Of Feathers and Innocence

Plot: The TRC gang had just crossed dimensions and guess where they ended up? In the imaginary beginning of the 19th century, where the Black Order and the Earl are engaged in a war. What would ever happen if the TRC gang are caught in between the ongoing war? TRC/DGM crossover.

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Morning came as usual at the Black Order. The light shining through the windows, awaking some from a good night rest. However, in the case for the Order, there's always a bunch of people having a lack of sleep and high level of stress due to the vast amount of work that seems to pile endlessly.

A bunch of people would mainly be the group of scientists. Everyday, there are tons of paperwork to be done and the scientists had to work overtime most of the time. Furthermore, there's no overwork pay.

The only exception who is not really affected by the overloading work and stress is 65 mainly because he was not really a human. However, the rest of the science department are human who are about to "snap" anytime due to the stress over the workload. This is somehow prevented due to the consistent delivery of coffee by the supervisor's younger sister, Lenalee, along with the occassional accompany of Allen.

Reever Wenham, the science department's section leader, who was also extremely tired and stressed out, looked up from the pile of papers that literally buried his head. About this time, the supervisor of the science department, Komui, should be signing certain documents. Sighing, Reever signalled a few other scientists to help him carry the staggering pile of papers to Komui's office.

Entering the paper strewn floor of Komui's office, Reever sighed once again as he spotted Komui, procrastinating yet again. But this time, in the form of sleeping. Reever knew that nothing could easily wake the sleeping supervisor up, even when icy cold water were to be splashed on him.

However, there is always one way that will wake him for sure. Like all methods, this method has it's pros and cons. The pros being that it'll definitely wake Komui and the cons being that he might go into a frenzy after it. With the staggering pile of papers to sign, this left Reever no choice.

"Supervisor Komui, Lenalee is getting married today." Chief section leader Reever whispered into the ear of the sleeping man.



"How could you not tell your brother that you're getting married?! Your dear brother would never allow that!!"


"Komurin V! let's go! We've got a wedding to crash!"

Komui took out his remote control and pressed on a random button. Suddenly, the whole room trembled slightly as the doors that held Komurin V behind open to release the latter. Before Reever even had a chance to tell Komui that the whole thing was just to wake him up, Komui had already hopped onto Komurin V and went on his way.

"Supervisor…" Reever gave a defeated sigh before attempting to chase after his crazed supervisor.

Down at some corridor in the Black Order…

15 year old Allen Walker casually strolled along the corridors towards the direction of the cafeteria. Surprisingly, the boy don't seem to have a problem finding his way there even though he had a bad sense of direction.

"That's strange, I haven't seen Timcampy all morning." Allen thought.

Just then, a familiar fellow exorcist and timcampy appeared in the opposite direction of where Allen is walking.

"Timcampy, so that's where you have been!" the boy exclaimed happily when he spotted the golem.

"Good morning, Allen-kun!" Lenalee greeted.

"Good morning, Lenalee, are you bringing coffee to Reever-san and the others?" Allen asked, noticing the tray that she's carrying.

Lenalee nodded her head and replied, "Yup, I'll be on my way, see you later!"

Out of nowhere, a random piece of banana peel appeared on the floor where Lenalee was about to take the next step. Unfortunately, she didn't notice this and slipped, causing the tray to fly out of her hands and onto the floor. Lenalee then awaited for the hard impact with the floor.

But it never came.

"Umm…Lenalee, are you okay?" Allen asked, wincing slightly from the impact.

Lenalee opened her eyes and realized that she had fallen on top of Allen or rather she had pulled him as she fell and he blocked her from the impending impact.

For a second, the both of them did not realize their positions. Then, both realized that their noses were almost touching, however, before either of them could react…


From the distance, the pair spotted Komui with another robot with a hat indicating that it is another creation of the Komurin. Immediately, the pair got up, trying to make everything seem normal. Unfortunately, once Komui spotted it, it'll probably mean "a fate worse than death".

"Eh?! This couldn't be happening…" Allen moaned, still blushing from the brief contact he had with Lenalee. "umm, Lenalee, see you later, I guess?"

"uhm…better get to a safer place…while you still have a chance, I'll try to stop Nii-san" Lenalee replied awkwardly, she too was still blushing.

"Thanks.", Allen said gratefully before running off in the opposite ran off in the opposite direction at top speed, his previous "accquaintances" with the other Komurins wasn't exactly nice and he didn't want to repeat it at any time, anywhere.

Meanwhile, at a place not far from the previous scene…

The ceiling of the corridor suddenly dipped towards the ground as if it has been liquified by someone. If anyone had been there at the time, they would not have noticed it as the whole thing was camouflaged to blend into the current surroundings. As the ceiling touched the ground, the material dispersed off immediately to reveal a certain quartet.

Not surprisingly, the quartet had yet again landed on top of one another, with Syaoran on the top and Kurogane at the bottom (as usual). Mokona was the only one who seemed all right after the whole process "Puu! We've arrived at a new world!" he announced in his usual cheerful voice as he landed on top of Kurogane's head.

