Twinkle Twinkle

Warnings: Abuse, Yaoi, Dumbeldore bashing, Neglect and probably some other stuff.

Disclaimer: I do not in any sense own Harry Potter, and I make no profit of this. If this resembles any other story that you've read its unintentional.


Harry James Potter stared in chock at his Headmaster.

"But Sir..." he began, desperately trying to think of an argument that would keep Dumbeldore from sending him to his relatives in Little Whinning, Surry.

"But nothing my boy", Dumbeldore said firmly, "your relatives may not spoil you , but they would never be capable of any of the acts that you have accused them of, I'm deeply disappointed in you Harry, I didn't think that you could lie like that, especially about something like that!"

Harry shivered at the disappointment in Dumbeldore's voice , how could he think that he was lying? He had never, ever, lied to the other man.

Hell he' even offered to give sentence under Veriteserium!

"Sir..." he tried anew.

"Harry that's enough! You'll go to the Dursley's, end of discussion!" Dumbeldore all but shouted at him.

Harry flinched and lowered his head.

"Ye...yes, Professor", he whispered.

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