Gaviota glanced over at her best friend Dusty and sighed. They werebackstage of a Live WWE Event in Miami after blackmailing one of theirother best friends, Athena to get them tickets. Athena was a new divain the WWE and John Cena's girlfriend. They'd all three been friendssince elementary school, of course she'd give them whatever they askedfor. She would have given them because they'd all watched WWE sincethey were six years old. She would have given them because Gaviotawas under a WWE developmental contract in FVW. She would have giventhem just to have two other women around that actually weren't stupidbimbos.

But none of these were the reasons the two were there. Why were theyhanging around with some of the hottest men in the world?

Because of Dusty's new obsession with Darren Matthews, better known asWilliam Regal. Ever since she'd accidentally happened upon the worldfamous 'peenie picture' Dusty had made up her mind to find out what itlooked like up close and very personal.

Gaviota couldn't help but shake her head as they continued the walkdown the seemingly empty hallways. Gaviota in search of a door thatsaid DIVA'S or John Cena to find at least another normal looking for anything that remotely might be Regal.

"What's wrong Gavi?" Dusty asked, looking at her friend. "You looklike you are ready to crawl under a rock."

"I am. We are here so you can see if his thing is really as big as itlooked like in a picture!!!" Gavi whispered loudly. "I don't knowwhy I'm here. The only hot guys here on Mondays are John who is withAthena, Randy who is married and Hunter who is....married!!!! Whycan't it be Regal on Friday's where Batista is. I mean he sounds likea slut I should have NO problem getting any."

"You need to get laid really bad." Dusty laughed. "Almost as bad asme. You haven't been with anyone since you split from AJ, how longago was that?"

"Almost a year. Thank you for reminding me." Gavi said.

The AJ they were talking about was none other than AJ Styles, fromTNA. He had promised that Gaviota would make it, that she couldwrestle almost as good as most of the cruiserweights and then she'dheard him telling the guys that all divas were just too look at. Theywere all worthless in the ring. When she confronted him in front ofthe guys he stuck by those words.

Gavi had quickly broke up with him AND broke his nose.

"I hope we find John soon." Gavi said. "For once I'm looking forwardto having to watch them make out."

"Now this give's me a very good, yet very bad idea."