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"All right, kids, break it up!" Rosalie yelled as she entered the dorm with a hand covering her eyes. "I have to get ready for Emmett's birthday tonight."

Jasper groaned pathetically and dropped his head on my shoulder. I snickered and shifted around on his lap once more, feeling the wetness gather between my legs as his erection pressed against my panties. We were both fully clothed, but I was straddling him in my school uniform skirt and that left little to the imagination as far as my level of interest was concerned.

"Come on, big guy. Let's get out of her way so she can do whatever it is she needs to do," I whispered in his ear as I nipped at the soft fleshy lobe. He groaned again and gripped my thighs almost painfully. "Maybe I'll pull out my Halloween costume...you know, the one I wore to the..."

I didn't get a chance to finish my sentence before he had me up and into my bedroom. The door slammed shut behind us as he lifted me up to ravage my mouth. "Yes, yes, please put it on," he begged in a deep voice.

I pulled back from him and winked. "Only if you play along," I teased with a grin.

He released a big breath and let me down on my feet. "Of course."

With that, I turned and rummaged through my closet until I found the costume. I stepped behind the Chinese-style screen in the corner of the room and began pulling on the black leather corset with the black thong and fishnet thigh-highs. The corset pushed the girls up and out, creating the cleavage that Jasper just couldn't seem to get enough of. I stepped into the spiky stiletto heels and grinned devilishly as I fluffed my hair and applied the blood-red lipstick that completed the costume.

I stepped out from behind the screen and struck a severe pose. Jasper's eyes widened and darkened as he gulped audibly. "On your knees, Jasper," I commanded.

He instantly dropped to his knees and I crossed to him with a stern expression on my face. "You like it when I take control, don't you?"

Jasper nodded and kept his eyes on mine. We'd only done this one other time...on Halloween a couple months ago. He was game then, and I could tell he was very into our game now. "Good. Take your shirt off."

He tentatively reached up and began slipping the buttons through the holes, his gaze never wavering. I saw the stiff flesh pressing against his zipper and it made me impatient. I wanted to prolong this a little while longer, though, so I ripped my eyes away from the enticing sight. "Faster," I hissed.

His fingers sped up, but not fast enough. I reached out and ripped the shirt apart, using all my force. Pilates and yoga really paid off at times like these. I smirked as he moaned and his eyelids became heavy. I could tell he was getting really turned on now.

I circled him, running a fingertip along his shoulders and across his back. "You like it when your tiny little girlfriend takes control away from you, don't you, Jasper? Answer me."

He nodded. "Y..yess," he moaned. I ran my hand up through his hair, scratching along his scalp. His eyes slid closed and a look of rapture crossed his face.

"You want me to tie you down and tease you until you can't take anymore, don't you?" I demanded.

He gulped and shivered. "Yes."

I stepped around and stood directly in front of him. "I plan on doing exactly that, but first I want you to lick my pussy," I informed him in a forceful tone.

Without waiting for his consent, I pressed one hand into his shoulder and lifted my left leg to drape over his shoulder. He was the perfect height for this when he was on his knees like he was now. His warm hand came up and gripped my thigh to keep me steady as the other hand reached out to wrap around my waist. He buried his face between my legs and inhaled deeply.

He began to move his hand from my waist to push my thong aside, but I placed mine over it to stop him. "No. Use your teeth," I said.

He nodded and opened his mouth to pull my thong to the side with his teeth. I shivered when his nose brushed over my sensitive skin. I was beyond turned on right now, and I could feel the moisture seeping down my thighs. "Now lick," I demanded.

Jasper's talented mouth went to work, diligently massaging and lapping at my lower lips with great enthusiasm. He knew exactly how I liked it, and he was definitely bringing his A game today. I had to force myself to keep my eyes open so I could watch him as he worked.

He was truly a breathtaking sight buried between my thighs.

