Right so I came up with this idea after reading a fanfic, but I had my own ideas for it. I want I to be a Jasper/Bella story cause for some reason I love the pairing (but I'm still all for Bella/ Edward ^^) So after writing this, I decided to test the first chapter on here if people think I should continue. Though I won't make it a Bella/ Edward story. I might make a one shot of those two though. Anyway it is them quite out of character, and all human, but think about it. I highly doubt Stephenie Meyer would ever make a pairing between Jasper and Bella unless they were out of character. I know there is no appearance of Jasper in this Chapter I really just want to know if my writing for Twilight sounds good. All reviews Welcome.

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THWAK. Another punch. Though I was used to it, it still hurt. Ever since I was a child, and my mother died, Charlie had abused me. There wasn't really any reason for it apart from alcohol and the dominating power he felt. Emmett didn't even know. Daily beatings only occurred when Emmett wasn't home, especially since he became a teen with the largest muscles I have ever seen. I didn't have the guts to tell my brother. I didn't know what would happen. I mean, I meant more to Emmett than anything in the world. Me, his baby sister was his main priority. I always had excuses for my bruises. Everyone believed I was quite accident prone, which is quite true, but most of my bruises were Charlie's doing.

I can still remember the first day it happened, I was five and my mother had died in a car accident. Emmett went and stayed at his friend Jaspers house and I went home with Charlie. We hadn't even got through the door and he had pushed me roughly through it. The real beating didn't come till he had the alcohol. He drank most of the night , and when I went down and asked him a question about my mother he smacked me so hard I flew into the coffee table and cracked my head open.

Part of me always knew I should tell Emmett but the rest of me feared what he would do to Charlie if he found out. However much the bastard has hurt me, I couldn't wish him dead. Somewhere within me even thought I may deserve it for whatever reason.

Today, Charlie was really laying it in to me. It was days like today when Emmett was gone with his friends that I really hated. Charlie broke one of his usual rules and punched me in the face. I could feel it swelling up already. Shit, How was I going to cover this up…Tears were already drenching my face. I could hear a car pull up in front. Emmett must be home. Charlie must have heard too as he was now making his way to the freezer. Quickly he picked up the ice pack and placed it on my eye. Emmett walked through the door.

"Dad? Bells? Where are you guys?" He called casually.

"In here Kiddo. Now Bells you gotta be more careful. The corner of the coffee table could have taken your eye out" He said so wrapped up in his lies. Liar. But calling him a liar was so hypocritical of me. Wasn't that what I had been doing all these years? I was now 16 and I still hadn't told Emmett.

"Shit Bells. You're getting worse" Oh didn't I know that. My eye is fucking throbbing thanks to our father. This had to stop, but alas. I still couldn't bring myself to tell him.

In complete silence, with the ice pack in hand I left to my room. I showered quickly and changed into loose fitting pyjamas. I was going to have a really early night. After about an hour of just lying on my bed, Emmett came in.

"Hey sis, I'm off for a while to spend some time with my friends alright?" He sounded casually but waited until I would answer him.

"Em. How come you neverlet me meet your friends?" I whispered so low I wasn't sure if he had heard me. Though his answer showed me he had.

"Urmm…shit I guess I should answer you. Not everyone see's you how I do baby sis. You're the least popular girl in school. None of them really know you exist. Your just 'Emmetts sister', No one in school who sees you actually knows that. No one really knows you're my sister. Since we're the most popular, looked up to people in the whole place, we especially don't notice the unpopular people. Definitely not those who aren't even known by the unpopulars. I'm sorry." I looked up at him and I could genuinely see that he was telling the truth.. I just remained silent. He noticed my sorrow at what he said.

"Come on Bella. You're like a robot in school. You go to lessons, you do what you are told and when people speak to you, you don't answer them. You even spend more time in the library on your own than anything else. You have no friends in your own year! What the hell do you expect? Just because I'm your brother, that doesn't mean you'll have all the friends in the world and be popular. You gotta actually talk to people." Wow. That was the most I had ever heard him say in one sentence. Just as he was turning to leave, I knew I had to say something.

"Thanks Em. For being honest I mean. I…I need to be honest with you about something too. I'm…" Before I could finish my sentence, a car horn beeping outside caught my attention.

"Seriously, can it wait. I have to go. I'm staying at Rose's tonight alright. Cya." He left. Damn it. I finally had the courage to tell him and he left. I was in for more beatings tonight and I wasn't looking forward to it.

I was right. My body was covered in bruises by the morning. I really wasn't going to be able to explain these. So instead I covered up in a turtle neck sweater and a pair of jeans. I looked in the mirror and noticed my eye was completely black. Someone was definitely going to notice that, I was glad they wouldn't see the rest of my body though. I could easily get out of doing sports and I was already used to being stared at for my injuries. What's a bit more staring huh?

I ate breakfast with Charlie quickly, in complete silence and made my way out to my truck quickly. I made it to school with an hour to spare. No student had arrived yet. It gave me time to think about what Emmett had said to me. It really upset me because I knew it was true. My mind was always elsewhere. Imagining a life so much better than mine. I knew Emmett was so right that I decided to change. I really needed to make friends. It didn't help my case that I didn't actually know the name of anyone. Though I'm sure there had to be some nice people in the school right? I really had screwed up, but I was going to fix it. Today is my day of redemption. Right?

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