Disclaimer: I do not own the characters involved in this story. The story is mine. All characters belong to Marvel Comics. Though I can pretty much say one thing: Joe Quesada is a colossal dick.

Planet Hulk: Reign of the Green King


When Doctor Robert Bruce Banner was caught in the nuclear explosion of his own gamma ray bomb, he never foresaw what life would be like for him.

For the first time, he became the creature called the incredible Hulk.

Since then, his life had been one on the constant run. From the authorities, from himself, and from the Hulk.

His transformations and rage had brought him into confrontations with heroes and villains, and caused a lot of damage in doing so to property. He endangered and injured many lives.

For years, he was a constant threat to the world.

Finally, a group of heroes he thought he considered friends decided that the best way to ensure the world's safety and ending his threat was to send him into outer space.

He reached a planet called Sakaar.

There, he became a slave, then a rebel, then a hero, and finally a king.

There, he found friends. Friends such as Miek the Unhived, an insectoid with a secret hatred for life and a never-ending hunger for vengeance.

Korg, a rock-skinned Kronan who first visited Earth with his brothers and came into conflict with the living God of Thunder…Thor.

No-Name, a Brood, freed from the hive-mind of her race, and her bestial instincts.

Elloe Kaifi, former high-born, now ally to these who resisted a tyrannical king.

And Caiera.

Caiera the Oldstrong who was the Red King's lieutenant, the Hulk's enemy…and now the Green King's queen and wife.

They battled for freedom on Sakaar.

They defeated the Red King, and made peace.

Only to have it all end so horribly.

The ship that sent the Hulk to Sakaar exploded, taking a million people with it.

A ship that was sabotaged…by Red King loyalists…while Miek watched, driven by his hatred.

The Hulk mistakenly blamed the humans for these deaths. He returned home and sought revenge on them.

But what if the ship didn't explode?

What if the reign of the Green King didn't come to an end?

This is the story of the Green Scar.

The Eye of Anger.

The World Breaker.





And how he ruled his home.