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Minto watched her secret love, from the table, where she was drinking her herbal tea. Ichigo rushed around, taking orders and then glaring at Minto, but smiled when she saw Minto watching Zakuro with a small blush on her cheeks.

Ichigo chuckled softly, before rushing towards the kitchen. Purin was doing tricks on her big red and white ball. Retasu was tripping and blushing.

What would they think, if they knew I loved Zakuro? Would they yell at me and kick me off the team? That was the thoughts that haunted Minto.

Minto sighed, before taking a sip of her tea. Zakuro walked past, with her eyes half shut.

"Onee-sama, would you like some herbal tea?" Minto asked.

Zakuro stopped and looked at Minto. She thought she saw a small smile on Zakuro's lips, but then realized she must be crazy.

"Hai Minto."

Zakuro sat down beside Minto and she poured her some herbal tea. Zakuro nodded, in thanks and then took a sip.

Ichigo, Retasu and Purin watched from the corner.

"See, I told ya." Ichigo whispered.

"Your right, I never would have guessed." Retasu whispered.

"Purin will give them the Purin Fon love pill na no da!"

Ryou stood behind them, "What are you talking about?"

The three Mews turned around, then stalked off. Ryou sighed and stuck his hands in his pocket.

"Girls..." Ryou muttered.

Minto slipped her coat on and looked in the kitchen.

"I'm now going Keiichiro."

Keiichiro looked up, from where he was making a new cake, "Ok, Minto-san."

Minto walked out of the cafe doors and waited outside, for the limo.

She leaned against the wall and smiled slightly.

Minto's limo soon pulled up and she climbed in.

"Where to Aizawa-sama?" The driver asked.

"Straight home, please."

"Sure thing, Aizawa-sama."

Minto stared out of the window, as they drove along.

Zakuro, what would you say if I loved you, the super model, the purple Mew Mew and a girl. What would nana say?

"Aizawa-sama, we're here."

Minto nodded and climbed out. She walked into the mansion and began to walk up the steps. As Minto got closer and closer to her room, she could hear banging and loud music. Minto opened her door and stared.

Purin and Taruto were jumping up and down on her bed, Ichigo was looking through her dairy, Kisshu was singing along to the music, Retasu was trying to stop Purin ,and Taruto from hurting themselves, and Pai was sat crossed legged in the air, watching Retasu.

Minto took a deep breath, "WHAT'S THIS?!"

The Mews and Aliens turned around and looked at the red faced Minto.

"Ano....Seiji-sama, let us in and Ichigo said she was staying for the night, then Pai-san and the others turned up." Retasu said quietly.

Minto sighed, "Where's onee-sama?"

A sly smile grew on Ichigo's face, "Zakuro-chan, will be here soon!" Ichigo said, in a singing voice.

Minto fought to keep the blush appearing. Minto then spotted her dairy... in Ichigo's hands.

"Ichigo? How far did you read?" Minto asked.

A dumb look came onto Ichigo's face, as she thought about it, "Ummm...page 10."

Minto sighed, in relief, "On good."

"Why?" Ichigo asked, then began looking through Minto's dairy.


Ichigo stopped and stared, her smile getting wider.

"Ichigo, please don't say that your on page 12." Minto pleaed.


"Minto loves who?" Said a familiar voice.

Ichigo and the others looked towards the doorway and Zakuro, wearing a white mini-skirt and light purple tank top.

"Minto loves-

Minto covered Ichigo's mouth, "I love my...Miki!" Minto declared.

Zakuro nodded and walked in, Minto sighed.

Seiji knocked on the door, with a big box of pizza in his hand.

Kisshu opened the door, "Yes?"

"Did you order an pizza?"

Kisshu looked back into the room, "Who ordered pizza?"

"Me!" Ichigo cried, jumping up.

Ichigo grabbed the box out of Seiji's hand and Kisshu slammed the door shut.

"Ok...I'll pretend that didn't happen." Seiji muttered, walking away.

Ichigo lay on her stomach, eating the pizza. The others took a slice and sat eating.

After they finished, Ichigo began looking for a movie to watch. Ichigo picked up King Kong and put it in the DVD player.

Retasu and Minto stared as the girl, creept out and stood on the stone, looking around. Ann took another step forward, then another and then...


Kong slammed his hand down.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Retasu and Minto screamed, latching onto Pai and Zakuro.

Pai blushed, as Retasu hid her face in his chest and Minto blushed, as she realized she had hid her face, in Zakuro's breasts.

Minto pulled away quickly but Retasu stayed where she was. Pai moved a bit and then Retasu realized and quickly moved away.

Ichigo, Kisshu, Pudding and Taruto were cracking up.

Minto snuggled into her sleeping bag and closed her eyes, I can't beleive I did that to onee-sama, but it did feel nice. Well it's easy to tell Retasu and Pai like each other, so we'll have to sort that out.

Zakuro lay in her sleeping bag, with her eyes closed, I was kinda shocked at what Minto did, but I wish she didn't move.