Chapter 1: New world concerto

The weight of her body felt extremely heavy despite the fact that she was inhumanely skinny unlike the woman clad in green in her hazy dreams.

Who is she….? She questioned her own mind quietly, unable to put a name to the foggy image of the blonde haired woman she had encountered in her nightmarish slumber.

Shaking her head, she cleared her thoughts and stood up. The importance of that woman's identity couldn't match up to the importance of what happened to her and where she is at now.

Shakily, she stood up, ignoring a sharp pain at the back of her head. Running a gloved hand through her thick auburn brown hair, she wasn't too surprised when she felt a warm, thick liquid seep through the fine silk fabric. It was a miracle that she could even keep herself conscious.

Giddily, she staggered towards the clearing and was immediately immersed in a stream of people from the 21st century.

People generally avoided her, whispering and pointing at her as if she was a freak show. She couldn't blame them. She was dressed in a body hugging brown dress with weird intricate designs. Matching brown boots and brown gloves completed her outfit. Her elbow length auburn brown hair was messily strewn about and pieces of torn ribbons were stuck within the thick locks, signifying that her hair had probably came out from its original style it was held in by that unfortunate strip of blue silk.

Staggering about not from blood loss but from the fact that her three inch heels weren't made for walking around, she began to gather herself quite a few audiences from the 6pm rush hour crowd of office drones in the otherwise normal American city of New York.

"I…..where….am…I?" She managed to whisper to the people crowding around her but her language didn't tally with the ones they were speaking to her in.

What language was this…? It took her a while before she realized that the language they were speaking in was the same as the denizens of Crell Monferaigne.

Fear flooded her as another realization hit her. She was in a foreign land. In her memory, someone had once told her about how the world of men had evolved. His face was a hazy image in her mind. She was unable to place a name to his face.

A man finally approached her from the other side of the streets. He held his hands up, probably to indicate to her that he was unarmed. A total bullshit since he probably had a gun nestled somewhere within the folds of his trench coat.

The men and women in white, there were at least 4 of them, were walking slowly towards her along with this man. With every step forward that they took, she responded by taking two to three steps backwards. At the same time, she made sure that she won't be backed into a corner.

No, she wasn't that stupid. This wasn't a drama show where the damsel gets cornered by the cops.

Cops. A thought flashed into her head again. That's what this man is working as.

The black haired cop who looked no older then her, began to instruct her on something, probably telling her to stay still.

Over my dead body will you even get me to stay still. She thought to herself as she continued to back away.

The cop could tell that she's one smart cookie because normally, the average person would already be cornered against the wall by this time but this weirdly dressed young woman wasn't your average run off the mill chick.

The crowd around her consisted of curious, puzzled, stupid and smart people. There was a fine line between the stupid and smart people. It wasn't hard to define them. The smart ones would clear the area she was backing towards in a heart beat.

No, they're just someone who wanted to witness something out of the ordinary without getting involved in some kind of weird shit.

The stupid ones were the ones who attempted to grab her, thinking that they could be some kind of famous front page super hero.

Two of them grabbed her arms.

Another three lunged towards her.