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It's Alright to Hate You
An AtobeOC fic by: Terry-May

Chapter 1 - Foolish Thoughts

It was high afternoon. I was briskly walking towards the tennis courts. I would have continued that until I was forced to stop. My Lancell school bag had gone loose by the leather straps and had fallen down on the ground with a thump. I knelt down to pick it up and brushed off the dust on my name plate where the characters 'Ueno Miyoko' were emblemized. I got up after re-attaching it to the straps and proceeded to continue on to the bleachers when some sound caught my ears and forced me to stop.

"Stop! Tezuka!" I heard his teamates shouting. They all want him to stop. But, why?

"No, Tezuka! You'll just end up hurting yourself!" another guy pleaded. Can someone please tell me what's going on? I've just arrived from club duties at school, and I can't understand what's going on right now on the courts in front of me.

"Hyoutei! Hyoutei! Hyoutei! Hyoutei! Hyoutei!" the people on the bleachers in front of me started cheering. Whose match is it now?

"Katsu no wa Hyoutei! Katsu no wa Hyoutei! Katsu no wa Atobe! Katsu no wa Atobe!" they continued cheering. From my sitting position on the bleachers, I was feeling confused. Anyways, I knew it was that arrogant molehead's match. (1)

I got up from my seat and transferred to a quiet location with a good view of the ongoing match. The match looked like it was about to end. It's become quiet...and just when I decided to transfer to a quieter place.

Back to the match, Atobe and Tezuka were already having the tie break. Atobe started leading. Then Tezuka. Then Atobe. Then Tezuka again. It went on and on.

I couldn't bear it. Even from where I was sitting, the tension was reaching me. Can't this just end? And what was that 'injured' issue Seigaku's regulars were shouting about...? Can't someone fill me in?!

I continued watching the match, hoping for the end. When it did, it caught me off guard. The molehead won? Seriously? And what's my cousin doing looking so limp? Argh, why do I feel so clueless?

Before I had other countless unanswered questions coming up, I stood up abruptly and headed to the Seigaku side of the bleachers. I avoided all eye contact and stalked towards the regulars. I saw the girls from Hyoutei's side looking at me. I couldn't blame them. I know that I don't have a clue where my loyalty lies. I'm enrolled to Hyoutei, but I just can't help but feel sorry for my dear cousin. Oh yes, didn't I tell you? Tezuka Kunimitsu is my cousin.

"Oh, it's Miyo-chan!" Eiji sang and dashed to hug me. I shrugged him off and headed to Inui. He would be the third most reliable person to get answers from at a serious time like this – before Tezuka and Oishi, that is.

"What happened?" I asked the Data Man as my cousin took a seat with a towel on his head. Inui adjusted his glasses and took a few more notes before addressing to me. The freshmen behind us were starting to talk among themselves.

"I assume you know about his arm?" Inui began with a question. I eyed my cousin then the notebook. I shook my head lightly.

"What do you mean 'about his arm'?" I shot at him. For some reason, I was getting worried. The feeling of dread began poisoning my mind. Eiji and the others had already gathered around us to listen in.

"What, Miyo-chan? You never heard about Tezuka's injury?" the cat guy sounded. I turned to look at Oishi for an answer.

"Being family, I thought you knew, or if not, he'd tell you," Oishi replied to me sadly. I looked at Tezuka once more. Then I rotated my head to face Oishi to get real answers. It seems like Inui won't be so helpful today.

"What do you know about Tezuka's freshman year?" the so-called mother of Seigaku questioned me.

"Uh..." I sounded while deep in thought, trying hard to find an answer. "Well, he entered the tennis club. Hmm...I think there was a time he was muttering something about quitting tennis or something like that. Why do you ask, Oishi-kun?"

"She doesn't know," Fuji suddenly said from the sidelines. I stared at him. What did I not know? He's my cousin for crying out loud and we meet every single day!

"Just tell her and get over with it, Oishi-senpai!" Momo told Oishi as he stood on top of a bleacher. Oishi took a double take at me, Tezuka, and Momo. I could feel my patience level gradually dropping.

"Alright. Alright," Oishi gave in and sought to find affirmation from Tezuka. My cousin sat still while holding his arm. "Let's just say that his arm was injured because of an incident when the two of us were still freshmen. One of our senpais got angry because he used his right hand in his matches when in fact he's a left-handed person. The said person hit his left elbow with a tennis racket. He recovered from it, but the injury became more apparent during Fall last year."

