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BE (Before End)

Eragon: Adventures into the Spine




DE (During End)

Inheritance Book 4: End

AE (After End, stories I'm planning on writing)

Leadership – Transformation (The – means they take place simultaneously)


Challenges of the Throne


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Inheritance Cycle Book 4


Chapter 1: A New Life

Eragon lay on his bed, looking at the stretched canvas ceiling of his tent. Saphira rested outside in the cold of the night. They had not talked much to anyone since leaving away from Feinster to camp outside of the city. Eragon brooded over the consequences of recent events. Oromis and Glaedr lay dead, with Glaedr's mind locked within his Eldunari. They had not been able to talk to him yet, grief made it impossible to get into his mind TO talk to him.

Eragon and Saphira were preparing for a full force attempt to break in with their minds. Galbatorix was still out there, even if Oromis was not. Without Glaedr, Eragon was not sure that they would be able to defeat him, or even give him a fight. Without Glaedr, Eragon was sure that all was lost.

Still, even though the hope was dim, Eragon believed that Glaedr would eventually open up and help them for the world's sake. Even as he was, ridden with grief over the loss of his partner and link to life for hundreds of years, Glaedr was selfless and would eventually come out. At least… that was Eragon's hope.

Eragon had not known the great gold dragon for long, and wasn't sure whether or not the loss of Oromis had driven him over the edge. According to what Eragon had heard from Saphira herself about Dragon's, not to mention Oromis's many stories, it was a miracle that Glaedr still held a link to the living world… in spirit or body. Many dragons' die at the loss of their riders, and vice versa, but Glaedr had been lucky.

If his mind and values had survived fully intact… it would be extremely impressive.

Eragon, stop thinking so openly. Your thoughts pour into my dreams. Saphira suddenly said. Eragon heard a draconic yawn from outside.

Oh, I'm sorry Saphira. So much has happened recently… I can't do anything but brood over it. Eragon said back across their connection.

I understand Eragon, but keep it to yourself. Saphira said. We both need some rest, now go to sleep or I'll come in there and make you.

Eragon grinned, Yes mamn. I'll try to be quiet for you.

A resounding thump came from outside as Saphira returned to the ground, You better.

Eragon adjusted his position on the bed, and closed his eyes. Waking dreams joined him in rest.

The Next Morning

A rustle and the thump of a boot upon the ground slightly roused Eragon, but he just thought it was someone brave enough to walk by Saphira.

But, the thumping kept up and began approaching closer to the tent. Whoever it was, he or she was running. The sound carried a purpose.

"Eragon!" Came a shout from outside. Eragon knew it as the voice of his cousin Roran. He roused himself to full awareness and sat up in his bed. Roran repeated himself outside the tent.

Eragon stood up and walked to the entrance to the tent, he unraveled the strings that held the tent shut and stepped out into the sun. His vision was at first blurred but quickly steadied itself. Roran was running toward him, still a hundred yards away. Eragon was still surprised at the extent of the abilities granted to him by the dragons back in Elesmera.

He waited and Roran reached him, breathing pretty hard, and grasped his shoulder.

"What is it Roran?" Eragon asked.

"Elain is in labor, but something is wrong. Gertrude can't tell what though." He answered.

"Have you brought in some of the Varden's healers?" Eragon asked.

"We have, but when I left, they still hadn't figured out what was wrong. I thought that you could use your spells to help, so I came to get you right away."

Saphira stood and came behind Eragon.

Sounds like we should hurry. She said to both of them, Roran resisted the mental touch for a second but quickly gave. The training Eragon had given him on mental defense techniques had obviously paid off.

"Yes, you should. Now come on." Roran said.

It will be faster to fly there. Get on. Saphira said.

Eragon quickly jumped on while Roran scrambled up her tail and got on behind Eragon. Using Roran's memories to guide her, Saphira jumped into the sky and headed off in the direction of Elain and Horst's tent. They landed on the ground seconds later.

