Creepy Kind of Eerie.

A/N: this is like a epliogue for it. i had fun writing it.

3 years later

"This seems oddly familiar." Alex Shelley stated, from where he sat next to Eric Young, he had been navigating, which was a bad mistake. But the other passengers had no choice in the matter. Chris and Ashton would have fought over it, Bailey and Alex wouldn't have speak to each other expect to fight over the music.

Ashton Cage, Bailey Adair and Chris Sabin all looked around the road. "It does seem oddly familiar.' Ashton agreed looking out of the window. "Eric, stop the car." Ashton stated. Eric stopped the car, Ashton grabbed the flash light from where they had stored it and got out of the car. "Baby what are you doing?" Chris asked following her. "Chris, don't remember that road trip from hell?" she asked her boyfriend. 'Yeah, I do.' Chris answered. "I swear to god this is area that we were in the last time." Ashton said, as Alex, Eric and Bailey joined them.

"Ajay what are you looking for?" Eric asked. 'Petey told me a while ago, that he and Bobby while we were waiting for the tow truck, craved something in a tree." Ashton answered shining the flashlight on the tree trucks.

Ten minutes later, Ashton found the tree, "I FOUND IT!" Eric the only other former team Canada member walked over and smiled. Chris, Alex and Bailey looked at the tree truck too. "Who craved it?" Chris asked as he hoisted Ashton over the railing. "Bobby, I would know that chicken starch anywhere." Ashton answered. Chris put his arm over her shoulder as they walked back to the car, "You know this trip is a lot better." "Really why is that?" "One we don't have your over protective ex boyfriend in the car with us. And two we don't have to hide our relationship.' Chris said. Ashton grinned and nodded her head as she stood on her tip toes and kissed him.

a lot of have changed in the three years since the road trip. Like Bailey and Petey were together. And which Ashton said she totally called it, hands down. She and Chris took a break in their relationship. She and Bobby weren't talking again, Alex and Bailey had three year old daughter that never failed to light up the room. Traci and Frankie were getting married, Johnny was working with their former coach.

"Baby, come on we have to go, we can't have a show without our knockout champ." Chris called her back to the real world. Ashton grinned and got into the car. There was one thing for sure in her mind. She wouldn't change that road trip for anything, well expect for she would have made it known that she and Chris were together.