1 Okay another start to another story, since there have no replies to the very short beginning of "The Only One," I'll probably write one more chapter to give you guys more of feel for where I'm going, then if I don't get any replies I'll just stop with it. Same as this story. Rory will be coming up in the next chapter, so be patient and enjoy.

2 The Change


I've been waiting for this day for seven months now. I got off the plane this morning and the only thing I could think of was getting to her.

I can still remember my last words to her "I gotta go. So, I might kiss you goodbye but.uh..your boyfriend's watching. Take care of yourself, Mary." There had been something in her voice that night, her words, how she looked at me.

I don't know maybe it was wishful thinking, maybe I imagined it all, but there had been something there that didn't want me to leave. It's funny because as I got into my dad's car that night as much as I wanted to stay, I wanted to leave. I knew I had to change, I had to become worthy of her; I had to find myself before I could get lost in her.

I had been ready to drive straight to Stars Hollow the moment the plane touched down. But as I walked out I saw my father standing there, he said my mother was at home waiting to see me. I had no choice but to go and to put off my seeing her for just a bit longer.


The House~

I walk up to the brick house I had spent my entire life in and I realize I didn't miss it in the slightest, as I open the door I hear her call me "Tristan, darling, I'm in the study." I walk down the familiar hallway and turn into the room, she walks towards me, in her perfect stylish outfit, she turned 43 last month, yet she looks exactly like she did when I was ten.

She takes me in her arms and tells me how much she had missed me. I don't know why she said that; maybe she thought those were the words a mother was supposed to say. I say I missed her too and then I sit down on the couch. She stands over me and it's like I'm a child again. Her blonde hair falls right past her shoulders in a soft wave and I realize something, my eyes are staring back at me, I had never noticed that before, I have her eyes.

I remember her from when I was younger, I remember how I used to run to her and I don't know where that went to, I don't know what happened to her. Why she had changed so drastically from a mother who sang me to sleep each night, to a woman I barely ever saw? Her face transfixes me and I cannot turn away and when her smile leaves, the memory of her as she was is lost.

"Your friend Kevin called, they're having a birthday party for your friend Lisa at his house. A pool party, it started at 2." She says as she walked away

"And this interests me why?" I ask leaning back into the sofa.

"It's your first day back you should go, have fun. Spend time with your friends. They've been calling here nonstop since the beginning of the month looking for you." She says turning back

"Why are you acting like a mother?" I know this is going to hurt her and that's the main reason behind me saying it.

I see the look of pain flash through her eyes and it hurts me more than I ever imagined and I wonder why I did it. Suddenly I see her as Rory and I'm reminded of all the pointless pain I caused her. "I'm sorry. I'm gonna go upstairs and find my trunks."

Her smile returns "I bought you a new pair this morning, along with some summer clothes."

Once again she shocks me, I shake it off she must have been feeling guilty for only calling me once and sending a whopping total of three letters in the seven months I've been gone. "Thanks" and with that I left.