Eragon and Roran quickly jumped off and landed on the ground, Eragon much more lightly than his cousin. They entered the tent without further words. Horst stood near the bedside while healers tended to his wife. Albreich and Baldor stood in the corner in a hot discussion before they entered. Baldor quickly turned to greet Eragon.

"Eragon!" He said.

"Baldor, how is she?" Eragon asked.

"She's not doing so good, neither the healers nor Gertrude have any idea what's wrong. If you want more than that you should ask them. Gertrude left to help tend to others though, so you'll have to talk to the Varden healers." Baldor said. "But please, you have to help her."

"I'll do what I can." Eragon said. Albreich, who was as pale as the moon, looked at Eragon and said nothing for returning his attention to the ground. Eragon could tell that he was feeling powerless to help his loved ones.

Eragon understood this feeling and approached the bed with renewed resolve. One of the healers stood to talk to him.

"Argetlam. We've tried everything, but nothing is working. We have no idea what's wrong; we've applied some anesthetics to ease the pain." He said.

"Are you stupid?" Eragon suddenly asked in reasonable anger. "Take her off of them right now, they could hurt the baby."

"Y-yes Argetlam." The healer said, approaching the bed again.

Eragon came to the foot of the bed and raised his hand over Elain, who was not beginning to moan and scream in pain, but just heavily breathing. He interpreted this as extremely strange and proceeded.

"Scannara." Eragon muttered. His hand glowed, and he could see inside of Elain. He thought back and remembered everything he could about birthing that he had read at Oromis's. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember much. Biology had been part of his training, but he had never been particularly good at it.

As it was, he couldn't exactly tell what he was looking at. But he looked for any glaringly obvious problems. He could not find anything odd besides the baby. But then he noticed something. Elain should be trying to push the baby out with her muscles, but there was no movement. Eragon quickly knew it was the anesthetics. They had probably tried to administer them early as she was in pain and something must have been wrong with it.

The Varden healers were used to birthing people from different regions, the anesthetic could possibly have negative effects on people from Carvahall. He found the anesthetics within her veins and quickly identified it as a common anesthetic used within the Varden called Alderphene. One in every ten thousand people could temporarily suffer complete and utter paralysis from it. Giving it to a woman who was attempting to give birth was taking an incredible risk.

He took his mind off of the scanning for a second and saw that Elain was not moving at all, strange for a woman in extreme pain.

Broadening his mind and covering all of the anesthetic in Elain's body, he muttered a short spell to freeze it all in place.

"Straction." Eragon said, his Gedway Ignasia glowed extremely bright and white liquid poured out of her skin and merged into a ball of swirling liquid in the air. After it had all emerged, Eragon muttered another short spell and it returned to flasks near the bed. Just as Eragon had thought, Elain immediately burst into extreme pain but all she did was start breathing harder than ever before. Not a move of the lips or tongue to scream.

The anesthetic had caused a neurological reaction that only cured with 48 hours of time. Elain did not have that much time. If the birthing did not happen soon, she would go into Cardiopulmonary arrest and Eragon would have to use a revival technique. He had to stay here with Elain, but he could think of only one solution, which would require him to leave.

He turned to the healers and lowered his hand to point at one, "You! Go get Trianna the sorceress now."

"Y-yes sir." He said, he was obviously not the one in charge here. So it had to be the other healer.

"What you did seems to have had no effect on her at all." He said.

"You idiot!" Eragon burst out in anger. "You gave her Alderphene! Don't you know that that causes total temporary paralysis in one out of every ten thousand patients?"

"Wh-what?" He asked.

"You don't know!" Eragon burst out. "You call yourself a doctor? You gave Alderphene to a woman in labor! You should know not to give anesthetics to woman attempting to give birth, but that medicine has now caused a neurological reaction so taking out the anesthetic isn't enough. So, now, I am resorting to desperate measures."

Here is where Horst joined in. He grabbed the confused doctor's shoulder and flipped him around.

"You bastard." He said angrily, and punched the doctor across the face. He fell to the ground unconscious.

"Is he dead…?" Eragon asked.