His tongue swirled around my entrance before stabbing into me quickly and deeply. I moaned and licked my lips at the sensation. His soft, wet lips rubbed over my clit and made me quiver. I was so close, but I wasn't ready to come yet. I pushed his face away and lowered my leg until I stood on steady feet once more.

Jasper licked his lips and hummed as if he'd just had a tasty meal. I scowled at him fiercely and put my hands on my hips. "You are a dirty, naughty boy, and I need to punish you. Take your pants off and get on the bed!"

He stood up quickly and dropped his pants before walking swiftly to the bed. I walked over to the closet and found my toy box; I pulled a couple items out before turning back to the bed. Jasper was sitting up on his knees, so I pushed between his shoulder blades until he was on all fours. I pulled his boxers down and tried to ignore the huge piece of man meat I'd just freed from the cloth confines.

I picked up the soft leather cattail whip and bent low to whisper in his ear. "Are you ready, you bad boy?"

He shuddered and moaned yes.

I gave him a couple soft whacks with the whip and massaged his fine ass between each slap. We were both getting into it now, and I was getting close to stopping when Jasper threw his head back and moaned. "Fuck! That feels so good!"

I was surprised, but it turned me on even more to know he was that into our game. I gave him a couple stronger smacks, and watched as his fists clenched on the quilt covering my bed. I decided that was enough and laid it down. "It sounds like you were beginning to enjoy your punishment a little too much, Jasper. We can't have that, now can we?" I said sternly.

He shivered and I watched as he flopped onto his back before turning his head to look at me. I sat up on my knees and picked up the handcuffs. He eyed them with interest as I crossed over to pull his arms up to my headboard.

He'd used them on me a couple of times, but I think he secretly liked it when I used them on him much more. I clipped them in place and straddled his hips, rubbing my wet panties across his throbbing cock. "Are you ready for this yet, baby?" I cooed as I licked my lips.

He groaned and arched up, pressing himself against me pleadingly. "Please, Alice baby," he whimpered.

I tsked and shook my finger at him. "Nuh uh uh, big boy. You aren't running the show," I reminded him as I slithered down until I came face-to-face with his huge erection. It bobbed toward me and I had to suppress a snicker.

Jasper loved to see my lipstick around his dick after I gave him a blow job. It was one of those little things I'd figured out over the course of our relationship thus far. It was a small thing, really, but it made him hot and I sooo loved to make my guy hot.

I gripped his meat in my hand and licked around the head as he gazed down at me lovingly. He was always so loving when I had his dick in my mouth; it was so hilariously cliché. I made eye contact with him as I wrapped my lips around his length and bobbed down to deep throat him.

I made sure my lipstick smeared across the silky skin, staining his cock with a red circle. He moaned and let out a small "Fuck" as he pulled at the cuffs restraining him. I worked him over and teased a bit more before I set my rhythm. His blazing hot blue eyes were watching my every move.

He whispered encouragements, oaths, promises, and dirty words as I licked, sucked, and fucked him with my mouth. I loved watching him come undone when I did this to him. I obviously hadn't been very good at this in the beginning, but I was a fast learner and he was a willing teacher.

Now we both knew who the mistress of his cock was, and I never let him forget it. I kept my man sat-is-fied.

I could tell he was getting close, but I didn't want him to come in my mouth, so I pulled away and climbed back up to straddle his lap once more. His head dropped weakly onto the purple pillow behind him and he groaned. "You are the fucking queen," he breathed in wonder. I decided now was the time to release him from the handcuffs.

I laughed lightly and wriggled around on his lap. He gripped my hips and pushed up into me. "I want you to undress me," I commanded softly.

Jasper didn't need to be told twice. He reached out to unlace the corset and pulled it open. My breasts popped out and he threw the corset to the side of the bed before reaching for my panties. I sat up a bit so he could push them down my legs. They only got as far as my knees before he lifted me up and impaled me on his stiff cock.

