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It's Alright to Hate You
An AtobeOC fic by: Terry-May

Chapter 7 – The Note

The saying goes that 'all men come in different shapes and sizes'. Just as I deem that to be very true, I find similarity in my own maxim that 'all fan girls come in varying types'. The best example for that would be my newest fan girl – Ueno Miyoko. She claims to be Tezuka's cousin and seems by far the most obsessive of my fan girls, even stepping far beyond the boundaries to ruin my uniform just to be able to bring it home. Who know what she'd be doing with my shirt?

Just recently, she asked me out, and of course, as a general rule that I follow, I agreed. Her demeanor that Saturday, however, made me regret consenting to her 'offer' to go out as she did not treat me as I had expected her to. Most shocking of her fan girl antics, though, was her reaction to my rejection. To think that the girl was brave enough to stare Ore-sama down even after receiving what I knew was a big blow to her ego!

As I remember, she asked me why I did that to her cousin. I wondered and asked who her cousin was, without revealing to her my 'curiosity'. She answered, and I was not shocked to know that her cousin had been the opponent I had injured in the last official match that I had played.

She made me think for a moment. I would have replied, but the rain decided to pour on us at that moment, and that ruined the well-timed moment when I would have spoken. I would have told her superciliously that it was not her business and that it was something only Ore-sama and her cousin would understand. But really, what would have been my answer then had it not rained and had she pressed on?

Hyoutei Tennis Courts, Tuesday

7:03. At this hour, most of the regulars would have been here at the courts excluding Mukahi and Shishido who always come late by five or more minutes due to various reasons. At the moment, I was overseeing the match ongoing between Oshitari and Hiyoshi. So far, Hiyoshi seemed to be playing well enough to be able to score just a game behind Hyoutei's resident tensai.

It was already 15 minutes into the match, and the score was set at 4-5 in favor of Oshitari. From the corner of my eye, as I observed Oshitari do a Higuma Otoshi, I was able to spot the tardy regulars – Mukahi and Shishido – sprinting their way to the changing room only to find it locked. Slowly, they made their way to the courts still dressed in their uniforms to take the club room keys from the club captain, who happened to be me.

"Late again, ahn?" I questioned the two of them as I crossed my legs and my arms elegantly.

"The train denied me my ticket…" Shishido grumbled out his excuse, the rest of his words vanishing to nothingness as he progressed.

"I tried to save this cat from the river!" Mukahi burst out, elaborating the details with vivid movements of his arms.

"This would not have happened, Shishido, if you had woken up ten minutes before the usual time you awaken," I reprimanded, looking at them seriously. "And you, Mukahi, would not be late almost every day if you simply do what could be done the night before the night before and not at the last minute."

"I know who Ryou's been thinking of~" Mukahi said teasingly with an accompanying smile while facing Shishido. It did not take long for the guy to react. Mukahi, in reflex, also began to run, completely ignoring the fact that they hadn't changed into their tennis uniforms yet. As childish their behavior was, I should be contented they're getting warmed up.

I allowed them to run around the courts, rather, chase each other around the courts for ten minutes. Upon noticing that the match between Oshitari and Hiyoshi had concluded, I stood up.

I snapped my fingers and said, "Kabaji."

My loyal friend soon appeared behind me, and I handed him the club room keys. "Get those two to change."

"Usu," he replied and walked off with his usual hunched back.

Within three minutes Mukahi, Shishido, and the rest of the regulars assembled in front of me, waiting loyally in partial silence for my elegant words of leadership.

"Mukahi, Hiyoshi, play a match against Shishido and Ootori. Oshitari, you may assist Haginosuke over there. Jirou, I want you to play a match against Kabaji. That will be all," I commanded. They all nodded in understanding before positioning themselves on the courts at my signal and then commenced their respective matches.

As my teammates were practicing, I decided to visit the clubroom to retrieve the keys that had not been returned to me. I had not expected anyone else to be there, so I admit to being brought to surprise upon seeing my fan girl who simply refused to leave me alone, despite her foolish attempts at making me, the almighty Atobe Keigo, leave her alone. Such was the irony of life and this situation.

"What are you doing in here, ahn?" I asked fluidly, maintaining my tone of superiority. Ueno turned to look at me slowly, as if she had been dreading the sight of my brilliance.

She spoke nothing. I noticed her quickly take a look at my indifferent expression and then to the floor. With what seemed to me hesitance in her voice, she replied, "I was thinking of returning your shirt to you." She lifted my polo shirt, which she had undeniably and deliberately stained yesterday with an odd green substance, only to show that all traces of the grime was gone. "Senpai," she finished her statement in such a way that made it seem that she was beginning a new statement altogether. This was Ueno Miyoko – the girl who had no refinement whatsoever in casual speech.

"Very well. Leave it there, and I shall see to it. You may go," I told her harshly, icily. Unlike how I had expected her to react to my words, she placed my shirt on the table with clenched fists, showing she was angered. She looked at me solidly before looking away and walking towards the door.

"Please excuse me," she sounded in a strained voice and then closed the door behind her as she left.

I eyed the article of clothing she had left on the table. I approached it and spotted the piece of paper she had put above my shirt.

I apologize for the shirt, senpai,
but I won't apologize for anything else
unless you apologize to Kunimitsu.

If words could kill, Ueno would have been sued for premeditated murder, but alas, her words had no effect on me. This Ueno Miyoko – she surely was one strange girl.

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