"He would deserve it if he was." Horst said angrily. The doctor coughed blood onto the floor.

"Ah, he isn't half as dead as he looks, is he?" Eragon asked.

"Unfortunately, anyways, back to the task at hand." Horst said. "What do you plan to do Eragon?"

"Summon a spirit to help Elain." Eragon said.

"But… how would a spirit help? Also, isn't that… dangerous?"

"I won't lie to you, it's extremely dangerous. But it's the last choice we have, or Elain will eventually enter a medical state called Cardiopulmonary Arrest. When that happens… I will… I will have to use electricity to jump-start her heart. The baby would die."

Horst said nothing for a few seconds. Then, "Y-you didn't answer my original question. How is summoning a spirit going to help?"

"I'll give you the cliff notes version. There are several different types of spirits in the world. These are called "Affinities" for, if they were once human, they inherited the skills they possessed in life. If the spirit we summon is not human, than one of two things will happen. It will either kill us, or know what's wrong and fix Elain for us. For we are summoning a medical spirit. Of course, I'm no sorcerer. My… previous teacher never taught me how. So, for this we're going to need Trianna."

"But, I thought spirits were extremely difficult to control… This seems extremely precise, but if the method of control is imprecise, than something will go wrong. I should know, smithing is a precise job."

"We're not binding the spirit though; we're asking it for help."

"Binding? I don't get it." Horst said.

"When a spirit is summoned, there is usually a step in the summoning ritual that binds a spirit under control. Otherwise, anything can happen when it shows up. Hopefully the bad anything won't happen, because I'm going to ask Trianna to remove the binding ritual."

They stood in silence for a few moments, and Eragon picked up a distant voice.

"Speaking of, here she comes."

"Eragon, as far as I know, you spell casters communicate with your minds. Why not just contact her that way?" Roran asked, suddenly rejoining the conversation after leaving Eragon to his work.

"I didn't want her to know that I needed her for personal reasons. She would've known by the feel of my touch." Eragon said. But, that was the last word, for Trianna walked in.

"Eragon, what is it that you needed?" Trianna asked rudely as she entered. Eragon and Roran looked at her in silence, unsure of what to say. "Oh, I'm sorry, have I offended you Argetlam."

"N-no, discount that. I need you to do something for me." Eragon said.

"What is it?" Trianna asked, now interested.

"Summon a spirit of medicine, without a binding ritual."

Trianna's jaw immediately dropped.

"You're joking?" She asked hopefully.


"Well, to me you are. There is no way I'm going to do that, you're crazy, that could get us all killed if the spirit is not honest."

Trianna turned to walk out, but Eragon grasped her shoulder. Narrowing his eyes, Eragon said, "That's an order Trianna."

She narrowed her eyes back, "Fine. But if we get killed, then I'll never stop bothering you in the underworld."

Saphira snaked her head in and growled threateningly.

I'd love to see you try to bother me and him; I'd also love to see this spirit try and take me. She said, broadcasting her thoughts.

"Ha, if it is a strong spirit, it would destroy you." Trianna said.

Saphira said nothing, but growled deeply. Trianna slightly paled.

"Besides, what do you need the medical spirit for?"

Horst stepped aside to reveal Elain.

"This is PERSONAL!" Trianna asked in anger. "I'm not doing this."

She turned to walk out again, but only met Saphira.

Albreich spoke up for the first time.

"Please." He said.

Baldor repeated the same, followed by Horst, and even Roran.

Eragon finished, "Please Trianna, she needs your help… and so does her baby."

"You've… convinced me." She said, turning back.

"I owe you one Trianna."

"You owe me more than THAT Eragon."

She took a handful of white powder from her pouch and threw it to the ground in front of the bed as the rest gave her room. She drew a long stick as well and then drew an arrangement of wavy lines in the powder, then drawing a circle around them.

"No binding ritual, correct?" Trianna asked.

"Yes." Eragon said.

"May I ask why?"

"Yes, you may."


