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"Dr. Cullen?" Carlisle Cullen turned around, one of his coworkers called him. "We have a problem. The usual driver for Child Services called in sick and we need you to take this kid downtown."

"Sure." He said, taking hold of him. The child was sleeping and had messy black hair on his head. A curious shaped scar adorned his forehead.

Carlisle carefully buckled the sleeping child into the car seat in the back of his car. Maybe not so carefully as the sleeping child began to stir and he froze as he awoke. Butterscotch eyes met bright emerald and he gasped. They were the exact same eyes that he'd seen before, on the human Edward, decades ago.

"Hello." He said softly, finishing strapping him in. He used his "doctor" voice as to not frighten the small baby. "I'm Doctor Cullen. I'm going to take you to a place were you can find a new mommy and daddy." He continued talking, fully aware that the fifteen year old child didn't understand a word he said.

"Vampire." Carlisle froze, hands gripping the steering wheel. Turning his head to the curious green eyes, he smiled.

"What did you say little one?"

"Vampire." He said simply, blinking, head cocked cutely to the side. Carlisle laughed.

"Silly little one, vampires aren't real. Who told you that?"

The child was stubborn. "My mummy said vampires are sparkly. You sparkle."

Carlisle looked to the sky. It was a dull, gray, cloudy day. No sun at all. How had he known he was "sparkly"?

"Are you afraid of vampires, little one?" He asked as he got unto the highway.

In the rearview mirror, he saw the child shake his head. "No." he said simply. "Dr. Cullen?" he asked.


"Are you a bad vampire?" he asked. "Do you eat humans?" Carlisle blinked. This couldn't be an ordinary child.

"I drink animals, little one." He said softly.

"Then you're a nice vampire. I like you." He said, as if he made up his mind about something. He yawned.

"Sleep little one." He said. "We have a long time before we get there."


"Thank you so much Carlisle. " Dr. Emma Sage said, taking the wide-eyed child from his arms.

"No problem Emma." He said, shaking her hand. She used to work at the hospital but got transferred as a nurse at Downtown London Child Services. He liked her because she was the only nurse who didn't lust after him; she was living happily with her girlfriend somewhere in the suburbs.

"Oh aren't you a sweetie." She cooed. Carlisle bit back a laugh; apparently she didn't see the green-eyed glare he was giving her. "What happened to him?"

"The nurse said that some lady dropped him at the hospital. His parents are dead and she is his aunt. She couldn't deal with taking care of two boys so close in age." Carlisle said in his musical voice. Emma thanked him again and he turned to leave when the child called out to him.

"Dr. Cullen." Emma gasped as he struggled in his grip and put him down. Carlisle bent down, used to him talking.

"Yes, little one?"

"Stay. I want to stay with you. You will not hurt me." He said in a quiet voice, green eyes looking up at him. The tiny boy's eyebrows furrowed. "Please?"

Carlisle frowned. "Little one, you'll find a new mommy and daddy here. You stay, for me?"

The emerald eyes looked dejected. Carlisle looked away, unable to look into his face.

"Yes sir." He said softly. Carlisle ruffled the raven hair and left.

Six Months Later

"You cheated!" Emmet growled, throwing down the controller.

"You can't prove it." Jasper responded smugly, arms around Alice. Emmet growled again. Suddenly, Alice stiffened in his embrace and stared blankly ahead. Two seconds later, shaking out of the trace she threw back her head.

"Carlisle!" She yelled up the stairs. Everyone winced.

"Did you have to yell?" Carlisle asked, amused, as he came gracefully down the stairs.

Alice shrugged. "It's fun. Phone for you." She looked excited for some reason.

The phone rang. Carlisle let it ring two times before picking up. "Hello, Dr. Cullen speaking."

"Hello, Carlisle, its Emma Sage from Downtown London Child Services. Do you remember the little boy you dropped off here six months ago?"

How could he forget? The bright, curious green eyes were etched into his memory now. He had wanted to know more about the child, but couldn't. It was best to let him find a family that wanted him. To let him find a family that didn't have a chance of hurting him.

"Yes. Is he alright? Has he found a family yet?" He was well aware that his family was listening in; how could they not?

"Not exactly." Emma said, worriedly. "He's such a sweet boy, but he would go to a family for a couple of days and they would return him. Scared out of their wits, I must say. They say things happen when he was there that hadn't happened before. Pets mysteriously dying, furniture rearranged, and then his last foster parents brought him home and couldn't find him for three days."

"Where was he?" He asked sharply. If someone had hurt him….Carlisle shook his head; where had that come from?

"They found him in the upper shelf of his closet." She said. "Many people are calling him a demon child." She suddenly sounded harsh. "People! Just because he a bit more advanced for his age, that doesn't mean you can call him names and ostracize him. It's just so -," she growled suddenly.

"Calm down Miss Sage." Carlisle soothed his voice soft and gentle. "The human mind works in strange ways." He should know. "Although, I can hardly fathom why you would call me of all people about this situation."

She chuckled. "He sick, and this is the first time that I've every seen him act as a normal two year old. He's kicking and screaming and will absolutely not let any doctor near him except for 'Dr. Cullen' ."

Carlisle tried to ignore Alice bouncing around him in excitement, she obviously knew something. Edward had left somewhere and Emmett's eyes were once again glued to the game he was playing, Rosalie's feet in his lap as she read the newest Seventeen.

"What does he have?"

"The Flu." Emma said. He froze, hand gripping the phone hard. Slowly his fingers relaxed and he silently thanked Jasper. Edward had almost died of the Spanish Influenza. He tried not to think of those emerald eyes empty of life. For a kid his age, the flu could be deadly.

"I'll be there." He said.


Carlisle walked into the agency and up to the front desk.

"Hello. I'm here to meet Dr. Sage. I'm Carlisle Cullen." The bored looking receptionist's eyes looked up and widened.

"Dr. Cullen!" Emma came out from double doors behind the desk. Carlisle smiled slightly as the receptionist shot her a dirty look. "I'm so glad you could make it. He's been throwing up for the last thirty minutes and won't come out of the bathroom."

Carlisle hurriedly followed Emma through the doors when the receptionist spoke up, "Are you talking about that demon child? Serves him right, the freak. Hope he dies and goes straight to-"

"I would advise you to keep your mouth shut, Miss Richardson, or you may find yourself facing the unemployment line again." Emma said in a hard voice and motioned for Carlisle to follow her.

"He's in there." She pointed to a door and knocked. "Honey, guess who's here? Dr. Cullen needs to check up on your flu, okay?" Nothing. "Hun?" She tried the doorknob. "Open this door now; I'm not kidding." Carlisle could see she was getting a bit anxious and removed her hand from the doorknob and turned it himself, the lock breaking.

"Sorry, my grips a bit hard." He muttered then opened the door. It was empty of emerald-eyed little boys.

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