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Harry woke up, scared and shivering. He blinked a couple of times as his eyes readjusted to the light.


He looked up to the see the worried face of Mrs. Esme. So he was safe; he felt safe when he was with Dr. Cullen or any of the Cullens.

Esme laid a pale hand on his forehead and frowned as she looked at his scar. I'm curious. She thought. Where did he get that?

"Are you feeling alright sweetie?" she asked. "Can I get you anything?"

"No thank you." Harry said, sitting up. Esme picked him up and settled him on her lap.

"What's the matter Harry?" Esme asked, seeing as Harry frowned.

"Am I sick again?" Harry pouted which made Esme chuckle.

"No sweetie," she said, "just try not to scream much for the next few days, okay?"

Harry giggled. "Where is Dr. Cullen? And Alice, and Rosalie, and Edward, and Jasper, and Emm – " Esme laughed as she cut him off.

"Well let's see." She smiled. "Alice and Rosalie are out shopping, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward are, well, wherever they are, and Carlisle is out doing some business."

Harry nodded. "Will I have to go back? Is that why Dr. Cullen is gone?"

Esme hesitated. "I'm not sure. But Harry, look at me." Those large, emerald eyes looked up at her. "My family and I will do our best to make sure you're safe." Harry's eyes sparkled and he hugged her tightly.

"Thank you Mrs. Esme." Harry mumbled.

Esme gently kissed the top of his head. "Harry, can you tell me something? Who were those people?"

"Death Eaters." Harry murmured. "That's what mummy and daddy called them. They're bad. T-they made mummy go away," Harry's voice cracked and Esme hugged his tighter.

"It's alright sweetie." Esme crooned softly. Harry closed his eyes and let her musical voice wash over him. "Harry…if we were able to let you stay with us…would you? Even though you know what we are?"

Harry looked up, eyes filled with tears, but smiling nonetheless. "Of course!"

Esme smiled widely. He's just too cute. "Now sweetie, why don't we get you cleaned up and find something to do while we wait for everyone to come back, hm?"

She stood up and held Harry closed, humming.

I could get used to this.


Emmett's phone started vibrating in his pocket. "Hello?"

"Hey Emmett!" Rosalie said excitedly.

"What's up?"

"Harry woke up. Esme said he's felling better."

"Okay." He hung up and turned to his brothers.

Edward sighed, jumping down from a branch above. He didn't see the beg deal on this kid anyway. He sighed again. He had to admit it; curiosity got the better of him. This human was his many times great cousin. He had the same eyes as him, his dad, and his aunt; what little memory he had of them. Harry was living relation to him.

His eyes strayed to Jasper. Jasper had it harder than them all, being less used to their hunting style. What if Harry were to hurt himself, what would they do? It had been easy to ignore the scent of that wizard's blood, it was repulsive, but with Harry…would they be able to resist?

This was a danger, keeping this human. Edward spoke up, breaking the silence. "What do you guys think of Harry?" he asked nonchalantly.

Emmett shrugged. "Rosalie like's him and he's not so bad. This might even be fun!" he grinned. Edward rolled his eyes as Emmett imagined what it would be like teaching Harry baseball.

"He's only two." Edward reminded him.

"Never to young to learn!"

"It will be…difficult." Jasper said softly. "For all of us."

"Yeah, especially for you." Emmett grinned.

Edward rolled his eyes. "Alive loves the boy though." Jasper continued. "So I guess I'll just have to try harder on my restraint…" He looked up. "You guys go ahead. I'll catch up."

"You sure you're going to be alright?" Edward asked. Jasper nodded.


"We may have gone a bit overboard." Alice chuckled, getting into the car.

Rosalie smiled. "Harry's worth it." Alice nodded cheerfully. The two got into the car and drove off, the ride silent, each in their own thoughts.

"Alice, can I ask you something?" Rosalie asked suddenly.

Alice looked over at her and smiled softly. "You're wondering about Harry." She said. "About how he feels? About what made him pass out? About whom those wizards were? About-"

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "If you're done channeling Edward, yes. I'm worried. Would we be able to take care of him properly? We know nothing of taking care of children, let alone a boy wizard with emotional trauma."

"I honestly don't know." Alice said softly. "I can't see anything when he's around much. Everything just looks bright. But I know we'll be okay. Carlisle is a doctor."

"Yeah I guess you're right. We'll just have to hope for the best."


"Harry!" Alice squealed, scooping Harry in her arms. "You're alive!"

Harry smiled widely and hugged her back. "Hello Alice." He gasped.

"Oops, sorry." Alive said, loosening her hold. Edward and Emmett exchanged looks.

"We bought you some food Harry." Rosalie smiled. "You must be hungry. And some cloths and toys and-"

"Yeah, just about bought the whole store." Emmet scoffed. Rosalie glared.

"Where's Jasper?" It went quiet. "Jasper? He's out sweetie." Esme said.

"Harry!" Alice said suddenly, changing the subject. "We got cookies for you!"

"Cookies?" Harry asked eyes wide with a childish sparkle.

Everyone laughed.


Harry was sitting in the Cullen's huge kitchen. His legs swung happily as he enjoyed the cookies Alice bought him.

"Edward, would you like one?" Harry asked, holding one out, trying to figure out why Edward had yet to say a word.

Both Alice and Rosalie shot him a look. Edward glared at them, took the cookie, and took a bite.

"Thank you Harry." He mumbled. Emmett snickered at his predicament.

"Do you want one too?" Harry asked Emmett also, eyes shining.

"No than- I mean, yes, thanks Harry." Emmett cowered under Rosalie's glare. Esme hid a smile, he was just too cute.

"I'll be right back." Alice said, getting up quickly and leaving.

"What's wrong with Alice?" Harry asked quietly. Have I done something to her? Was I a bad boy?

"Nothing sweetie; don't worry about it."


"Jasper!" Alice jumped in his arms. Jasper kissed her and put the pixie-like vampire down.

"Is Harry alright? Did I hurt him? Did he say anything about me?"


"Is he scared? Of me?" Jasper asked sharply.

Alice rolled her eyes. "This little human is one of the most fearless I've ever seen I truly think he just wants someone to love him." Alice said softly. "Were you out hunting?"

"Yeah," Jasper replied, rubbing his temples. "I cannot risk anything else. I was so close. I-"

"Jasper!" It was Alice's turn to be sharp. "Look at me." He did and she kissed him. "Come on, let's go in. Harry might have a cookie for you!" She joked.

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