Fate's Revenge.

A Harry Potter Story.

Authors Notes:

The following story is based on situations and characters owned by J.K. Rowling and/or her publishers/WB.

If I owned the characters and situation I'd be filthy rich and the ending would be completely different. :p

Spoilers for all seven books including the vile OBWF and crapilogue. :(

Warnings: Character deaths and scenes of suicide.

Thanks to my Proof reader:Tumshie.

Chapter One

A lone witch left the Ministry of Magic and headed for the London Underground. It was half past six on a Thursday evening during an early cold snap in November. The temperature was hovering around three degrees Celsius, but the wind chill factor made it feel like it was actually closer to freezing. The woman was dressed in a simple navy muggle suit, consisting of a knee-length dress and a double-breasted jacket. She was five feet, eight inches tall, had auburn hair and a lightly freckled face; she stood in shoes with a one inch heel. She commuted by the Underground instead of apparating as she lived in a flat complex in muggle London.

The Underground was a brisk five minute walk from the front door of the small one bedroom flat that she rented with her meagre wages. The woman squared her shoulders as she left the dry and relatively warm Underground to brace the driving sleet and rain on her trek back to her flat. The sleet lashed her face, leaving the feeling that her skin was being attacked by thousands of pins and needles.

Rose Weasley turned the key in the main door of her flat and removed her waterlogged coat and hung it up by the door before drying it with a charm, now that she was out of sight of muggles. Sebastian approached and ran around Rose's legs in greeting while looking for food. Sebastian was a black half Kneazle with a white patch of fur around his left eye and the last two inches of his tail was topped with white.

'Hello, Sebastian, how was your day? Let me get dried and changed before I get your grub, okay?' greeted Rose.

Sebastian head butted Rose's shin and walked away in a huff. Rose frowned while she slipped her feet out of her shoes. Once her shoes were off Rose cast a charm to dry them before she went to the bathroom. She turned on the shower to let it warm up as she removed her wet clothes. Just as she got into the shower and let the warm spray play over her body she felt an icy shiver go through her body. Goosebumps played across her body, she placed her two hands on the tiled wall to steady herself and let the warm spray heat her body and wash away her troubles.

After the shower Rose went to her bedroom and slipped into an old comfortable jersey and tracksuit trousers. The jersey was a replica of her uncle Harry's while he played in Hogwarts. Potter and the number seven was stencilled on the back of the faded jersey in a gold thread. Her mother had gotten it for her when she asked for it for her fifteenth birthday. As she put the jersey on she once again felt an icy shiver pass through her body. She frowned wondering if the central heating had broken down again. That was all she needed on a cold November night. Her stomach growled, her body's way of looking for food, so Rose went to the kitchenette and opened a can of cat food for Sebastian. The half Kneazle appeared out of nowhere to eat his meal, purring in contentment. Rose smiled down at him before turning to the task of feeding herself. Her cupboards were bare, all that was left were some ingredients to make vegetable soup. She should have gone shopping, but did not fancy lugging it back to the flat in the driving rain. She had a few left over mushrooms from when she had made Shepherd's pie and a few leeks from a failed diet. She smiled at the memory of her Uncle Harry teaching her a few recipes when she moved from the family home seven years ago. As she remembered her Uncle's teaching she felt dread in her heart, but dismissed it when the soup started to boil. She turned the soup down so that it could simmer as she set a place for one at the table. After ladling the soup into a bowl Rose went to the table to eat.

