Author's Note: Second story. Yay! Just to let you know, this it not a sequel (well it cant be a sequel in the first place) of Reminiscence, but it's still GrayxClaire though. Hopefully this story would be fun and get some reviews.

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Hello My Darling


Claire looked around the whole room. The setting has been decorated in lacey white and light blue decorations, silver bells were hung on top of the door, there were lotus petals permeating the floors and white rug that was leading the door to the alter. The pews had orchids and white roses placed on the sides with white pink ribbons hanging loosely. Fancy gold-colored candles with angel shaped handles were lit all over the room, shining brightly as if they were the angels that appeared when baby Jesus was born. Rose scented perfume wafted in the air, relaxing everyone that breathed in the harmonic scent.

As Claire glanced around the beautifully lit and decorated room, all she saw were smiling faces that were filled with joy and happiness. Claire's face slowly brightened, following the other's lead. 'There seems to be a wedding going on' Claire thought to herself when she noticed the appearance and garments that the citizens of Mineral Town were wearing. 'Whose?' She questioned, searching the pews looking to see if maybe the bride would be hiding in between the guests and suddenly jumped up saying "Here I am!" 'I always wanted to try doing that once,' she thought. She then noticed something rather awkward, everyone has been staring at her, smiling in admiration, murmuring 'oohs' and 'aahs'. Finally the wedding theme song started.

'Gray, would you take this young lady as your lawful wedded wife as long as death do you part?' Carter asked, smiling humbly. 'Gray was getting married?' Claire's attention flickered to the Gray's face which seemed strangely closed to her, 'Was he getting married to Mary?' the young blonde thought, knowing that he had feelings for the shy librarian.

'I do.' Gray replied, his blue sapphire eyes were filled with love as he turned to look at…Claire!

'And do you, Claire, take Gray as your lawfully wedded husband as long as you both shall live?' Carter diverted his blind gaze to Claire who was still shocked. She looked again into the crowd and noticed that at the last pew to the right was Mary and her family. She looked down at her body and slowly noticed that she was the only one clothed in white and this was her wedding.

'Claire, do you?' Carter repeated his question, raising his eyebrows in curiosity. Claire switched her gaze to Gray whose face was red with embaressment and sweating with nervousness, his face was slightly distorted with pain that his future bride was hesitating about marrying him.

'Claire, do you or do you not take Gray as your husband?' Carter asked again, frowning. It seemed as if the whole world centered on Claire herself, everyone in the pews leaned in to listen more closely to what Claire has to say. 'Oh Goddess…' the bride thought, 'I don't…' she let out a breath but it was barely audible.

'CLAIRE, DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT TAKE GRAY AS YOUR HUSBAND??' Carter was shouting with the top of his lungs, his face turned red and slowly mutated into a red demon. Claire shot a frightened glance at the citizens and almost screamed when everyone's has mutated into demons, skeletons, goblins, ghouls and Mayor Thomases. The floor shattered and pieces of the ground fell into the fiery pits of hell. The walls tumbled revealing the scenery of Mineral Town that was twisted into something that Claire couldn't describe herself. Fire scorched her skin, her dress blazed into flames, she was on fire.

'DO YOU CLAIRE??!!' Everyone shouted at her with their fire filled eyes, yellow topaz fangs and ruby colored faces.

'NOOOOOOOO!!!!' Claire screamed before it all turned pitched dark…