A/N The italics are mental speech while the regular text within" " means regular speech.

There is a limit

There is a limit to how much abuse a human or any living creature can take. There is also a limit to how much discrimination; how much pain. Harry had just discovered it despite spending a better part of the summer with people that truly loved him for nothing but being himself, despite having been physically healed from his time at the Dursley's. He had only just discovered that he could set a limit. That he could say this is, it no more. He had always just taken everything and thought that it should be that way. Actually it was Ron that had triggered it, with his stunt on the night of the Welcoming Feast. The anger that he had felt had blown his magic out of proportion and made previously dormant gifts awaken, among them his strange new empathy. But to him the most amazing thing wasn't that he could feel and even manipulate other people's emotions. To him the most amazing thing was that he had hit his limit, he had had it. And that something, that regular people took for granted, was to him the most amazing thing in the world.


"What are you doing?" Severus mental "voice" sounded tired.

Not too surprising, it was three thirty. Most people would be asleep, but then again Harry had never really fit in with most people. Perhaps that was why he felt so utterly at ease with Severus? A lone soul to match his own. Harry snickered, that was just too cheesy. Warm, broad, powerful arms encircled his chest. A soft kiss was pressed gently to his temple.

"Sleep is important little one,"
Severus murmured softly in his mind the heavy feeling of sleep transferring in between them.

"Yeah, but so is personal acknowledgments to," he stated leaning back against the warm piece of chest available above the armchair's back.

"And what personal acknowledgement did you find at 3AM in the morning?"
He said in amusement.

Harry smiled his new gift made it so wonderfully easy to understand Severus, there was no need for him to get startled every time he tough the man might be annoyed he would feel it, such a wonderful thing. Maybe he should thank Ron for making him so pissed off that it activated? Nah, the twit would probably take it as encouragement and be even more annoying better keep quiet.

"That there is a limit to how much bullshit I can take," he answered.

"Oh is that so?" Severus voice was heavy with sleep.

"Yes," Harry said barely holding back the awe in his voice.

"That's nice, next time come to such an awe inspiring conclusion at a more appropriate time, such as noon or perhaps early evening," faint laughter.

"Oh so it's appropriate for me to be sleeping in my professors bed?" Harry asked.
Heated possessiveness.

"I love you to, Dark Knight," he mumbled fondly sinking deeper into the wonderfully soft pillow, letting Severus's half naked body slip closer to his own.

"Dark Knight?"
Severus asked.

"Hum, oh that's what Fawkes calls you, you didn't know?"

"Fawkes speaks to you?!" extreme surprise, almost shock.
Harry curled up slightly, not really afraid but vaguely worried.

"He has always spoken to me, is that bad?"

"I'm sorry," warmth, love, "It's not bad, but extremely unusual, I don't think he even speaks to Dumbledore, and they have been bonded for a long time."

Severus sighed and gently pulled Harrys body closer making the smaller male uncurl and rest his head against his chest.




"I feel safe."

"Sleep Little one you'll need it, teacher, student relationships aren't forbidden but they are frowned upon heavily, it'll be annoying as nothing else,"
vague annoyance, and something akin to amusement.

"I'll just laugh and let you deal with it then," Harry snickered, and tucked himself closer to the person that had allowed him to feel safe for the first time in his life.

"As long as you let me sleep you're allowed to do anything," almost unconscious, just on the edge of sleep.

"Goodnight then."


"Yes, sir," Harry replied, happily tucking his head in under Severus chin. 'Tomorrow ought to be fun!'

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