Rose Weasley sighed as she sat down at the kitchen table alone for her evening meal. The meal consisted of the homemade vegetable soup made with mushrooms and leeks with two rolls of brown bread. As she slowly ate the meal she pondered her twenty five years on this earth. While at Hogwarts she dove head long into her studies emulating her studious mother. She managed to do one better than her mother and achieve her N.E.W.T.s. All of her N.E.W.T.s were at the Outstanding grade bar one, she had only managed an Acceptable in Divination. Over all it was an excellent result. Her mother had never returned to school to attend her seventh year, instead her mother helped her father attend the Auror academy. Looking back she wondered why her mother did such a thing. All her friends from school had drifted away to do their own thing. Her work colleagues all hated her as she was the youngest head of department in over two hundred years. Even though Rose was a department head she was poorly paid as she was a half-blood because her father was a pure-blood and her mother was muggleborn. She was younger than all her staff, she was aware that they were not happy that she was in charge but there was nothing she could do about it. She knew that when her mother was in school she would have fought the racial abuse but now she seemed to be indifferent about Rose's predicament. It was as if her mother had given up and nothing in the Ministry had changed, there was still rampant abuse of power and position going on. Racial abuse still occurred and pure-bloods still saw themselves as the elite of society.

She always had an uneasy feeling growing up. Before Hogwarts, Rose retreated in to her books like her mother had done when she was a little girl. The excitement of going to Hogwarts and learning magic overwhelmed her uneasy feelings that were always bubbling under the surface. When she got to Hogwarts, Rose pushed those feelings deep inside and almost forgot about them. She seemed to have inherited her mother's intelligence and her father's love of Quidditch. She had successfully learned to fly a broom but never got on to the team. Rose never understood why she was never given a place on a team. Was it because she had famous parents? Rose never found a rock solid answer to the question as she always played pickup games with her cousins. Her father and Uncle considered her to be a very good Chaser and wondered why she never got on to the team in her second year. Rose did not mind as she preferred to watch the game than participate. Her love of the game was the friendly pickup games instead of the pressure of performing on the house team in Hogwarts. Her Uncle Harry gave her a Nimbus 2020 for her fifteenth birthday as he knew she loved to fly. The broom had been released a year before to much fanfare as it was hoped that the broom would help the company turn a profit again. The broom was a special edition as the team that the company had sponsored won the league. Her seven years in Hogwarts passed in a rush of learning and making school friends.

The uneasy feeling that Rose thought she had buried returned with a vengeance when she took up her first job as a lowly office clerk in the Ministry. Over the past three years the feeling of dread was getting stronger. When she mentioned it to her mother it was dismissed as worry over the new rising Dark Lord. Over the last two years a lot of witches and wizards were going missing for no apparent reason. It was curious that hardly any pure-bloods had gone missing. Then the rumours started talking about a new Dark Lord, but no one could give a name to this new terror. Rose thought that it was just like the war with Voldemort all those years ago. Like then, people were afraid to say the Dark Lord's name and as such Rose didn't even know the name of the new Dark Lord, so how could she be afraid of an unknown villain. Her father and Uncle Harry looked worried when Rose had seen them on Monday last. Rose knew instinctively that her rising dread was not because of some Dark Lord. Unlike many of her peers she was not worried of being attacked as her parents and Uncle Harry had taught her from a young age how to defend herself just in case. Rose was a skilled in unarmed combat and quite skilled with a wand, thank you very much.

Realising that the soup bowl was now empty, Rose got up and started clearing the table. Once the table was cleared and wiped down she began to wash the dishes the Muggle way so that she could ponder some more on her uneasy feeling. She paused in the washing of the soup bowl when another chill went through her, her legs felt like they were filled with jelly. She let the bowl fall into the sink full of water and managed to reach the kitchen chair and sank into the seat. She worried at what was wrong. She heard a noise in her small flat, the bedroom door opened and Rose's familiar entered the Kitchen its tail held high.

'Sebastian! you startled me.' exclaimed Rose.

Sebastian jumped up into Rose's lap and started to purr. Rose started to pet her familiar all the while the worry from the chill seeped out of her as her fingers combed Sebastian's fur. After cuddling Sebastian for about a quarter of an hour Rose got up and finished the dishes. A quick flick of her wand and a tempus charm revealed that it was half nine. Rose sighed, she had to be into work tomorrow at half seven, another early night. Rose got into bed and opened her book to read for half an hour before she fell asleep.


