Gaviota turned and groaned as she saw John and Athena, already all
over each other behind the two.

"I never knew you liked to watch." John laughed. "So do I. Wanna join us?"

"I think I just comitted a little in my mouth." Gaviota said, shivering.

The man was hot, but he was taken, by her best friend. She shook the
image of John naked in front of her out of her head and turned to

"Dusty?" Gavi asked. "Are you in there?"

Gavi followed Dusty's gaze down the hall and saw a thankfully
completely dressed Regal standing at the end of the hall. She shook
her head and grabbed Dusty's arm.

"He's working. Leave him alone." Gavi said, pulling on Dusty's arm
to no avail. "Dusty?"

"No. I'm not leaving." Dusty replied, crossing her arms and planting her feet.

"John a little help please." Gavi said, noticing Athena had already
walked toward the curtains for her match. "John!!!!"

"Sorry." John said, grabbing the other arm and pulling.

The pair finally drug her to John's locker room where Dusty now sat,
staring at the monitor. Regal had just walked out to interupt Athena
and Melina's match.

"What's her problem?" John asked. "She seems to be broken."

"If anyone should be broken it SHOULD be me!!!" Gavi said. "She made
me look at that awful picture. I think my eyes are still burning!!!"

"What picture?" John laughed.

"I had to see his peenie. The FIRST peenie I ever see and it has to
be his." Gavi said, now pouting.

"Who's peenie?" John asked. "And wait a minute. You and AJ know..."

"No me and AJ know..." Gavi said. "And his that what they really look like? I swear it looked
tiny but Dusty swears it was just the light. The girl actually
lightened IT in her graphics program so she could tell how much was IT
and how much wasn't!!!"

"Wait. Wait. Who's peenie!?!?!" John yelled!!!!

"Who's peenie what?" Randy Orton asked, as he entered the locker room.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out." John said, letting his head
hit the wall with a thud. "And did you now that our innocent Gavi
hasn't seen a peenie before this one?"

"Gavi!!! I never would have taken you for a virgin!!!" Randy said loudly.

"You don't have to tell the whole world asshole." Gavi said, standing
to smack Randy on the back of the head.

"What's wrong with Dusty?" Randy asked, watching Dusty stare into space.

"She's thinking about HIM!!! And know." Gavi said.

"Who!!!!" Randy and John both yelled.

"HiM!!!!!" Gavi said, pointing to the monitor where Regal was now
kicking fans out of the arena.

"Eeeeewwwwww. Him?" John said.

"You saw" Randy asked. "I'll kick his ass.
He can't just go around showing people his...."

"No. I guess a couple of years ago he had a wardrobe malfunction and
Dusty just found the picture." Gavi laughed. "Would one of you
PLEASE introduce her to the man so she will get her brain back?"

"I'll take her." Randy laughed. "If it's Dusty after his peenie
instead of you....all's good. She's a big girl, she can take care of

"Like I can't???" Gavi asked.

"It's time for me to go." Randy said, grabbing Dusty's arm. "Come on Dusty."

"Where are we going?" Dusty asked, turning her head to watch him
leaving on the monitor. "I can't leave yet. He's still on the
screen. What if he comes back?"

"I'll introduce you to Darren AND his peenie." Randy laughed,
dragging her through the hallway.

"I'm going to find Athena." John said. "I can't miss this. You
think she'll pass out?"

"I wouldn't doubt it." Gavi said as John left the room.

Gavi watched the diva tag team with Mickie and Maria versus Beth and
Melina. She couldn't help but yell at the screen.

"Fucking ditsy ass women!!" Gavi said. "Why can't you fight for real
for once, afraid to break a fucking nail! I hate women!!!! I hate
men!!!! I think I hate women more!!!!"

"Tell me about it." The man standing in the doorway said.