I felt him thrust into me and it was the same as it had been every time...I felt so full and stretched that I could burst, but it only made it a thousand times better than any toy I'd ever used before. I knew my legs were stretching out one of my favorite thongs right now, but I didn't give a shit. Jasper was buried deep inside me, his big hands were wrapped around my waist, and his lips were sealed against my right nipple. I felt his tongue working against my stiff peak and it made me whimper with need.

His thrusts were heavy and deep, and I was in fucking heaven. I cried out, again and again as he fucked me. His hips pushed against mine and I cried out as my first orgasm took hold, crashing against me with fury and force. His name was on my lips like a plea as he continued plowing into me.

I felt my limbs go limp, but Jasper just turned so that I was pinned beneath him. His hips jackhammered into mine and his balls slapped against my ass as the headboard bounced against the wall. I should have been concerned about my roommates, but I quite frankly didn't give a fuck. Jasper was commanding all my senses and it was all I could do to simply hold onto his shoulders as he pounded me mercilessly.

He began muttering darkly and I knew he was close. "Fucking...spanking me...licking your mmm...pussy...delicious...fucking ordering me around...ugh...FUCK!"

Jasper thrust into me once more and froze as his handsome face contorted into a mask of pleasure so potent it looked painful. His body shuddered as he came hard and I watched it all lovingly, enjoying this moment almost as much as he was.

When he was done, he collapsed down over me. He was so heavy he was suffocating me, but I didn't care. He was all mine, and I relished the sensation of having him over me like this. I kissed along his sweaty shoulder and neck as he mumbled incoherently into the pillow.

Finally, he rolled off me and we caught our breath. When I was ready, I stood up and found a robe so I could go clean up in the bathroom. Jasper tossed an arm over his eyes and snoozed until I got back.

Things were so good between us. We complimented each other in so many ways, and I couldn't hope to find someone more suited for me than he was. I loved him more than I would have thought possible all those months ago when we first got together.

Every day, he showed me how much he loved and appreciated me. I knew it was only the beginning, and I looked forward to beginning our lives together. I just knew things would head in that direction, and I never felt an ounce of doubt that we were headed there together.

"Why don't we go to your place so we can give Rose and Emmett some privacy?" I suggested as I pulled out some clean clothes.

"Sounds good, darlin'," Jasper said as he sat up with a dazed look on his face. I chuckled and threw his clothes at him so he could get dressed.


(The day before...)

I collapsed on Bella's bed as soon as she kicked Edward out of her room and shut the door behind him. She wore a goofy expression on her face that had been permanently plastered there since the two lovebirds started going out. I wanted to huff in disgust, but that would have made me a hypocrite, so I couldn't.

"What's up, Rosie?" she asked as she came to sit next to me.

I bounced up and began pacing. "It's just...Emmett. He's so fucking amazing and I love him so much..."

She looked confused. "I hear a 'but' in there..." she coaxed.

I grumbled and plopped down on the floor in disgust. "We haven't had sex since that first night. What the hell am I doing wrong?"

My despair knew no bounds. Emmett was here almost every night, doing homework or cuddling with me. He would lay with me on the couch, kiss me with those amazing lips, touch me with those amazing hands...but poor Rosie Jr. wasn't getting any playdates with Emmett Jr. and it was beginning to worry me.

I fucking needed him, but...well, there was the issue...

Bella looked shocked. "You mean you guys haven't had sex, and you've been together all this time? I'm amazed!"

"Shut the fuck up, you smug bitch! Just cuz Edward's always in here laying pipe doesn't mean that we're all getting plowed!" I hissed as I tossed a stray shoe at her.

She ducked and laughed maniacally. "Well, what's the problem?" she asked.

I huffed and slouched down. "Well, I think he's waiting for me..."

Bella hummed. "So jump him, then," she suggested.

It would have been a practical plan, if it weren't for the smallest of details...

"I would, but look how it turned out the first time I tried that. I basically raped him, for crying out loud!" I yelled in disgust as I threw my hands up in the air.

