Maximum Ride: Time Magic & Wings

Episode 22: Mind Wiped

Max managed to stand up; her arms tilted wide, her head back. Yellow and Orange sparks shot out from her arms and head. Iggy and Angel gasped.

"She's regenerating," whispered Angel. "Changing into a completely new form…"

"Max! You can't!" Iggy yelled anxiously. The yellow and Orange sparks erupted, becoming ever more powerful.

Eventually, they vanished. However, Max didn't change shape at all. She was standing there, exactly the same.

"Didn't feel like changing," replied Max, looking at The Doctor. "What do we do next, Dad?"

"How could you not change?" asked The Doctor. "When I regenerated, I put my energy into my hand."

"Oh... I don't exactly know," replied Max.

"Doctor! Look outside!" Martha suddenly shouted. The Doctor looked onto the screen, and saw Captain Jack being repeatedly killed by Lord Voldermort and The Master, each having a competition to see who could kill him the most times. Suddenly, the door of The TARDIS flew open.

"The Doctor…" The Master turned around to see The Doctor and Max standing at the door. "Glad to see you've had a family reunion."

"You knew?" asked The Doctor.

"Yes," replied The Master. "I was the one who teleported Maximum away. I formed an alliance with Itex in the future from after Galifrey was destroyed, and they put wings in your daughter. She then was teleported to the future."

"So, you're saying Dr. Martinez isn't my mum?" asked Max.

"No," replied The Doctor. "Max, did you see an old fob watch when you went to her house?"

"Yes. A grey one?"

"Yes. She can't be," replied The Doctor. "She's a Time Lord pretending to be human. And it's better that way for her. Ella would be lonely. Max, you here me. You must never tell Dr Martinez about that Fob Watch!"

"Yes, dad," replied Max. "Now let's trash these guys butts."

"Yeah!" Iggy leapt out of The TARDIS. "Competition. Whoever kills the most bad guys wins."

"Deal," Max replied, and Iggy suddenly sent a well-placed kick into the nearest Flyboy, sending it's head spinning off it's body.

"One," he counted, knocking the leg off another. "Two…"

Angel was using mind control on The Erasers nearest to her, causing them to fight each other to the death. "Three… Four… Five! I'm winning!"

Suddenly, a massive Troll lumbered into the room. Max flew up, for this room was wider and taller than the Hallways, and delivered a kick which sent the troll crashing to the floor, avoiding several flyboys.

"That still only counts as one," replied Iggy, who had just killed another Flyboy. Martha and Sarah Jane were helping out The Doctor, disabling the Flyboys, pulling all the wires out of their circuits.

"Whatever," Max shrugged off, and gasped as Fang walked into the room, and tapped her on the back.

"My master wants us to fight."

"You don't have to, Fang!" replied Max, turning around.

"But… he's my Master. I must obey my Master," replied Fang, punching Max in the stomach, lashing out the first blow of the fight.

"Maybe this'll knock some sense into you," replied Max, punching Fang in the forehead. He looked dazed for a second, before spreading his wings.

"We fight in the air. More room."

"If you want," Max spread her wings open, knocking back a Flyboy. "That's my fifth one."

Fang lashed out, striking Max on the shoulder. Max dodged Fang's next strike, and punched him in the stomach. Fang kicked Max, who yelped in pain.

"The Master's evil, FANG!" shouted Max, dodging a blow that was aimed for her head. "He's insane!"

"He's not. He's my Master," Fang droned, lashing out again, meeting Max's fist. "And you shall die."

"Fang… Please! Don't!" Max looked down at the floor below her, to see Angel talking to Nudge, The Gasman, Harry and the others. Presumably, she was un-possessing them.

Fang suddenly moved closer to Max, and held her close, up against the wall. "I'm going to kill you. You chose not follow my Master."

"He's not your Master!" Max replied. "Don't you see? Fang you idiot! You're being possessed!"

"I…" Fang aimed his punch into Max's head, but stopped, moments before it impacted. "You're Max. I remember you now."