"Oh, that was when he turned down a training camp invitation," I spoke. The rest nodded along in agreement. It seems like they already know the whole story. I feel so left out. Although it should be normal for me to left out since he technically spends more time with them at school than with me at home…

"Well, it was made known that his elbow fully healed two months ago, but it seems like the problem returned..." Oishi said hesitantly. He looked away for a moment.

"I guess you're delaying your thoughts since I'm a Hyoutei student?" I read from his current expression.

"Er...no...I...Well, it's a known fact that Atobe was the one that caused Tezuka's arm to be destroyed the second time," he said with finality and hopelessness. I glanced back at my cousin and looked at him. I returned my gaze to the other side of the courts and find all the Hyoutei people gone. So they've abandoned their traitor, haven't they?!

I turned around and went to Tezuka. I took the towel off his head and forced him to face me.

"Kunimitsu-kun, does your arm hurt?" I asked him with a fake sweet voice. I guess you can say that I act a whole like his little sister since he doesn't have one. No reply came. "When you get home, you're telling me."

After I tried to initiate a conversation with him, I stood up, seeing that it was a fruitless attempt. He used to be more talkative when we were younger back then. Now, it seems like I'm talking to a brick wall. Well...

"The information was helpful," I told them with a light bow before deciding to leave.

"No problem. You're not taking him home?" Oishi asked me. I shook my head in reply.

"Well, please excuse me," I said and began to walk towards the stairs that I took when I came here.


After I arrived home, I went up to my room to change out of my annoying uniform. Really, why did I decide to enter a school that had a conceited molehead reigning over it? He's sadistic to boot. Why didn't I transfer to Seigaku? Ugh. It's my parents' fault. They say that it would be better to go there. Hmph, and Kunimitsu just had to agree with them saying that it was best for me to comply to their wishes. Talk about filial piety. Who believes in Confucianism nowadays?

I changed into loose shorts and a t-shirt before I headed over to the mirror to have my hair combed. Unlike my cousin, I have black hair, or is it dark brown?

It's medium length and reaches my shoulders. I don't find it troublesome at all since it's easy to take care of.

After combing up that mess, I went down to help with the dinner. We would be having curry tonight, and I think Kunimitsu-kun's going to be home late. I just think.

I sliced up the onions, red bell peppers, carrots, potato, and the meat to be used. I took the curry roux out from the pantry and put it on the table.I placed everything that I touched with the knife into the pot to be sautéed. Of course, the curry roux was still on the table.

"What are you doing?" Kunimitsu-kun suddenly asked me flatly, seeing my position of putting the vegetables into the pot. He went closer and looked inside the pot. I looked inside as well. There were celery, onion, garlic, bananas, apples, carrots, red and green bell peppers, bitter gourd, and okra.

"Did I chop too much?" I asked sheepishly as he put down his tennis bag and took the ladle from my hand. He took out the 'unnecessary' ingredients and disposed of them well.

"You can leave this to me," he spoke. I just nodded and turned around to leave him to his cooking.

Generally, I wasn't much of a bad cook, but I just pushed my thoughts aside as I headed up the stairs. Once I was up, I finally remembered something important. I headed back down and returned to the kitchen where I knew my cousin was.

"Kunimitsu-kun...about your arm..." I began with an uneasy voice.

He looked up from where he was cooking. It was an amazing sight – seeing his glasses all fogged up by the smoke. I believe that that's also the same effect that make's Inui-kun's glasses look opaque. Really, the similarity was just too hilarious!

"What about my arm?" he questioned me with a look that sort of gave the message: I'm-not-saying-anything-cause-I-just-feel-like-it. Suddenly, I felt burning determination within me. I know. I'm going to exact vengeance on his behalf!

"I'm..." I began.

This is strange. I was sure that I wanted to say something, but I just can't. The words I wanted to say sounded too awkward or strange. "I'm going to exact your vengeance, Kunimitsu-kun. Don't stop me."


(1) Katsu no wa Hyoutei! Katsu no wa Atobe! - Literally translated as 'The win is Hyoutei's!' and 'The win is Atobe's!' respectively. ^^

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