Bella grabbed a pillow and hugged it tightly as she considered this. "Yeah, I guess...but you didn't know he was a virgin. You thought he was just holding back because he didn't think you were ready. You guys both had a major miscommunication, so it's not like you did it intentionally or anything..."

I buried my hands in my hair and tugged. "This is fucking nuts. I just wanna throw his fine ass down and mount him like a bucking bronco, but I feel like that would be so wrong after our first time, you know?"

Bella laughed and tossed the pillow at my face. It hit me with a sound thump and I tossed it on the floor beside me. "Here's an idea: why don't you tell him how you feel?"

I glared at her. "Your condescending tone will earn you a swift kick to the face, woman."

She rolled her eyes and dropped back onto the bed. I saw her lift one of the pillows and inhale deeply. A goofy smile came to her face and I hissed in irritation. How could she be so flipping happy and glowing while I was sitting over here so fucking unsatisfied and grouchy?

Smug post-coital bitch.

"Fine, I'll go call him right now and tell him I'm afraid of raping him again and then beg him to come over so I can take him for a joy ride," I hissed as I stomped out of her room.

"Good luck!" she shouted behind me. I slammed her door and stalked back to my bedroom as I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Emmett's number.

He answered on the second ring. "Well if it isn't my favorite girl," he greeted heartily when he picked up.

I made an effort to relax so that he wouldn't think I was angry with him. "Hey, baby. Can we talk?" I asked in my sweetest voice.

He laughed. "Uh oh, did I do something wrong?" he asked warily.

I sighed and sat down on my bed. "No, no...I just...I wanted to tell you something and I feel like an asshole doing it over the phone, but I can't seem to find the guts to talk to you about it in person."

I heard the noise in the background dim as he moved away from it. A door clicked and he took a deep breath. "Okay, tell me what's up."

I bit my lip and looked around my room, suddenly feeling like a big baby. "I wanted to apologize again."

We both knew what I was referring to. He heaved a tired sigh. "Sweetheart, that's ancient history. Please stop tearing yourself up over it," he pleaded.

I felt tears prickle in my eyes. "I can't. I basically fucking raped you, Em! I had no idea what I was doing, and it was so horrible of me and I never should have been so stupid..."

I was full-on crying now, but he was trying to soothe me over the phone. "Please stop crying, honey...it hurts me so much when you're sad."

My chest was aching with the pain I'd caused him. He said it wasn't a big deal, but it would always be a big deal to me. I wanted so much to fix it, but I had no idea how.

"Shhh...shhh...it's over now, honey. It's in the past. That day wasn't great for either of us, but we're together now and I love you. Tell me you love me too," he requested soothingly.

I snuffled and wiped my nose on the back of my hand. Ew. "I love you too," I stuttered.

"Should I come over?" he asked.

"No! I'll be okay. I don't want you to see me like this," I replied.

Emmett sighed again and I wondered what he was thinking. "What brought all this on?" he asked finally.

I froze and tried to think up an excuse, but he always knew when I was lying. I decided to tell the truth and hoped that he wouldn't think the worst of me. "Well, I just...was talking to Bella, and she was all post-hump with Edward, and it made me so..."

"Jealous?" he guessed with a chuckle.

I turned red and felt the previous irritation take up residence. "Yes, I was, actually," I replied stiffly.

Emmett chuckled. "You wanna know why we haven't had sex again, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes," I said through gritted teeth.

"Because I've been waiting on you to get over this guilt that's been eating at you. When we make love again, I don't want you to be afraid to touch me. I want you to enjoy yourself as much as I know I will be," he explained.

I was shocked. Seriously? Seriously?

"So it's not because you don't want to have sex with me?" I asked, amazed at the uncertainty coloring my tone.

Emmett's incredulous laughter boomed through the phone and deafened me. "Are you crazy, baby?"

I grumbled and huffed and he kept on laughing hysterically. "Well, Jesus, Emmett! What was I supposed to think when you don't even try to stick your hand down my pants?" I shouted into the phone.