"Yes! Fang! You're back!" Max looked at him. "Now can you let go of me please?"

"Oh, yeah," Fang released his grip.

"Welcome back, partner," replied Max, and they hugged in mid-air. "Now, where were we?"

"About to take out The Master?" asked Fang, already diving down, next to Max. Together, they both lifted the insane man off the ground, and smashed through the glass window. The Doctor instantly saw what they were going to do, and dashed into the TARDIS. Moments later, it materialised around them. Now, the four were in The TARDIS.

"What happened?" asked Fang.

"The TARDIS just re-materialised around you," replied The Doctor. Fang and Max remained hold of The Master. "I'm sorry, but I can't let you kill him. You may be my daughter, Max, but you're not a killer."

Fang gasped. "You're… his daughter?"

"Long story," replied Max. "I'll explain later."

"This year can't go on like this," The Doctor continued. Max noticed he was holding a button. "This button can reverse time by a year. These events have already gone on for a year. Everything goes back to what was going to happen at the beginning of the year. Even you. Which means, you will loose all memories of our encounters. Our adventures."

"What about The Master?" asked Fang.

"He's going to become human. I've got his Fob Watch, and I'm going to keep hold of it. He's going to become human forever."

"So you're going to turn me back into a human?" asked The Master. "Fat Chance."

"But will become of us, Harry and the others?" asked Max. "I don't want you to go, Dad."

"I've got good news and bad news for both of you," The Doctor replied. "Bad news is, you're going to loose all your memories of avian life. You're not going to know about your wings."

"No! Dad! You can't!" Max shouted angrily.

"But, only when the world draws to an end again, you'll remember," replied The Doctor. "I really don't want to do this, but I've got no choice. You're going to remember everything about me and avian life. I'm so sorry. But I have to do this," Tears began to drop down Max's and The Doctor's eyes, as he rammed his finger down on the button. Max took one last look at The Doctor, before everything went blank.


(Max's POV)

Arizona, America. 9am.

I got out of bed, running down the stairs for the start of a new day. Ella would be up, as well as my mum. They were early birds. Me – not so much. "Mum? Is breakfast ready?"

"It's on the table, Max," Dr Martinez called back. "Oh, and Max? We've got a visitor, just leaving."

The stranger stood at the doorway, in a brown coat. "I'm John Smith. I was just leaving," said the man.

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm Max."

"By, Max," John Smith waved at me, and left the house. I had a feeling that I knew him, but I didn't. Soon, Ella and me would set off for a brand new day at school.


The Doctor closed the door on Max's house, and hurried over to The TARDIS. He rested his feet up on the console, as it vanished from view outside. He looked sadly at Max's wand, the only reminder of her in The TARDIS, perched on the console next to him.


There it is, Folks. The Epic Finale to an Epic story that you'll want to read over and over again. If I didn't explain the end part clearly enough, here's a basic summary: The Doctor wipes Everybody's minds of encounters with him and the year that never was. The Master is returned to a human form, and left on the streets forever. The Flock have had their minds wiped of all traces of avian life, and are now living in separate Orphanages and houses across the United States. Max is living with Dr Martinez and Ella, and knowing that her "dad" is Jeb, who is constantly away at work (The School), she sets off on a brand new adventure.

Because this story is so popular, I figured it only right to do a Sequel. The sequel will be told from Max's POV, and will be in the Doctor Who/Maximum Ride crossover section. The Sequel is called "The Time Lords." It will leave out Harry Potter, feature the Flock finding each other and getting their memories back of The Doctor, and Avian Life. The Doctor? Well, he continues his existence, no long the last of The Time Lords. This story has several different explanations of what the events were in both Doctor Who and Maximum Ride, although not so much in Harry Potter. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Harry and the gang have their memories wiped of only the encounters with the flock and The Doctor, and his third year and the rest of them, will perform as normal. I hope you enjoyed Maximum Ride: Time Magic & Wings, and will be around for the sequel: Maximum Ride: The Time Lords.