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Their Worst Fears

Chapter 1

Clown Issues

Xemnas looked over his organization. What had gone wrong? They had all gone soft as of late. He would fix this. Even if it was only to torture them.

Xemnas called the other members into a large room. In the center was another small, white room. On the side of it looked like a computer.

"Now, each and every one of you is going to go into that room for a minute. Hopefully it will change your attitude around the castle. No weapons allowed inside."

Everyone looked around uneasily.

Xemnas rolled his eyes. "Alright, Xigbar, you're up first."

The long, black haired Nobody's eye widened. "M-me? Oh come on, we don't have to go in numerical order."

Xemnas sighed. "It'll make everything a whole lot easier."


"Just go in."

Xigbar gulped and reached for the doorknob.

Xemnas motioned for the other members to follow him to the computer.

On the small screen showed the inside of the room. Xigbar was just going in.

Xemnas smiled to himself as he clicked a button on the keyboard.

Before anyone saw anything on the screen they could hear Xigbar screaming.


On the screen it showed Xigbar pounding on the door. He looked behind his shoulder and screamed again.

"No, you stay away from me!" he shouted at the image of a clown.

Xemnas chuckled. "It's not technically real. But you can touch it and it definitely looks real."

The clown chased Xigbar around the room.

"Get away from me you freak!"

Xaldin burst out laughing. "Freak? I'd say Xigbar has a more distorted face than a clown."

The other members laughed along.

A timer on the computer started to beep and Xemnas sighed.

"Time to let him out."

Xaldin stopped laughing and his face drained of all color.

The clown disappeared and the door opened allowing Xigbar who was pounding on it again to fall out of the room.

"Have fun, Xigbar?" Axel asked.

Xigbar shook his head and took a seat against the wall burying his head in his arms.

"Xaldin, you're up next." Luxord said patting him on the back.

Xaldin shivered and headed towards the dreaded door.

The others crowded around the computer anxious to see what the large Nobody was afraid of.

Again, Xemnas press the button.

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