Note: First Au Pair story. Doesn't take place after any specific movie, let's just say the second. It's just something I created on my own. Katie's 16, Alex is 18(I'm having him be older, just makes more sense), and Jenny and Oliver are still married, and other then that, like I said, everything is the same.


With a hand propping her head up, Katie sat at the desk in her bedroom, trying her hardest to study for her AP Psych test the next morning. She hated it, and she hated just how hard she pushed herself. She hated being under so much stress to the point she could burst at any moment. Swallowing back a lump in her throat, she stared blatantly at the book, eyes drifting closed with each word read.

The door knob turning broke her from it, alerting her someone was coming in. With wide eyes, she turned sharply, watching as Jenny walked in, a small smile on her face. "Just wanted to see why you were cooped up in your room all this time." She said, a slight smirk coming onto her lips.

Katie sighed, pointing toward the mound of books and papers stretched along the mahogany desk. "Studying." She murmured, exhaustion evident in her voice. Jenny nodded, glancing back at the clock.

"It's almost midnight, you should really be getting to bed if you want to do well tomorrow." She adds, knowingly. She was very aware of just how crazy Katie could get when it came to testing, and how headstrong she was about grades.

"I know." She muttered weakly. Finding no known help, she slammed the text book shut, pushed back her chair and stood up. "I'll just..." She paused, defeated. "Go to sleep." Jenny nodded, chuckling as she watched the little girl she'd known forever, crawl into bed. She couldn't lie, Katie wasn't so little anymore. In fact, it was quite the contrary. She was a 16 year old junior, who grown into quite the woman. She was definitely proud of her.

Saying a small goodbye, she watched as the blond clicked off her light, allowing Jenny to slowly slip from the room.


The beeping of the alarm drew her from her peaceful sleep into a chaotic world, that in which she had no intention of entering this early. Groaning miserably, she threw back the covers and sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

She had to get going if she was to get there on time. The test started at 7, exactly-and no one was allowed to be late. If you were late, you failed, and if you failed the test, you failed the course- which in turn, meant taking it over.

And that was not going to be the case for Katie Caldwell.


She could feel the panic set in from the moment she took her seat, to the moment the teacher told them to begin. Glancing down at the words, she watched as they all blurred together, jumbling into one. She heard the timer go off, signaling them to the next question. On tests like these, you only had a minute to answer each question, if you didn't answer, you moved on- which meant a wrong answer. And for Katie, it seemed that this whole test would be full of wrong answers. A tingling sensation plagued her, hitting her hard in the stomach. She could feel her throat closing as she struggled to get in air. The timer goes off again.

Pages turn. She swallows, cringing from the pain.

And again, the timer goes. More pages. More turning.

More pain. An invisible band sets in around her rib cage, gripping it tightly to the point it's bone-crushing. She bites down hard on her lip as tears sting in her eyes. At this point, she's gasping for breath. With a shaking hand, she sets her pencil down and runs from the room. The door slams shut behind her. She's half expecting someone to come out and ask if she's alright, but she knows it won't happen. Everyone is too busy passing the course.

The one course that she will now have to take over. Pacing back and forth, she gripped desperately onto her sweatshirt, gasping for some form, any form of air to enter her lungs. When it does, it's slow, and painful. She feels so light-headed to the point she needs to sit down. Her heart aches as she does, and finally, when the air comes back, and the realization sets in, she rests her face in her hands and breaks down.