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Her body is slick with sweat. She swallows the lump in her throat as she wipes her brow. Her body aches as she cries. Alex comforts her, and then not long after, her father and step mother enter.

She tenses abruptly. He feels it in the embrace. She sucks in a sharp breath and buries her face deeper into the nook of his neck, whispering sweet nothings under her breath. Alex grips onto her tighter, letting her know he's there. She whimpers slightly and then lets go from his embrace.

She wipes at her eyes and looks up at the two adults. They have expressions of fear and sorrow place upon them. Katie runs a hand through her hair and automatically looks away. It's too tough, too terrifying to look at them.

It's something she can't and doesn't want to face.


Her hands are damp with sweat and fear as she sits at the table. Her father and Jenny have discussed turning him in, but honestly Katie couldn't if she tried. Not only did she wipe away the physical evidence, but she doesn't even know who it was that did this.

Not that she'd want too.

Jenny sits beside her, a comforting hand on her shoulder. Katie tries her best not to cringe from the contact, but does anyway. It's still hard for her, weeks later after the attack. It's still hard to sleep at night without nightmares, to go through her day without constant wonder of who the hell did this to her and why.

It's just merely Katie's thoughts and no matter how much she wanted, she couldn't change them.


Jenny watches as Katie reluctantly enters her bedroom. She stops folding the clothes and looks at her intently, curious as to what she's doing in here at this time of night. Katie gives off a slight smile and speaks. It's not much, but it's enough to get the meaning across.



Next, is her father. He's sat upon the chair in his office. Well, the office of the house they're staying in on vacation. Katie smiles again, and steps inside. The door shuts lightly behind her. He looks up, and grins widely.

"Hey baby girl, how are you?"

Katie sucks in a breath, wipes her palms on her jeans, and speaks. Her voice is still soft.

"Good. Well, not completely," She adds, chuckling. He grins wider, glad to see his daughter smiling and laughing again. "But, I'm better." She continues. "I just uh, I just wanted to say thanks. I..I'm glad you know, that you're here.." He nods, understandingly and holds out his arms.

She chuckles again and lets him sweep her into his grasp. She inhales his scent and rests her head on his shoulder. Her father is just might be the best man she's ever met.


Her brother is sitting in his room, face planted in front of a laptop. She steps in, like she had the other two rooms, and waits for him to notice her. He does, shortly after, and turns-watching as she stands there.

"I just wanted to say, thank you." She whispers, voice cracking. "It seems like these past few days, you're the only one who hasn't freaked out or lost their mind." He laughs too, making her smile again.

"Well," He snaps, clearing his throat. "That's what family's for, right?"