Rose awoke the following morning still feeling groggy as she had a poor night's sleep. Her dreams were bad, although one would not consider them to be nightmares. Now that she was awake she was rapidly forgetting what the bad dream was about. Sebastian got up off of the foot of the bed and trotted off to do whatever cats and Kneazles do in the morning. Rose smiled at her familiar and went to have her morning shower. After a light breakfast of muesli and orange juice Rose decided she had put off heading in to work enough. The time was now six thirty she would be at her desk in forty five minutes. The journey on the Underground was gruelling like always as the office workers started to trickle into work. Business was picking up after a long recession, the economic forecast for the next eighteen months were good. For the last twelve years Muggle Britain was in the depths of a recession, but after the most recent election, the new government instituted new changes that turned around the economy. Over the last six months Rose noticed that the passenger numbers on the train she caught had increased as more and more people were employed in the city.

The ministry was quiet as a graveyard when she entered the building at twenty five past seven in the morning. She nodded to Stan on the security desk as she passed over her wand for inspection. He smiled toothlessly back as he returned her clean wand. Rose wondered what her grandparents on her mother's side would think of his smile as she headed for the lifts. The doors opened on the level where the Aurors were located and two Aurors entered the lift. Rose suddenly noticed the cramp in her stomach and her skin was tingling in anticipation, for what she was not sure. The lift arrived at her floor and she got off. The feeling of panic was escalating as she entered her empty department, she was always the first to start work in the mornings.

Rose sank into her chair behind her desk and tried to control her breathing. After a while her panic attack subsided. Rose wondered should she go and see a Healer when a knock on her door interrupted her thoughts.

'Enter' bade Rose, her voice trembled from the after effects of her unusual panic attack.

A male entered in Auror Dress Robes.

'Excuses me, Ms. Weasley, can I have a word?' asked the man quietly.

Rose studied the man wondering why she would be disturbed at this hour, but answered, 'Yes, Mr. . . . ?'

'Sorry, Ms. Weasley, my name is Charles Hammond, I work under your father. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Wordsworth was on duty last night and broke protocol and sent an owl to your mother. I have only found out in the past four hours that your Father was on a mission yesterday, and I am sorry to say he was killed in action. We don't know all the information about the operation yet but your uncle Harry Potter was with your father and he was also killed in action. Of the eight Aurors involved in the mission none survived. I am sorry to say I don't know why Mr. Potter and your father were involved as the last field operation they were involved with was over ten years ago. I hate to be the one to break it to you.' said Hammond in a quiet sombre voice.

Rose felt a lump well up in her throat as she heard about her daddy and Uncle Harry being dead. Her nose was running and she was startled when she realised her cheeks were wet with tears. Hammond silently handed over a clean white handkerchief, which Rose used to noisily blow her nose. Rose was peripherally aware that she was sitting down, she thought that if she was standing she would of collapsed as her legs felt like they were made of jelly and would not hold her weight. Instead she slumped into the chair weeping.

After a few minutes crying it dawned on her that Hammond had said that some desk jockey had sent an owl to her mother with the news, she thought that the desk jockey was a heartless bastard. Rose quickly picked up a quill and hastily wrote a memo before sending it to her superior. She had to see if her mother was okay, and also help her through this death in the family. In her haste she never noticed Hammond quietly leave the office and Rose to her grief.


It had been over a fortnight since Rose had been home. Rose had moved to London to be closer to work for the morning commute. She preferred to live on the Muggle side as it was easier than being a child of an infamous heroine always stared at by the general wizarding populace. After her Uncle Harry had defeated Voldemort, the magical population went through an explosion in numbers. At a guess Rose thought that there were four times the number of witches and wizards from those of her parents' generation. And one of the most active at increasing the population were Teddy and Victoria Lupin, who were expecting their eleventh child next month. They were always teased that they were going at it like rabbits.

After receiving the dreadful news, Rose made directly for the main Apparation point in the Ministry. It took about a minute to settle herself so that she could concentrate on her parents' house so that she did not Splinch herself. Rose arrived on the front door step and politely knocked three times. The sound echoed through the house. There was no answer and after waiting an agonizingly long five minutes all the while hammering on the door Rose tapped her wand against the magical lock and the door opened. Rose knew that Hugo was no longer living at home, he was currently sleeping his way through the witches on the continent while playing professional Quidditch.