"I am going to ask it for help, binding it would make it unreliable."

"Eragon, you are crazy."

"Just do it."

Trianna said nothing but took off her sandals and threw them into the corner. She fell into a kneel inside the circle in what appeared to be a position to pray. She started speaking the ancient language so quickly even Eragon could not tell what she was saying except for small excerpts, but even those were gibberish.

Trianna's eyes began to glow, and she spoke ever faster. The white powder also began to glow, and soon after a beam of light jumped up into the canvas ceiling. Trianna stood, and raising her hands in front of her backed out of the circle, never stopping her speaking. Eventually, the light became so bright that only Eragon and Trianna herself (eyes still glowing) could keep their eyes open.

Then, suddenly, the light stopped, Trianna stopped speaking, and her eyes stopped glowing.

"But, what was…" Horst started saying.

"Shut up, you risk all of our lives by speaking!" She said quietly. Horst quieted.

A light, not bright, but small, emerged in the circles center. Suddenly, it grew brighter and a sphere jumped up out of the white powder. It reminded Eragon of the spirits he had encountered when he was with Arya all that time ago. The spirit did nothing.

Eragon knew what he needed to do. He approached the spirit.

"Eragon, what are you doing?" Trianna hissed through her teeth.

"Take your own advice." Eragon said silently. Before she could say anything else, he reached out and touched the spirit and touched it with his finger. He had expected to feel what he had with the previous spirits, but it was entirely different.

He was surrounded by white, and broke contact with the spirit, but still was in a white world. The orb flew around Eragon in circles; his hair was flying as wind made his hair dance.

A deep voice boomed through Eragon's ears as the shining white orb settled before him.


"I need your help spirit!" Eragon yelled, as the sound of wind could still be heard.


"Take it from my mind."


Eragon felt the gentle touch, of something good in nature, but also felt its power. It could crush him without a second thought, and Eragon was in awe. It sifted through his memories taking in all that he was. Seconds later, whatever had happened was over. The white world faded, his finger was again touching the spirit. He fell backwards onto the ground, and then stood at a respectable distance. The spirit said nothing, but zoomed right into Elain's stomach.

Then it came out again, and it came to Eragon. He unconsciously moved his arms into a cradling position, the spirit zoomed around his arms, and suddenly a weight burdened his arms. The light faded away, and he could see as the orb returned to its original position. A baby, wrapped in a blanket was in his arms.

"Thank you." Eragon muttered. The spirit disappeared, and with the disappearance came an unexplainable wind that drew the powder against the side of the tent. Eragon cradled new life within his arms, in awe of just how powerful some of the forces in this world were.

Reference Material 1: Detailing the Riders, Excerpt from Chapter 1: Introduction, By Kendal Urans

Hello, thanks for reading my book! But, I suppose I should get on with introducing the riders to you.

Now, as a historian, my primary job is to eliminate misconceptions. The biggest misconception about the riders I can think of is that all riders are primarily warriors who exist for the fight. This just is not true. In fact, some of the riders only had basic combat training with the swords, making them more for show then for use.

The riders were far more then warriors with a convenient mode of transportation. They were diplomats, scientists, educators, artists, and so much more. With the mixture of culture and race that goes with the riders, they were even better at these things then us mere mortals.

Of course, being an elf myself... one of those who were present during the original creation of the dragon riders, I am in a unique position to understand.

Anyways, the real point here is that the riders were beyond what most people think. They made huge advancements, especially in the area of medicine. The riders were doctors beyond compare, and their research accelerated medical research beyond what most would think.

Even if they don't know everything the riders did, modern doctors all learned from the riders. They advanced medicine so far that it is beyond our time by hundreds or even thousands of years! It is the primary area of their accomplishment, and they should be celebrated for it.

Further misconceptions about the riders include...

End of Excerpt

I hope you liked the idea of Reference Material, I think it helps me thicken backstory very well. It also lets me not have to shoehorn things in during the chapter and thus make dialogue progression awkward. Thanks for reading, R&R (Read & Review) please.