Her gasps and small mewls had pleased his ears like no other's had before—as her hands had. Her body writhing was amazing each and every time he saw it—no matter how many women he had been with. The feel of her skin was soft, smooth, though there was the texture of scarring here and there, he didn't mind—it all added to the addicting feel of her. Her smell was like that of a warm summer storm a few miles off—though when she was angry he could almost smell a tornado touching down. Her taste was...

it was magnificent.

He didn't know why she was so very intoxicating—she had been such an odd girl when he'd first seen her—plain looking to him as well. Then he had noticed small things. Her teeth were clean—not yellow like humans commonly had right now. She cursed—not something uncommon among humans, but among females yes. She had amazing inner strength—as well as miko powers.

Slowly he had taken in all that was Kagome. Right down to the fact that she had stormy gray eyes, but when she was happy—truly happy, as she was now—they turned a brilliant shade of blue.

It was like her soul had leapt up into the sky and was reflecting it through her eyes.

He was happy with her—and so he accepted his feelings, and her, readily. He truly believed that, no matter what, they could never be torn apart.

….that is...until the Shikon had taken her away.

Five hundred years he's waited, even taking human form because he had died.

Five Hundred Years.

He was tired as he stood there—waiting by the well she had been inevitably pulled down—at the shrine he had help to build. He had secured her place, her home, her very existence. He continued to protect her family from the shadows—with the exception of a couple slip ups while he was away on missions, no thanks to that demi-god man-child.

He watched as she appeared from the well, looking just as she had when he last saw her.


And, in the end, he smiled, just for her, though inside he was weeping with the loneliness and happiness. He had waited so long.

So very long.

And now here she was, before him. His loneliness would come to an end...finally.

"Welcome home, koi."

She blinked. "Who...Who are you?"

It had been expected, no matter how much it stung, so he simply brought out a rose—her favorite among his weaponry. "Is there anyone else that would escape death to come greet you today?" He asked. He watched as her eyes teared up and she flung herself at him—the Shikon no Tama pulsing between them as she held him tight.

He held her tighter.

She...would never know how hard it was. She could never know. He wouldn't allow her such pain. His hand ran up her back and into her hair as he hid his face—he couldn't let her see his tears.

It had been...So long.

thank you Diane for telling my about the Gender Goof! much loves to you X3