Rose found the kitchen in a mess, a shattered cup was spread across the floor with a pool of cold tea. A stained roll of parchment lay on the floor. On the table lay the remains of yesterday's evening meal, cold and untouched. Rose bent down and picked up the parchment.

Dear Mrs. Weasley

We regret to inform you that your husband Ron Bilius Weasley and his partner Harry James Potter were killed in the course of their duties. Due to, the nature of, the case they were on. I regret to inform you that the Ministry cannot at this time realise your husband's and Mr. Potter's bodies for burial. We the department offer our deepest condolences.

Yours Sincerely

Jacob P. Wordsworth

Duty Sergeant, Auror Corps.

PS. Can you pass on this letter to Mrs. Potter as at present we have not been able to contact her.

Rose gasped in shock as the parchment fluttered to the floor from her grasp. Wordsworth the cold hearted bastard had sent a letter instead of sending someone to break the news. Rose was furious that Wordsworth had broken protocol, at least Hammond had followed protocol and informed herself correctly. Rose's eyes widened in shock as she realised that the remains of the meal on the table was yesterdays tea. She passed her wand over the parchment to find out how old it was. The charm said the letter was twelve hours old. That meant mammy received the letter late yesterday evening she thought. At this her legs went out from under her as she realised that her mother had discovered the news about her father and her Uncle all alone and never contacted her. Where was mammy? she thought. Rose pulled herself together and searched the ground floor of the house. The sitting room was spotless and nothing was amiss. With fear in her gut Rose climbed the stairs to check the upper floor. She first checked her old room and was surprised to find it just the way she left it seven years ago, when she moved out. Needless to say the room resembled a library with a bed seemingly out of place in the room. A framed Quidditch jersey was mounted on the wall taking up valuable shelve space. The jersey was signed by all the Quidditch stars for a charity drive over ten years ago. Her father had bought it and gave it to her. She always wondered why he didn't keep it in his room instead as he always looked longingly at it when he kissed her goodnight.

She checked Hugo's room next and discovered it was spotlessly clean a great change from its normal state of a pigsty, a complete mess. She never knew why her brother was so untidy, just the symptom of being male she guessed. She was surprised to see the raunchy posters of the Holyhead Harpies still on the wall. A topless witch scowled down at Rose when she realised that the person who opened the door was female. The do not enter sign was removed from the outside of the door. Rose gasped in shock as she realised that her brother objectified women. Hurriedly she fled the room and focused on the task of finding her mother. The bathroom door was ajar and Rose gave the room a quick glance, empty. That left her parents room.

With her skin crawling with dread Rose entered her parents room and discovered that it was as she expected her parents room to look. The last time she was in the room was when she was five and sick. Her father did not like her or her brother entering the room, why she never knew or suspected. On one wall was a framed Chudley Cannons poster with the legend Champions 2020 over it. Rose always wondered was her Uncle behind the mysterious buyer that turned the team's fortunes around? The club was bought in 2010 and it took ten long and hard years for the club to advance up the table and be crowned number one. The club was lucky in gaining the sponsorship of the Nimbus Broom Company. Her father had never celebrated so hard. Her mother had confided in Rose that she was expecting a little brother or sister afterwards but her mother had suffered a miscarriage. Rose was fourteen at the time and did not realise the significance of what her mother was going through. Looking back she wondered what would cause a healthy woman to miscarry. On the other wall was her mothers writing desk and a small library of books. Another door led to a small En-suite which Rose found to be empty.