"Get off, you white bun! Honestly, why can't we have a peaceful landing at most of the other worlds we've been to?" Kurogane complained, he wasn't exactly in the best of his moods right now.

"Princess, are you alright?" Syaoran asked worriedly, helping the Sakura up after realizing he was on top of her.

"I'm fine, thanks." Sakura smiled as she stood up.

"Hehh…this is going to be interesting, kuropon?" Fay asked with his trademark smile and getting off Kurogane's back. Ever since they landed here, the mage had not bothered to get off Kurogane's back, until he spotted Allen from a distance and that gave him an idea.

Not quite getting what the mage had meant, Kurogane stood up as if the mage had not said anything but then he noticed a certain white-haired boy running towards him and tried to dodge but it was too late. Allen tried to stop as well but the friction on the ground wasn't enough and he crashed straight into Kurogane.

Luckily for Kurogane, he was much bigger than Allen and did not get knocked off balance but for Allen however, he totally lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Ouch, ouch…umm…sorry, I wasn't looking where I was running……" Allen tried to apologize but left his sentence hanging as soon as he realized that the strange group in front of him isn't part of the order or of this world at all.

Before Allen could ask any questions, Fay replied smoothly, "No no, we should be the ones apologizing for dropping by here. Anyway, I'm Fay and this is Syaoran, Sakura, Mokona and Kuro-wanwan" gesturing at each person as he mentioned their respecive names, except for Kurogane, that is.

"Stop calling me that! It's Kurogane!"

"Waii!! Kuro-wanwan is so scary!" Mokona said in a sing-song voice.

"Eh?! That white manjuu can talk?!" Allen asked in surprise. (Allen happened to be hungry at that moment)

" I'm Mokona, not white manjuu…" Mokona pretended to pout.

"Ah, sorry, so are you some kind of rabbit?"

"Nope, Mokona is Mokona, everybody's idol!!!" Mokona said, twirling around at the same time.

"…" Allen only sweatdropped at the comment, unsure of what to say.

"FOUND YOU!!! ALLEN WALKER!!!" a voice shouted triumphantly followed by a series of thundering footsteps, obviously belonging to Komurin V.

"No way…I gotta run, see you later," Allen said, "if I manage to survive this one…"he thought to himself.

Before Allen could even take one step forward, Komurin V extended it's hand and grab hold of Allen's right leg, hoisting him in the air.

"Kurogane-san, do you think we should help him?" Syaoran asked, unsure of what to do.

Without a word, Kurogane took out his katana and sliced at the robot, freeing Allen at the same time.

"Komurin V!!!!"

Clutching the leg of the robot, Komui tried to prevent the giant robot from falling but even with his efforts, the robot still fell with a loud crash. Just then, a certain samurai with a katana named mugen came to the corridor looking irritated.

"What's going on?" he asked coldly, all the ruckus from just now had successfully managed to prevent him from doing any meditation at all.


"Supervisor! So that's where you are…now, time to get back and sign the stack of documents!" Reever pulled Komui out from the pile of metal scrap that was once Komurin V.

"I can't!! What if Allen-kun tries to take advantage of my precious Lenalee?!"


"Don't worry Lenalee, Onii-san will finish off this personally."

"Eh?!" Allen tried to run as Komui advanced towards him, glancing at Lenalee for help.

"Enough of this already, Nii-san" Lenalee sighed before activating her dark boots.

Immediately, the pair of rings around her ankles changed into boots with that of a blood red colour. Without using most of her strength, she hit the supervisor on the head just hard enough to make her point clear.

"Ouch…Lenalee, how could you do this to your brother?" Komui pouted, like a child who couldn't get what he wanted.

"Enough fooling around, now time to get back to work!" Reever said irritably, pulling Komui by the back of his coat. He knew that Komui caused all these ruckus in an attempt escape from the horrifying workload that is currently waiting at his desk.

"You're cruel, Chief section Reever…and who are you people?" Komui asked, finally noticing a certain quartet.

"This is Syaoran, Sakura, Mokona and that grumpy looking person in black is-" Fay said smoothly as if nothing happened, gesturing at each person respectively. Kurogane, being observant as usual, realised he'd better introduces himself or the magician would come up with some other nickname for him.


"and this is Mokona and I'm Fay. Eh? Kuro-rin doesn't like his nicknames anymore?" Fay finished his introductions and proceeded to playfully poke Kurogane's cheek.

"I see…how did you all managed to get into the order? "

"This will sound a little weird but we actually got here with Mokona transporting us." Syaoran answered politely.


"What is it, Hevlaska?" Komui asked speaking to the exorcist.

"The innocence are reacting, could you bring the newcomers to me? The innocence only reacted after their arrival."

"I got it," Komui answered, turning his attention back to Syaoran and the others, "We'll ask the questions later, meanwhile, follow me." Setting off at a brisk pace.

~End of Chapter 1~


1) I know that the scene with the banana peel was totally random but I kind of got this idea from watching OHSHC.

2) Nii-san/Onii-san means older brother in japanese.

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