Creepy Kind of Eerie.

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight

A/N: I had this original posted, I didn't like it so I took it down and revamped a little bit adding some people to it. I don't know how well i like it. this is taking place during Express yourself. Sabin and Ashton are together. I don't own Bailey and Danielle they belong to their respective owners.

Ashton Cage stood with her boyfriend and her friends watching the male members of Team Canada load up the van. "How did you get out of this?" Eric whined as he loaded the bags into the back. "Yeah Ajay how did we get out of it?" "I kind of sort told Scott that I would call my big brothers on him if he made us load of the vans today." Ashton answered looking down at her shoes. "They are overseas though." Bailey Adair stated. "I know that but your uncle doesn't." Ashton answered as Chris Sabin wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into him. "Chris you are going to get us busted!" Ashton stated as she wrapped her arms around him too burying her face into his chest. "I really don't want to go on this stupid road trip." Bailey whined. "You have been hanging out with Ajay too long." Alex Shelley stated causing Ashton to pull back from the safety of her boyfriend's arms and slug him. "Ow! Damn Shortie!" that got him another slap. "You want to try that again Shelley?" Ashton asked cocking an eyebrow at her friend. "Not really." Alex answered before pouting to his girlfriend Danni Morales who just laughed and pinched his cheek.

"Bailey Rae! Ashton Jordan!" Scott D'amore called from where he was standing by the driver's side of the car. "That's our cue." Bailey stated. Chris pressed his lips against Ashton's for a brief second before pulling back and watching both girls run off towards the van. Ashton playfully pushed the back of Johnny Devine's head before she settled herself between Eric and Petey letting Bailey sitting next to Bobby. "What were you talking to Sabin about?" Bobby asked down at his ex girlfriend. "Nothing we were just talking, I was making sure that our girl Bailey here didn't get into too much trouble." Ashton answered, she felt bad for lying to them about her and Sabin's relationship but she knew it was for the best.

Petey started glaring at Bailey who was sitting in front of him, he wasn't happy that she was with them. Eric nudged the blonde sitting next to him and motioned to Petey. Ashton grinned before she smacked upside the head. "Damn Ajay! What was that for?" Petey asked. Ashton rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to her book that was opened on her lap.

The sun had set and the fog came up, Ashton visible paled as she pulled her hoodie in closer to her body. Never in a million years would she admit that movie they watched the night before scared the hell out of her. She couldn't leave the room and going down to Chris's room, without Petey getting suspicious about her leaving. She laid awake the night before listening to him snore. It was actually kind of cute. "Are you okay Ajay?" Bailey asked looking back at her friend. "I am fine." "Liar you look like you are going to be sick." "I am fine. Stop worrying." Ashton answered. Bailey cocked an eyebrow at her. "One word Bailey Rae, your dirty little secret goes all over the van too." Ashton said pointing her finger at Bailey. "I wasn't going to say anything Ashton Jordan." Bailey stated holding her hands up innocently. Ashton couldn't up with smart to say back so she stuck her tongue out at her friend. "Real mature Ajay." Bobby laughed causing Ashton to laugh and shrug her shoulders like whatever. The light heart teasing stopped after awhile. Ashton jumped about a foot in the air when her phone vibrated against her leg. "What's wrong Ajay?" Petey asked. "Nothing that goon Alex texted me and scared me." Ashton answered.

Scott looked in the rearview mirror something seemed off with both girls. Ashton was quiet and keeping to herself, which was odd because she would usually be jumping at the chance to make Johnny's life a living hell. Bailey was now the outspoken one yelling at the guys for picking on Ashton. Even Eric who was afraid of his own shadow noticed it too. Bobby turned and looked at his ex girlfriend. "Oh my god, Ashton you are scared because of that stupid movie aren't you?" Bobby asked. Ashton nodded her head. Johnny laughed and got slapped upside the head by Bobby. "Thanks Bobby." Ashton smiled. Bobby just nodded his head at her.

Coach D'amore yawned as he pulled into the parking of creepy looking hotel. "OH HELL NO! I am going into there." Ashton stated crossing her arms across her chest. Bailey nodded her head in agreement. "Tough girls. We are stopping for the night." "Don't worry girls you have us to protect you." Johnny Devine stated puffing his chest out. "We are fucked!" Ashton stated. "How so Ajay?" Petey asked. "Well see, the guy that just offer to protect us, is a skinny mini. No offense." "None taken." Johnny stated. Coach D'amore walked out of the hotel lobby, with keys in his hands. "Bailey and Devine you are in the room with me. Bobby you are by yourself, Ashton, Petey and Eric are in the last room together.

Petey being the team captain and the bravest of the three youngsters walked into the room first. Ashton had forced Eric in front of her, her hand clasped in his. "This is creepy." Eric stated. Petey nodded his agreement as Ashton made it the rest of the way into the hotel room. "Way creepy! Can we just sleep in the car?" Ashton asked. "No." Petey answered. Ashton nodded her head before going into the bathroom turning on the facet hoping that splashing her face would help clam her nerves. "Oh my god! The water is fucking brown!" Ashton shouted. Eric and Petey rushed into the bathroom. "That's nasty." Eric stated. "I agree." "I swear to god, if this some sick prank that Christian and Edge put Coach up to, I am going to Toronto and killing them both." Ashton said walking out of the bathroom pulling her hair into a ponytail, she shouldn't have pissed her brothers off eariler, if this was their idea of a prank. At least the beds looked clean.

Ashton and Petey decided to share the same bed leaving Eric in his own bed. On all nights Petey decided to start snoring like a damn train causing Ashton to wake up, that and Eric started sleep talking. She pushed herself up and looked in shock at the two. "Enough is enough." Ashton thought getting out of the bed and opening the door with her cell phone in one hand. She walked down the hallway to Bobby's room and knocked on the door. Bobby Roode stumbled to the door half asleep he pulled it open, he smiled sleepily at Ashton. "Come on in angel." he motioned to her.

The next morning Petey and Eric woke up and both at the same time wondered out loud. "Where is Ajay?"