In dismay Rose went back to the stair landing and frowned when she noticed that the landing carpet was damp. She looked down and traced the water to the main bathroom. She slowly entered the main bathroom and gasped in shock as rose coloured water was overflowing from the bath. Rose had never noticed from her quick glance earlier. The water was collected in a special tank ward her mother had created. The ward tank was created when Rose and her brother were only babies and playing in the bath. Her mother would magically enlarge the bath and placed the tank as a precaution. The ward had failed and the bathroom floor was flooded with the water soaking into the carpet of the landing. Hermione Weasley lay in the old Victorian style bath, naked. Her skin was all pruned from being in the water too long. Each arm contained a deep laceration running from the elbow to the wrist and each inner thigh also had a very deep laceration running from her crotch to her knees. The analytical portion of Rose's mind distantly realised that her clever mother had decided that she wanted to die in under a minute. Rose's stomach rolled and rebelled, she just made it to the toilet bowl before her stomach heaved, with tears of grief streaming down her face Rose sobbed Why?

Now that Rose was in the bathroom she could hear the water gushing from the taps. It would appear that her mother had placed silencing charms on the room. Rose reached out and turned off the water. Her mother's hair was fanned out and hung from the back of the bath like a waterfall. Her hair was streaked with grey hairs the hair colour charms her mother used were wearing off as the caster was dead. Rose needed to check and cautiously reached out to find a pulse on Hermione's neck. The skin was cold and lifeless under Rose's touch. Rose's hand plunged into the blood stained water and found the plug and tugged. The bath slowly drained, the only sound came from the water sloshing in the pipes, the water going down the drain. Once the bath was empty Rose picked up a white towel to cover her mother when she saw a wad of parchment on the floor of the bath.

With a gentle flick of a wand Rose slowly levitated the wad of parchment and placed it in to the empty sink. Once that was done Rose turned back to the task of covering her mother. After Rose had completed the task of covering her mother, she slumped to the wet floor exhausted and emotionally drained.

After a while, the feeling of being wet filtered into Rose's consciousness and drove her into action. Rose crawled to her feet and spotted the wad of parchment. It reminded her of an incident back in Hogwarts. Rose was in fifth year and a second year student had bumped into her while they were beside the lake. A piece of Transfiguration homework ended up in the water and was ruined. Rose summoned the parchment back and screamed in frustration. The assignment was ruined and would have to be redone. Luckily her mother was visiting the school that day and had seen the whole thing. She told Rose to calm down and had cast a spell on the parchment that dried the parchment and returned the parchment back to its original state before it went into the water. Rose hugged her mother in thanks at having saved her homework. After calming down Rose demanded to be taught the spell. Hermione smiled and readily agreed.

Rose brandished her wand and uttered the incantation her mother had taught her. The wad of wet parchment glowed before slowly unfurling. After the glow faded a dry sheet of parchment was left in the sink. With trepidation Rose slowly reached out and picked it up.

Dear Rose,

I know my dear it will be you who finds me as Hugo is still in Europe chasing his dream. I am sorry for leaving you this way. My other half is dead. I wish to join him. I am sorry for never telling you the truth face to face. I am sorry for leaving you to find the truth in my old diaries. I am sorry. I am sorry Rosie for leaving like this, it hurts so much. My diaries can be found in my old school trunk, the password is: I solemnly swear I am up to no good. My final wish is to be buried with my other half, so that we can be whole again.

I love you and I am sorry.


'No!' whispered Rose in shock as she let the letter fall to the floor.

The ink started to smear on the parchment as it lay in the water. In a daze Rose stood up and went into her parents' bedroom to find her mother's trunk and some answers. She found the old battered trunk in the foot of her mother's wardrobe underneath an old blanket. The trunk was the one her mother had used when she had attended Hogwarts all those years ago. The trunk opened when she jabbed her wand into the lock and uttered the password. The contents of the trunk consisted of small leather bound books and a few other odds and ends Rose did not recognise. The colours of the books were blue, black and dark brown.

Rose opened the first book that came to hand and discovered that it was a journal of when her mother was seven. It appeared to be her first ever diary as the first passage said she was gifted the diary from her grandmother, Rose Puckle. Hermione's grandmother was of the opinion that all little girls needed a diary to keep their thoughts and feelings in and at seven Hermione was old enough to start. Rose thought that her mother had very neat handwriting at that early age. She put the journal down on the floor and picked up another diary at random.

