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Jasper POV

Oh shit.

I looked over Alice's shoulder at an extremely embarrassed Bella. Oh god, she caught us, same old Bella still easily embarrassed.

"I.. he… oh god… I'll leave …" she stammered out before turning around and running as quickly as possible.

"Well that was interesting, but where were we?" I asked huskily pulling Alice back down to me and nibbling on her shoulder.

"Jazz that feels ama - "

"Would all contestants please make their way to the backyard for the food competition" the announcers voice flooded through the house. Oh shit… again. We're on camera, I completely forgot! This is bad. If I were able to blush I'd be as red as a human Bella. Damn, I forgot we'd have no privacy when I planned out my surprise for Alice.

Bella POV

I watched as Alice made her way down the stairs after the game of chess. Leah was still laughing at what she had just witnessed and I could hear Alice huff in disgust one last time before it was cut off by her shutting her bedroom door, muttering how she was going to win someday.

I turned back to Edward who had a devilish grin on his face, and I leaned in to kiss him. Leah seemed disgusted and she too ran off calling Michael's name. All of the sudden Edward launched himself at me and began to kiss me with some force. His hands slid down my spine and the other wrapped around my neck. He continued on to unbuttoning my shirt and I moaned quietly into his ear. He managed to get my shirt half off when I remembered that we were being watched. I pushed him off me, jumped off the couch and ran down the stairs while doing my shirt back up.

Ok, where did Alice go, this is so embarrassing, I flew down the stairs maybe a little too fast for my human charade. I slowed my pace as I retreated to the back of the house where Alice's room was. I didn't bother to knock and when the door swung open my embarrassment peeked and I could barely get a clear sentence out. Jasper and Alice were laying on their bed half naked and were completely entangled within each others arms. Both looked up at me maybe a little abashed themselves that they had just been interrupted while their passion for each other were flaring. I stuttered and I could see a smile playing across Jasper's face, he obviously knew exactly how I was feeling which was nothing new to him. I shut the door and decided that maybe I should just stick to talking to Leah . Emmett was out of the question to talk to, and Rosalie would tell me to get over it. But before I could find any kind of refuge the announcers voice came over the speakers and directed everyone to the backyard for the food competition. Edward was there waiting at the back door for me wearing a forgiving heartfelt smile and the feelings that I had only seconds before melted away.

" Be on my team"? Edward asked as I joined him and interlaced my hand with his.

" You bet" I said warmly, and we exited the house to join the waiting house guests.

Edwards POV

Hand in hand, Bella and I along with the other house guests stepped out into the reconstructed back yard. I looked around at my family and all of them bore the same face as me. Disgust. The whole yard had been transformed into an eighties like café, With a table and bench for each team, sitting on the tables were milkshake glasses filled with what seemed to be gross concoctions. I turned my nose up in disgust at the smell emitting from the glasses.

" I cant wait to see who actually will drink this shit, and guess what it actually is." I heard someone think, it was most likely one of the designers of this vile game.

" We're going to have to drink that and guess what is in it" I whispered so low only my family standing beside me could know what I said.

" Bella, this is probably going to be more of your thing, you haven't been a vampire as long you probably remember the smells of the different foods. Were going to have to break up the teams, Jasper Rosalie and Bella you be on one team, and Alice Emmett and myself will pair with whoever else joins us" I announced.

Nobody argued which was kind of weird, even after I asked and expected Bella to be on my team, and I figured that the family would want to stick together.

" Houseguests please split up into groups of seven, and pick a table to sit at" the female voice said again.

Just as Bella was about to walk away I grabbed her arm, " Bella, keep your mind open and if you know what the milkshakes are, let me know." Bella merely nodded and went to her respective table.

The teams were now even; Bella, Jasper, Rosalie, Ty, Ethan, Micheal, and Leah. Of course my team consisted of Alice, Emmett, Niaomi, Ashton, Adrianna and Nicholi. Once we were all settled Julie Chen's voice took over the reins of the show.

" Hello houseguest…"

" Hi Julie…" we all responded together welcoming.

" This is this years first food competition. Of course the head of households will play but will not have to suffer the consequences of losing this competition. The object of this competition is to figure out what combinations are in the milkshakes in front of you. One person at a time from each team will start with their milkshake, once you think you know what is in it, run to the board and find the matching tiles and place them on the board, the next person may start to drink their shake as soon as their team member sits back down. When the last person is finished and thinks they have the right combination the must push the buzzer before sitting. Everyone understand"?

" Yes" we all responded again in unison.

" Alright houseguests you may begin…. Now".

Carlisle POV

Esme and I were holding hands as we watched the live episode of Big Brother together. Jacob was slumped up against the couch holding his stomach because he had constantly been laughing the entire episode. It didn't make it any better when they showed Bella walking in on Alice and Jaspers romantic interlude, I thought I might have had to resuscitate him when he stopped breathing because he was laughing too hard.

Finally it went to the commercial break right after announcing the food competition and Jacob finally caught his breath. I had been keeping a very close vigil on my children's eyes to see if they were getting thirsty yet, and was surprised to find that even Jasper still had a hint of gold in his eyes. But that didn't stop me from worrying, one slip and it could all be over.

The last commercial finished saying something about a new toothpaste and the show resumed. The houseguests were sitting at two large table and the object was to "guess the milkshake". The buzzer rang and the first two contestants were Niaomi and Michael. Each took a measured gulp of the mixture before them and both cringed. Niaomi took another small sip and both pondered, but it was Michael who was at the board first and it was Jacob who startled us when he gasped.

" Eww… even I wouldn't eat that" Jacob said revolted.

As Michael finished putting the name of his mixture Niaomi joined him and put hers up. Michael's was bacon and egg, and Niaomi's was anchovy and salmon. Both returned to their seat as Bella faced off against Ashton. Bella took a small sip, and I guessed that she already knew what it was from the smell but had to take a sip to not make it obvious, she got up soon after as Ashton was still trying to stomach his own hell. Bella put up steak and potato and returned quickly to her team. Ashton after Rosalie had already started made it to the board hunched over looking rather ill, his seemed really gross spinach and yogurt. Emmett gulped his down in one large mouthful and raced up just as Rosalie put hers up. The next two mixtures consisted of Kiwi and oranges, then liver and onions.

Leah and Edward faced off next with shakes consisting of fries and burgers, and cake and hot sauce. Ty and Jasper were next on the line up with brusselsprouts and carrots, and hotdogs and mustard. Alice turned her head, plugged her nose, shut her eyes and took the tiniest sip, she managed to choke it down before Nicholi and Edwards team took the lead. Alice posted cottage cheese and artichokes. Adrianna was the final player for "team Edward" and she flew to the board at the same time as Nicholi who had finally posted his as peanut butter and cod fish oil. Adrianna posted pizza and chicken wings. She raced across the backyard and pressed the buzzer to end the game. Julie Chen came back over the speakers. Congratulations team two, you are this years first winners of the food competition, therefore you will be able to eat as much and whatever you like. Bella, Rosalie, Ty, Ethan, Micheal and Leah, this week you will be slop. Jasper and Alice, you are this weeks HOH therefore you will not have to eat slop.

Emmett jumped and was clapping his teammates on their backs and the human team members of the losing team had disgusted looks on their face, and Jacob was again in stitches on the floor. Julie did her usual dismissal as I turned the television off.

" Well hun, it seems that the kids are doing ok… for now, we will have to watch online, go get my credit card and meet me at Edwards computer, please." Jacob got off the floor and waved with his hand and darted out of the front door.

" See you in a few days Jake" I called after him only to hear a howl in return.