I get in his silver Volvo, buckle, and say nothing. His hands are tight on the steering wheel, his jaw his taut, his black eyes stare ahead. He snarls when I do not close the door fast enough. I don't even flinch. It's something I've come to expect. He drives me to school, parks, and gets out. Instead of opening my door, as he used to, he waits at the end of the car. Fumbling out the door, I trip and scrape my hands. He sneers. Once I reach him, his arm becomes a vice against my skin as he drags me across the parking lot. Alice averts her eyes, as she always does. I let him pull me along to my first class. I cannot hear what the teacher is saying, because he hisses threateningly in my ear. When lunch comes, he glares at me angrily, so as to make sure that I sit with him. As if I was brave enough to sit anywhere else. We do not talk. He takes my tray of food before I finish it and throws it in the trash. I'm still hungry, but of course I say nothing. Fear keeps me mute.

At the end of the day, he drives me home. The drumming of the rain is the only thing that breaks the eternal silence. He parks in my driveway. Charlie isn't home yet. Up in my room, I stand with my back to the wall, afraid to move. He is a blur as he approaches me. His hands are curled into fists at his side. His eyes are cold and menacing.

"You're thinking about La Push," he growls furiously. "You're mine, you're not going anywhere." I shrink against the wall. My light is on, and I can see the black bruises on my legs through my jeans. The scrapes on my hands from earlier are nearly disguised by the countless scars on my arms.

Edward smacks me across the face. I can feel my nose break. Whimpering, I crouch to the floor. "No," I whisper.

"You're mine!" Edward screams as his hands rip across my neck. I feel blood trickling down my back. He doesn't seem to mind the smell of my blood anymore. I think he wants to keep me alive so I can feel more pain. Of course, I've been wrong before. Edward's diamond-hard nails rip my arms open. I begin to scream when I see the bone jutting out of my arm, and my protests are silenced with a stone-like fist. For a moment, the world blacks out. Then, suddenly, everything is red. I scream, but I am choked off by a mouthful of blood.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask. In the past few months, he has not told me yet.

"I'm dangerous, Bella." His teeth are gritted as he says this. His hand grips around my throat, and slowly the world returns to blackness forever.

A/N: This was inspired by Laurie Halse Anderson and the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown incident. I want to make a music video, but I don't know where to get Twilight clips. Please help me out!