Emmett finally calmed down enough to reply. "Sweetheart, I come home and jack off every night because I want you so much. For someone so intelligent, you sure can be clueless," he joked.

I perked up a little, choosing to ignore his rude joke. "Whatever. You really want to have sex again?" I asked with great hope.

"Hmmm...yes, I do...but baby, like I said, I'm not going to until you've decided to make peace with the past and let it stay there. It's time to forgive and forget. I love you, and you love me, and anything that we do should reflect that, okay?"

He made a lot of sense when he put it like that. I took a deep breath and decided he was right; I needed to let this go. It was over, it was done, and it was time to move on. "Okay," I conceded quietly.

He seemed to perk up. "Really?"

I bit the inside of my cheek and sighed. "Yep, really. I won't mention it again," I promised.

"Good, because I was really hoping for you to be my birthday present," he replied in a deep, sexy voice.

I shivered and felt the heat pool in my belly. "Oh, really?" I asked with a smug grin on my face.

"Really. I can't think of anything I'd like more than you in a big red bow, waiting for me..." he purred darkly.

The picture he painted had my blood pumping hotly through my veins. I vowed to make it happen.

I decided to play with him. "Hmm, well...I was thinking more along the lines of dinner, a movie, maybe some frisky hands..." I suggested innocently.

Emmett's smile was in his voice as he replied. "Sounds like a plan. I'll pick you up tomorrow at six," he said.

I agreed and as soon as we hung up, I ran out to make plans with Alice and Bella. They agreed to make themselves scarce tomorrow night so that I could prepare for my evening with Emmett.

A six o'clock on the dot, Emmett's knock sounded on the door. I shivered and turned up the thermostat before clicking over to the door in my extremely high-heeled flesh-colored stilettos. I checked the peephole to make sure there was nobody else about in the corridor before I opened the door and pulled him inside.

Emmett's jaw dropped as he realized what I was wearing. I cocked a hip and gave him my sultriest look. "Hello, birthday boy," I purred.

He was wearing a dark green polo shirt with loose cargo khakis and he looked good enough to eat. He smelled divine and I wanted nothing more than to bury my nose in his neck and inhale his scent all night.

"You...you're..." he stuttered, obviously utterly amazed.

I grinned. "You said this was what you wanted for your birthday," I reminded him helpfully. I looked down at myself and smiled at the big red bow wrapped around my torso, right under my breasts.

Aside from the heels and the bow, I wasn't wearing a stitch.

When I looked back up at him, he seemed to shake himself from his stupor. He advanced on me with a look of feral hunger. "I can't believe you did this for me," he whispered.

I gazed up at him with wide eyes. "Of course I did this for you, stupid! I lo-"

Emmett had backed me up against the wall in the entry way and covered my mouth with his. His kiss was hungry and demanding, and I complied immediately. I felt the bulge in his pants pressed up against my hipbone and it made my knees go weak to imagine him inside me again.

"God, you're so fucking beautiful. It's killing me. I need to...I need to...mmmm," he mumbled as he licked and sucked along my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access.

His rough hands were wrapped around my ribcage, holding me up as my knees wobbled. I'd collapse in a heap on the floor right now if he let go, so I prayed that he wouldn't.

"Where would you like to open your present?" I moaned as his mouth descended upon my aching nipples. He licked and sucked, nibbled and nipped. It felt amazing and my heart began to pound in anticipation of things to come.

I snickered at the pun. Hah.

He pulled back and moaned as he took in my flushed face. "Um...right here, on the floor, the counter, the dining room table, the shower, the bed...the couch..." he suggested, listing off almost every flat available surface in the dorm.

I laughed breathlessly and spun around, gripping his hand in mine to lead him to the bedroom. He followed behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me tightly against him. I felt his erection press against my naked ass through his pants and I squirmed in excitement.

He groaned when I pressed against him and spun us toward the couch. I let him lead me over to it and he pressed my hands against the back of it so I was arched over the cushions, facing away from him. He stood behind me and pulled my hips back until I was stretched and spread-eagle. He bent over me and brushed my ear with his lips. "I promise we'll take it slow and easy next time, baby. I just can't fucking wait right now. You surprised me," he whispered darkly.