This one began when Hermione was twelve and attending Hogwarts. The first entry was November the first and it was her mother's account of the infamous Troll incident. Rose put the diary aside to read later as she wanted to find out if her mother's first year at Hogwarts was much different than her own experiences. As Rose sorted through the diaries she felt compiled to open certain books in particular. The first of those books opened onto a well marked page.

The page was wrinkled and smeared by tear drop stains. Rose's eyes widened as she read an account of her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny's marriage. The main text gave an accurate account of what happened as retold many times by her father. A loving couple on their special day. How the day was wonderful. The day had been sunny and the weather perfect. The bride was in a wonderfully expensive white dress that made her appear to be an angel. Much of the text was underwritten in red ink. Rose realised that the writing in red ink was done by a mature hand. It was as if her mother had revised her diary many years after the events recorded. In the original record her mother was happy for her uncle and aunt on their big day.

Rose's eyes widened in disbelief as she read the revisions in the red ink. According to the corrections her mother loved her Uncle Harry more than her father. The main reason Hermione had been happy was that she could see that Harry was happy. That was all that mattered to Hermione. That must be wrong thought Rose. As she read more it got worse. Hermione implied in this passage of corrections that love potions were involved and that Grandma Weasley was behind it. But Grandma Weasley was a kind old lady wasn't she? Rose thought. As Rose read the original passage along with the passage in red she was beginning to see that there was a bond of some sort between her mother and her Uncle Harry. At the wedding reception her mother and uncle must have been given something as during the ceremony, Hermione was quiet and Harry responded stiffly to his vows. With rising dread Rose put the diary down to see how bad it became and moved to another diary.

The new diary opened to a well read section. It was the day she was born. In the original draft it listed what she was always told happened. How her father was there when she was born and he had passed out at the sight of her crowning from her mothers body. But according to the new section in red, Ron was late getting to the birth and her Uncle Harry had to help her mother out. Harry was supposed to be on assignment for work but he knew instinctively that Hermione was all alone for her first child and had come unannounced. Hermione had a difficult birth and Harry had offered his magic to help the mother and child. In some rare cases the magic of the child and mother were so closely interwoven that the separation caused by birth was fatal. Harry's intervention had saved her mother's life. Ron had only managed to get to the hospital two days after Hermione had given birth. Rose gasped in shock when she had learned that her Uncle Harry had helped her mother name her Rose Jean Weasley. As she knew she was named after her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. But she now knew that it was also in honour of Harry's mother Lily. Harry's mother was named after a flower and so was she also named after a flower. Rose paled as she read how her mother, Hermione, had suffered post natal depression. Her father, Ron, had never understood and her grandmother, Molly, was no help claiming that Hermione should be happy that she was now a mother. Hermione's own mother was distant after learning that Hermione had played with her memories and sent her to Australia. Harry was the only person who understood and helped her mother through those tough months, even though he could only visit once a week. Rose was beginning to understand what her mother's life and sacrifices were like.

Rose again went for another diary, again it opened to a particular section. The journal entry was just over two months since the Cannons had won the league. Hermione had just seen a Healer and was told she was pregnant with her third child. Hermione was bursting to tell someone so she told Rose. Rose's eyes widened she had remembered her mother acting strange as she was told the happy news. The only correction in red listed that one week later Hermione discovered that Ron had been unfaithful and had been sleeping with Lavender Finnegan nee Brown for almost a year at that point. By this point Hermione had learnt that she had been on a regimen of love potions since she had been fifteen and could not break the potion's hold over her. As Hermione had been on love potions for so long, the shock of Ron's infidelity caused Hermione's magic to have an adverse reaction to the news. Hermione' magic had rebelled at the infidelity and Hermione miscarried and ended up in St. Mungo's for three weeks. Ron was oblivious to his wife's condition. Harry visited Hermione two hours after she was admitted to St. Mungo's. Hermione wept as she revealed all to Harry how she had learnt that their lives were controlled by Molly Weasley so that Ron and Ginny could be happy. Ginny with The-Boy-Who-Lived and Ron with a woman to look after his kids. Unfortunately Rose's mother and uncle could not break the conditioning as Professor Dumbledore had used the Elder Wand to set the backup compulsion charms that controlled her mother and Uncle Harry even as they learnt the truth of the situation. All this meant that even though Ron was unfaithful, Hermione could not break the conditioning and be with the one she wanted to be with all her life.

