"You're joking. You have to be. I mean, you're pulling my leg, aren't you?" Gerald babbled in nervous excitement as Libby told him the news a while later in the break room.

Libby took a sip of her coffee, and placed a hand on Gerald's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down, although she couldn't contain her own excitement. "No, I'm not pulling your leg. I'm totally serious. Callum called his friend today, and we're meeting this evening. Isn't it exciting?!" she grinned. "We could have that place up and running in under a month! Kieran will be spewing!"

Gerald gave am excited titter, before suddenly becoming very sober as something hit him. "Libby?"

"Yeah?" the blonde asked, obviously not having seen the same glitch in her plan as Gerald had.

"Where are we going to get the money?"

Libby paused. "Well, I thought that we were gonna pool our money together..."

"Yeah, but I doubt that'd still be enough..." Gerald told her.

Libby chewed her lip thoughtfully. "Nigel has savings, right?"

Gerald thought about this. "I think so..."

"Well then we'll pay for as much as we can and then ask him for the rest, as a sort of loan..."

Gerald shook his head. "He wouldn't agree to do it. He'll say that it's a waste of money, even though he'll truly think that it's not a waste..."

"Tell him you and I are buying a house," Libby countered triumphantly.

"Wh-What?" Gerald stammered, almost choking on his tea.

"Tell him that you and me are going to buy a house together and that you need a loan because you don't have completely enough..." Libby replied calmly.

"But we're not buying a house! We're not even together..." Gerald argued childishly

Libby rolled her eyes. "Yes, but he doesn't know that. And by the time he finds out otherwise, it'll be too late, and he'll be the proud new manager of a bar. How about it?"

Gerald thought about it for a moment. "Well, if it'll get him out of his moping, I'm in. But only if you are. And you can't bail on me out on me!"

Libby grinned. "Deal. I'll leave you to call your dad then. I've got work to do." With that she downed the last of her coffee and rushed out of the break room, grinning.