PART ONE: MY FIRST LIFE CHAPTER ONE: THE RACE Everything I ever did was for adventure. I guess that▓s what started this whole life of mine.
Everything started about four months ago. I was to do an adventurous, yet dangerous, race with three other girls through a pasture at the edge of town. My friend Kip was helping me get my bike ready. I would be the only biker girl in the race, which should have told me to back off before it started.
But I was persistent. The only problem I had with the whole thing was with Sandy, a preppy girl from somewhere out west. I should say there, which was South Carolina. I▓ll get to ⌠here■ a little later. Anyway, Sandy started some stuff at school. It was October, but enough to get some tempers up and running. She was a hot head and she wanted a fight. She was taking a go-kart to the race, but everyone else was taking a four-wheeler. The terrain was rough, and if you make a wrong turn, you might end up in a ravine. That also should have made me turn back, but I decided to go through with the race, which would prove to be life changing.

It was race day. Sandy had started the day with a letter telling me to crash and die. Little did she know, I would.
Everything was going perfect. The racers were set up, and we all posed for pictures. Sandy stood beside me, and I stood by the lovely Kip. Everyone loved him, even me, in a way. We were good friends, and I would never ruin it. Everyone was jealous of Kip▓s three sisters and me. I get a good laugh from it now, now that I know the truth.
Soon, it was time to start the race. The four of us drew spots, and lucky Sandy got to the left of me. I was on the right side, the hardest side because of the ravine. I ignored the thought as they started their engines. Sandy▓s go-kart was easily deafened by my ears due to the four wheelers.
I looked up to see the judge raise his gun and fire, the signal for us to go. I was soon ahead with Sandy directly behind me. I pedaled hard, she revved, and the terrain took Sandy and me both by surprise. She flipped, taking me with her. We kept rolling for what seemed like forever, and then I saw it coming. I tensed up, and then the rest is black.