Rose found that there was only one diary left with a compulsion charm on it. It was yesterday's entry. The entry charted Hermione's feelings of dread from when she woke up yesterday morning and the minor elation she felt at being free to pursue the man she wanted. Unfortunately that feeling was short lived as not half a minute later she felt gut wrenching numbness. It was only when Hermione received that terrible letter from the Ministry that she had learnt that her husband and then Harry had died. She would never get a chance to follow her own dreams and wishes, She had been forced to live Molly's dreams and bear Ron's children. Hermione just wanted to be loved and tolearn, was that so much to ask? Rose slumped to the floor of her mother's bedroom in shocked dismay as she realised that she was not the result of a loving couple as she had always thought. In a daze Rose got up and left the house in disgust. Rose found that she needed to leave and get away, it was all too much to take in.

Rose walked around the neighbourhood aimlessly for an hour. When her mind cleared somewhat after all that she had learned she found herself stood at a very busy junction. The road was one of the busy arteries into London and as such the road had a forty mile an hour speed limit. Rose was contemplating walking in front of a speeding lorry or bus. Her world was rent asunder, she had no one left that cared for her, her Uncle Harry was dead, her father whom she had learnt was unfaithful was also dead. She believed what she had read in her mother's diary as various strange occurrences clicked to form a very bad image of her father. Her mother had committed suicide, which she could still could not comprehend. Her brother was a playboy only worried about himself and getting his end away. She had no friends, all her Hogwarts classmates had drifted away, too caught up in their own lives. Her only companion was her familiar, Sebastian. She was now beginning to find an inclination on why she could never find a loving boyfriend. She decided. She looked left then right. A cement mixer was approaching the junction, rushing to the next building site. The light was green for the vehicle. As the lorry came within ten feet, Rose walked out in front of it. She knew that the lorry would not be able to stop in time. Her last thought was that she would see her mother soon, and that was all that mattered.

'I don't think so, I have a job for you.' grunted a male voice as Rose felt the familiar squeeze of apparation.


Rose's nostrils were flooded with a foul stench as the male released her after he had apparated the pair away from danger. Rose backed away in shock and revulsion, her stomach was rebelling from the smell emanating from the shabbily dressed man. The man smelt like he had slept in a gutter. His breath was rank with liquor. Rose ignored the man to look around. She found herself alone with the man in a circular grey room with hundreds of doors along the curved wall. The floor was tiled in grey slate and the ceiling was obscured by a dull grey mist above her head. Rose brandished her wand as she backed away from the man.

'Who are you?' Rose demanded.

'I am Fate's Messenger, and I have a job for you.' replied the old drunk in a gravelly voice.

'You look like a street wretch, and you want me to believe that you are a messenger from Fate?' Rose scoffed.

'Yes!' The man replied as he gestured at his body and explained further; 'This man tried to save your life as you walked out in front of the lorry. He pushed you out of the way and got struck by that same lorry. Unfortunately for him, you were struck by a speeding car that he did not see. The car was being pursued by the Police. Needless to say, you both are dead. The man has been sent to be judged, his good deed will weigh in his favour. You on the other hand are another matter entirely. I have borrowed his body to talk to you.'

'What do I call you?' asked Rose as she processed the strange statement.

The messenger frowned but did not reply. Rose sighed and asked, 'What is your name?'

'I don't have one as I have no need for such a thing as a label, you can call me Bob or Max if you must. My name is not the issue at hand.' replied the messenger in annoyance.

'Fine I will call you Bob, so, Bob, why did you interfere?' asked Rose in annoyance.

