Maximum Ride: Time, Magic and Wings

Episode 01: Collision in the Air

The Doctor rammed his fingers down on the TARDIS console, alone. It had now been a long time since he had any companion. Not since Donna, Rose and Martha.

Suddenly something caught his attention on the screen. He knew he was hovering slightly above Earth. "What was that?" he wondered aloud, running over to the screen. It was six humans, flying past the TARDIS.

"Humans?" he gasped. "Flying? What?"


Max gasped, as the spinning Blue Box rocketed through the flock, causing Total to yelp in surprise.

"What the hell is that?" asked Fang.

"What the hell was what?" Iggy demanded, turning to look at Fang.

"It's a Blue Box," Max explained.


"It's a flying Blue Box," Nudge added.

"A flying what?" Iggy looked shocked.

"You up for a chase?" asked Max, shifting herself towards the direction of the mysterious Blue Box. "Let's find out how that box can fly."

"Yeah!" agreed the Gasman, and then letting rip on one of his unfortunate occasions.

"Urgh… Jeez, Gazzy," Max groaned, and they quickly took off, Angel in the lead.


The Doctor looked back in the screen, perplexed by the flying humans. "Wings? How can they have wings? Wings aren't designed to be put on humans until they, well, never!" he shouted, and then leaping away from the screen, towards the door.

He quickly opened it, and saw the flying children for the first time. He noticed three girls, and three boys. There was also a small dog.


"There's a man in there!" Fang wheeled back in shock, as a man in a brown coat opened a door. He couldn't see inside.

"It must be a bit cramped," Nudge stated. "I mean… isn't that box meant to be a bit small? And how are the humans meant to get inside boxes anyway?"

"Nudge, my ears are bleeding," Iggy groaned sarcastically.

"Angel, see if you can get into his mind," Max looked over at her, carrying Total.

"On it," she replied.

A moment later, she looked back at Max, and frowned. "I can't get anything from him. All I can get is the words, Time Lord, and The Doctor, whatever they mean."

"He's a Doctor…" Max realised. "He must be one of them!"

"Don't tell me the whitecoats have somehow made blue boxes fly?" The Gasman groaned, before flying straight into the box, knocking the man over.

"GAZZY!" screamed Max, and they hurtled towards the blue Box.


The Doctor fell backwards, thumping his head on the TARDIS floor, as a child crashed into him.

"Who are you?" The Doctor asked, getting up, and the boy got up quickly, and gasped.

"No, who are you?" asked the boy.

"I'm The Doctor," The Doctor introduced himself.

"I'm the Gasman," the boy replied.

"That's an odd name," The Doctor walked around The TARDIS, scratching his head in confusion. "And what puzzles me even more, is how can you fly? Human beings aren't meant to be able to fly! It's literally, well, Impossible!"

"Well, your box is impossible," The Gasman rebutted. "It's bigger on the inside…"

"Than it is on the outside," The Doctor finished, as five more bird children landed behind The Gasman.


Total was the first to speak. "I am one stunned little dog."

Max and Fang rolled their eyes, and gasped when they saw the immense size of the box.

"And, what? How can he talk? Dogs can't talk!" the stranger scratched his head in confusion.

"Who are you?" asked Max, shocked.

"I'm The Doctor," he introduced himself. "Now, tell me this. How can you fly?"

"Well you should know," Angel replied. "You created us."

"Did I?" The Doctor scratched his head. "That's funny. I don't think I did, you know what?"

"What?" asked Fang.

"You shouldn't have landed in here. It's too late to get back out now."

"What do you mean?" asked Nudge, running to the door.

"What's happening?" Iggy asked, looking bemused. "Tell me Max."

"Holy… What's that?" Max took a step back, after opening the door.


"That, is the Moon," replied The Doctor, smiling at the newcomer's confusion. "Now, can you tell me what your names are, seeing as I told you mine. You know, basic human meet and greeting."

"You didn't tell us your name," complained the tallest one. As his eyes weren't moving around, The Doctor guessed he was blind.

"Oh, I told you my name," The Doctor replied. "It's The Doctor. My name is The Doctor. Happy now?"

"We're probably not going to get any more answers out of him," said the tallest girl. "My name's Max. Maximum Ride."

"Iggy," the blind boy told The Doctor.

"I already told you mine," The Gasman replied.

"Fang," the last boy introduced himself.

"I'm Nudge," the black skinned girl added.

"I'm Angel," the smallest one replied.

"And I'm Total," the dog barked.

"Now then," The Doctor brought his hands together. "Allons-y!"


Lord Voldermort sat perched on top of his throne, as three Muggle Scientists entered the room.

"My lord," Ter Borcht bowed deeply. Anne Walker and another man copied him.

Voldermort looked pleased by the royalty shown by these Muggles. "You may Rise," he replied.

"The preparation is almost ready. Soon all of humanity will fall under our grasp," Anne Walker informed.

"And what of The Doctor?" a mechanic voice asked, and it rolled into the room, followed by Severus Snape. "He is alive?"

"That is correct, Yar," Ter Borcht greeted the Alien, starring at it's blue eyes, it's gold metal casing.

"Then the destruction of Human Kind shall begin," The Dalek barked.