the chestplate of the Armour was a Red Eye!

"There!" Scarlet said as he raised Excalibur and slashed at the eye, causing the Monster to roar in pain before forcing Scarlet to jump away.

"This Story and the World that it created will come to an end! Is that what you wish?" Merlina asked.

"Nah, my stories only end when I stop fighting, which will never happen!" Scarlet said.

"I shall show you the error of your ways!" Caliburn said from inside Excalibur!

"Hear that! My trusty sword is going to show you some lessons!" Scarlet said as he easily dodged the swings and slashed every chance he got!

"Grr! It is pointless to continue!" Merlina said as she swung again but Scarlet easily dodged again.

"You underestimate the power of Excalibur!" Caliburn said. As Scarlet started to fly up high a distance away from Merlina.

"Time to end this!" Scarlet said as suddenly appearing inbetween Him and Merlina was a Golden Seal, with a huge burst of Speed Scarlet charged.

"SHINING STAR SLASH!!" Scarlet yelled as he charged through the Seal causing Excalibur to shine actually causing Stars to trail behind it. As Scarlet easily ran through The Dark Queen. Causing it to burn.

"There is nothing Excalibur can't cut through!!" Caliburn said as the Dark Queen started to get enveloped in a Dark Light.

"Ahhhh! But I...I...AAHHHHH!!!" Dark Queen yelled as the Dark Light Enveloped her. As Scarlet made a Thumbs down.

"You lose!" He says. As suddenly the Dark World disappeared and Scarlet found himself back at Castle Camelot, he had transformed back to normal he also noticed Merlina who was on her knees. He walked over,

"Merlina...every world has it's end, I know that's kinda sad, but we must enjoy the time we have. At least thats what I think," Scarlet said as he picked up a flower and gave it to Merlina. Who started to tear up.

"Grandfather," She whispered as Scarlet turned around to see, Hikari, Darkmagicianmon, the Knights of the Round Table, the Fictorian Brothers and Caliburn.

"Well done sir Scarlet," Percival said.

"It was thanks to you guys," Scarlet said.

"You can say that again," Caliburn said.

"To think, King Arthur was just an Illusion!" Gawain said.

"The Knights of the Round Table must now disband," Lancelot said.

"What foolishness is this!" Caliburn said.

"I agree with Caliburn," Hikari said.

"What are you saying?" Percival said.

"Have you forgotten who I am, I am the Sacred Sword Caliburn, I am the one who decides who is worthy of the Throne," Caliburn said as the three Knights widened there eyes and faced Scarlet.

"So then...?" Lancelot said.

"You...?" Gawain said.

"You are the one and true King!?" All three knights said.

"Wait! Me!?" Scarlet said. As Hikari smiled.

"Don't worry we know you have the problems in your world," Hikari said.

"So we must give you the power to help fix those problems," Darkmagicianmon said as Percival and Gawain walked forward.

"So we must give you these," Percival said as she handed Triblade over.

"Same with me," Gawain said as he handed Konogan over.

"Really, but we need one Sacred Sword here?" Caliburn said.

"That's where Lancelot comes in, you and Sparda will protect this land," Scarlet said.

"Very well, good luck, Sir Scarlet," Lancelot said as he brought out Sparda, while Scarlet raised Caliburn.

"You too." Scarlet said as the two swords clashed.

"I shall send you back," Hikari said as she started to glow a silver colour.

"Dimension Spell," She said as a Portal appeared as Scarlet faced it carrying Caliburn, Triblade and Konogan.

"Thank you everyone and good luck!" Scarlet said as he jumped in.


In L.A. A portal appeared as Scarlet landed on a beach, carrying Caliburn, Triblade and Konogan.

"Man, it feels great being back home," Scarlet said as Caliburn floated next to him.

"So this is your world," Caliburn said.

"Yeah, come on, I had a party to get to!" Scarlet said as he walked off carrying Triblade and Konogan with Caliburn floated next to him.

(That's the Final Part! This also can be in X Prodigy's Valentines Party.)