I nodded helplessly as I heard his buckle release. I was already completely wet and ready, but his long fingers brushed and pushed against me anyway, teasing me until I whimpered with need. "Please, Emmett," I begged.

"Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck," he groaned and I turned around to look at him.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.

He looked angry. "I didn't bring a condom," he growled.

I relaxed my shoulders. "I've been on the pill for months now. We don't need one," I confessed.

Emmett's look of surprise quickly morphed back into one of intense need. I felt a shiver rush up my spine as his hot eyes locked on mine. His big, rough hands wrapped around my ass and he pulled me back against him once more. "This is gonna be insane," he muttered as he unzipped his pants and dropped them down to the floor.

He didn't even step out of them before he gripped his cock and positioned it between my dripping lips. I was so fucking ready for this, and it was so much hotter than I could have imagined.

He pushed into me, tentatively at first. I arched my back and gripped the couch as he filled me up. It hurt a little bit at first, even with all the moisture, but he was big and I was still new to this. I closed my eyes and held on for dear life as he began thrusting, hard and heavy. His grunts and groans were erotic and they spurred me toward my own release as he quickened his rhythm.

I knew I probably wouldn't orgasm, so I was really surprised when Emmett reached around to rub my clit with his fingertips. The extra friction knocked me over the edge just as he came deep inside me. He shouted my name in triumph as he climaxed, and I felt full of him in that moment.

Afterward, I stood up on my shaky legs and turned to face him with a sated smile. He grinned at me, and it made his dimples flash in his beautiful face. I leaned up to kiss him, and he met me halfway. "That was the best birthday present a boy could ever ask for," he said with a chuckle as he pulled away.

I beamed up at him and he reached down to pull at the knot on the bow. He stopped and appeared to consider it for a moment. "Hmm... on second thought, maybe I'll keep this on so I can open it again later," he said with a dirty little wink.

I playfully smacked his chest and told him I was going to get cleaned up. He left me to it and got dressed once more. "I sincerely hope you plan on wearing that to dinner," he called after me.

I turned and shot him a playful look. "I sure am, but we're not going out. I made dinner."

After I was done cleaning up, I went back into the kitchen and pulled out the stuff I'd made for his birthday dinner. Emmett loved sandwiches, probably more than the average guy, so I'd decided to make some really gourmet sammies for tonight. I got out the panini grill and plugged it in, allowing it to warm up as I assembled the goods.

Emmett watched from the doorway and I saw him casting appreciative glances at my backside. "You're gonna burn a hole in my ass if you keep staring at it like that," I teased sarcastically.

He laughed and came up behind me. He brushed my hair away from my shoulder and kissed it softly. "I'm sorry, you're just so amazing. I feel like the luckiest guy on earth right now."

I blushed to the roots of my hair and felt an unfamiliar bit of modesty hit me. "You're only saying that because you just got laid and now I'm making you sandwiches," I joked lamely.

He pulled me around to face him and I saw the seriousness in his eyes. He gripped my arms gently and shook me slightly. "Why can't you just accept that you're it for me, Rosalie? I'm going to show you for the rest of my life how much I appreciate you. I'll never let you forget how much I need you and want you!"

Emmett's words were so sweet that they made my heart ache. Sometimes his declarations were so grandiose, but I knew it came from being raised by a single mom who loved romance. He was a romantic at heart...but I knew instinctively that I could trust him with all my heart.

I looked up at him and sniffled. I was becoming so emotional in the past few months. "I believe you," I replied.

He looked mollified as he let me go. I turned back around to finish preparing the sandwiches for the grill. He stood off to the side and gave me room to move.

Finally, he spoke. "I meant it, you know."

His words were soft and quiet, but they filled the room with their weight. I understood what he was saying and I loved him that much more for it.

"I know," I whispered.

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