'Well you decided to end your miserable existence, so Fate decided, that since you did not value your existence she would make better use of you and give you the job to fix this mess.' said Bob with a malicious grin on his face.

'What! What mess? What do you mean?' responded Rose.

'Your Mother and Uncle Harry were supposed to bring about change in your society. Fate would have preferred it if they had ended up with each other and not Ginny and Ron. They would have been a powerful couple for change and they would have modernised the Magical society in Britain. Unfortunately a nosy busybody and a manipulative old bastard had other ideas. Your Uncle Harry defeated Riddle and nothing changed. Society was still the same after the war and the sheep returned to their normal lives. Your mother married Ron, and her dreams and ambitions were neutered so that her husband could shine in the limelight. Fate's plan was for Harry to support his equal partner, Hermione, in her endeavours to bring about equality, alas that did not happen and a new Dark Lord is gaining supporters. If Fate's plan had come to fruition the Wizarding world could have looked forward to at least two hundred years of peace and prosperity, advances would have been made in the understanding of magic and it's intricacies. You have learnt a small understanding from your brilliant mother who was unfairly shackled by an overbearing biddy.' explained Bob.

'What, you are saying that my mother did not love me?' exclaimed Rose in grief.

'Are you daft woman, it is not in your mother's nature to not love you. While your mother realised near the end that she loved your Uncle, she always loved you deeply. You were born of her and thus she loved you dearly. You were the bright spot in her life after she learnt of all the betrayals. When your mother was young she held authority in very high regards as she did not relate to her peers. Dumbledore abused that trust by manipulating her and using her to advance his plans.' replied Bob.

'So you are saying she loved me even though in the end she was sorry to be married to my daddy?' queried Rose.

'Yes that is it exactly, and it will be your job to fix the problem.' responded Bob as he rubbed his hands together in glee.

'What?' exclaimed Rose.

'Fate has decided to send you back in time to help your mother and Harry. You have two options. The first is refuse and go on for judgement and likely be damned, or hear the rules and help your mother and Uncle Harry. But choose quickly as time is running out.' declared Bob as he pulled out a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag and drank the contents.

Rose gasped as she heard her options, go back in time and change things, likely wiping herself from existence or go on and be judged. The second option sounded ominous and the first option allowed her to help her mum after all the times she helped her. She decided to go back in time.

'Good. There are a couple of rules for your trip. As you decided to kill yourself at the age of twenty five, we can only give you another twenty five years from the time of insertion in the old time stream. That means that the oldest you will ever age is fifty years. Your old timeline is destroyed, everyone you ever knew or loved is gone, as when you go back the ripples will have drastically changed the present. You can tell no one about the future and you should not rely on your knowledge of future events, your involvement will change the outcome. Let nature bring your mother and Harry together. Under no circumstances should you use any methods to manipulate the outcome. Potions were used in the original timeline that resulted in this mess, so potions are not going to fix it this time. If in the course of time they don't end up together, at least it will be as nature intends, your job is to make sure no outside influences occur. Understood?' stated Bob.

Rose nodded.

'You will be sent back to 1986. As this was the first time both your mother and Harry were conscious of doing accidental magic. You will be provided with documentation to show that you are Harry's guardian. All that is required is your signature and the Dursleys'. This should not be difficult for a witch of your talents. A residence will be provided on the street your mother lived on at that age. You will need to acquire employment, suitable documentation will be provided to show your qualifications are valid in 1986. Your job is to teach young Harry and Hermione magic from your residence in the years leading up to 1991. Thereafter it will be your job to supplement their Hogwarts education to bring it up to par, to a standard required by Fate. This standard is required so that they can bring change to the magical world.' explained Bob.

Rose frowned as she wondered what exactly she was supposed to teach a seven and six year old.

'Just enter that door there to be on your way.' directed Bob as he gestured to a door behind her.

Rose turned around and walked to the curved wall and reached out to open a door.

'No, two doors to your left.' instructed a frustrated Bob.

Rose opened the door and stepped through.


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