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Summary: Even before Sasuke left, Shikamaru had never had anything in common with the Uchiha. He's back, and that's the same. Or not. Angst. One-sided couples: ShikaNeji, SasuNaruSasu. NaruNeji.

Similar hearts.

Nara Shikamaru has never had anything in common with Uchiha Sasuke. Even before he left, the two were almost complete opposites. Sure, they were both geniuses, but apart from that and their age, they had no similarities.

There was the most obvious point: Sasuke was an orphan and Shikamaru still had his whole clan. And, on clans, their upbringing. Uchiha's were known for their rather strict teachings from young ages while the Nara's well, Shikamaru was a perfect example. Sasuke was probably wearing a Kimono and pouring tea before Shikamaru could walk.

Sasuke was a training addict, from sunrise to sunset. Most people would class it as lucky if Shikamaru was up before noon.

Sasuke had a goal, as the last Uchiha, to find and kill the man who had wronged him; even if it took his whole life and he killed himself to do it, he was determined to complete the mission that had been placed on his shoulders. In all honesty, Shikamaru's only goal in life was to not die too soon.

Even on opinions, they were different. Sasuke thought that Umino Iruka was the perfect sensei; dedicated, strict and a strong mind and hand. While Shikamaru liked Iruka-sensei, he just thought the man was troublesome, loud and with habit of female-like mood swings.

Sasuke had declared how pointless it was to waste time; sleeping in, watching TV, playing games and lazing about were sins to him. To Shikamaru, they were heaven and a perfectly good way to spend your day.

They both thought Uzumaki Naruto was a complete idiot; but Shikamaru thought him rather endearing and a good friend. Sasuke thought him as the perfect punching bag and the perfect partner.

They both thought Hyuuga Neji was stuck up and clinging to his past; but Sasuke thought him as a kindred spirit, of sorts, someone who knew a similar pain. Shikamaru thought Neji needed to loosen up, as well as thinking the world of the boy.

Sasuke left and Shikamaru took this as even more evidence as how he and the Uchiha were different.

He returned and nothing had changed there.

Shikamaru didn't hate the boy for leaving, but he wasn't overjoyed that he had come back either. Rather, he was indifferent to what had happened to the Uchiha.

That didn't mean that he couldn't see the changes of course. He could see the regret in his eyes, the self-hate when Sasuke looked in a mirror, the pain in his voice. He could see the calmer aura around him from fulfilling his destiny, the genuine happiness at being home, the love that filled his face when Naruto entered the room.

He saw the shock and pain that made Sasuke widen his eyes and drop open his mouth when Naruto bounded over to greet Neji with a kiss on the cheek. It was a mirror image to his own face and heart when Neji smiled softly and shyly took the other nin's hand.

While their friends cooed and laughed, Shikamaru met Sasuke's eyes for what might have been the first time ever. And something passed between them then, the same aching and longing for one they couldn't have, the heartbreaking fact that they would both step aside anyway, the knowledge that the other was feeling the same.

And the same depressing swell of something inside when you see that you have something in common with someone else.

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