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Morning Thoughts and Soft Smiles

Harry sipped lightly on his warm morning tea, as he watched Severus drink his coffee with such speed, that he was almost worried the other might choke. Almost. He had been the first time he saw the man's morning routine, but now he simply watched it with the amused eyes of someone observing a cute habit of a loved one.

Loved one… the words echoed softly in his head, making him smile as he let his eyes wander over the man that he loved. Some might find their blind ascension into such a relationship odd and perhaps even wrong. But to Harry whose experience of love was so limited it was the best decision ever, and as for Severus…

The man's vampire inheritance made him have a slightly crooked view of relationships. Yes he was just a half vampire; not enough to make him full vampire, but more than enough to make him have the mind set of one. And in a vampire's coven, their relationship would have been an obvious one. They both trusted each other, they both knew each other and perhaps most importantly, they both knew that they would never leave each other.

Not out of blind obligation or even devotion, but simply because they both knew that the other was "the one". A cheesy line perhaps but true in the deepest sense. Harry, whose connection to his magic had always been amazing, could feel it echoing inside him, the silent even pulse that had made him trust the other man that fateful night. And Severus' inheritance made him know made him feel it on such a level that he had felt it before he had even touched the other.

And that is what gave them the ability to simply smile silently at each other in recognition, before walking out of the professors' quarters side by side, both safe and secure even when facing the world.

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