Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Disclaimer: Everything recognizable in this story belongs to the CW and Kripke. I'm just playing in their sandbox for a little while.

Author's Note: Sam is 16 and Dean is 20 in this story. This story is dedicated to Pippin1984 who requested to see a kidnapped Sam story.


Dean had just pulled up to West Chatham High School in Cambridge Nebraska to drop his sixteen year old brother off for school. They were in town to hunt a Ragana who had been haunting the nearby woods and killing people. They had been in town for a couple of weeks now researching where the deaths had occurred and had finally pinpointed the most probable location of the creature's lair. "I'll be here to pick you up at three o'clock sharp." Dean said as he shut down the engine and turned to face his brother. "Make sure you're not late. Dad want's to finish this hunt tonight.

"Yeah fine, I'll be here." Sam replied with a frown as he reached into the backseat to pull out his book bag. He was so tired of all the moving around and wanted to stay in once school for more than a month or two at a time.

"Sammy, it's gonna be alright you know." Dean said as he saw how disheartened his little brother was. "It won't take you long to make friends at your next school."

"That's easy for you to say Dean, you were always mister popular no matter where we went. I just wish…aw, forget it." Sam said as he turned his back and began to trudge away.

Opening his door, Dean got out of the car and quickly jogged up to his brother and grabbed him by the shoulder to spin him around. "You just wish what Sammy?"

"I just wish I could stay in one school for the whole year but it's never going to happen because of Dad and his need to always be hunting." Sam replied with misty eyes.

"Sammy, you know why we hunt. We've got to kill find that thing that killed mom and make it pay. I know you're hurting kid and I'll talk to dad about maybe letting you stay with Jim or Bobby for a while so you can finish out the rest of this year at one school okay kiddo." Dean said as he looked his brother in the eye.

"It's not the same Dean, you wouldn't be there because you'd be off hunting with dad. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay. I'm just tired you know."

Seeing the truth in Sammy's statement just from the posture he held and the weary look in his eyes, Dean said, "As soon as we finish this hunt, I'll try to talk dad into taking a short vacation from it, just spend some family time together. Okay kiddo?"

"Like that's ever going to work. I'm gonna be late to class Dean, I gotta go." Sam stated as he crossed the parking lot and walked up the steps leading to his latest school.

Dean watched his baby brother walk away and noticed how defeated he seemed to be from his slumped posture. He knew Sam had been getting upset lately with their way of life, but he didn't notice the toll it was taking on him. "I'll make sure you get that break you need Sammy, I promise." he whispered as he watched his little brother disappear into the school.


As the school day slowly passed by, Sam wasn't looking forward to going to his P.E. class. He was going to have to tell his friend Brian that they would be moving again. He and Brian had quickly become friends when Sam started since he had been at the school only a few weeks himself. It just seemed normal for the two newest students to hit it off and become friends. As the bell rang signifying for them to exchange classes, Sam walked into the gymnasium and sat down on the bleachers. He saw Brian approach from the other end and wave at him with a smile on his face before walking over to take the empty spot beside him.

"Hey Sam, what's up? You don't look so happy dude." Brian informed him as he looked up to see their substitute P.E. coach walk over towards them. Their regular coach had been out with the flu for the past week, but the new guy was alright and let them get away with not doing laps like Coach Smith made them do everyday before starting class.

"I just found out that we'll moving again. It my dad has his way, this will be my last day of school here" Sam answered with an apologetic look towards his friend.

"Damn, that sucks dude. I'm sure going to miss you." Brian said with a tight smile. He was hoping that he and Sam could join the basketball team together once tryouts got started in a month.

As the boys talked with each other, substitute Coach Alexander stopped to listen when he heard Sam Collins mention that it could be his last day at the school. Unbeknownst to the "Collins" family, he had been watching them over the past two weeks. He knew who they were as soon as they entered town. He had met John Winchester approximately seven years ago when he had interfered in a hunt he was on causing him to look like a fool in front of his friends. He would never forgive John for proving him wrong about that nest of supposed vampires and he was going to pay. He had hoped they would be in town a little while longer, but now it looked like he would have to put his plan into effect sooner than he had thought. He would have to grab the youngest Winchester before the end of the day and get the hell out of town.

Knowing that he had to get class started before the student's became suspicious, he blew the whistle and said, "Everybody taking your positions for basketball drills. He watched as each of the boys took their assigned positions and started practicing their drills. He stopped a few of the boys for pointers and showed them how to make their plays better. Once he got to Sam, he said, "Collins, I want to see you after class today in my office." before walking away.

"Huh, wonder what that's about?" Sam thought as he shrugged his shoulders and continued to defend the ball from the boy trying to steal it. He wasn't their regular coach so he couldn't ask him about joining the team. He wondered if the coach was upset about something and he was in trouble. Maybe it would be a good thing they were leaving today as he didn't want to have to serve after school detention, or worse…receive a paddling.

As the time neared for the bell to ring, the coach instructed the students to put the basketballs away and get ready for their next class while he waggled his fingers at Sam to follow him. The last period of the day was his planning period so they wouldn't be interrupted by any other students accidentally walking in. Brian gave Sam an "I'm sorry look" before Sam turned to do as instructed. Sam had just entered his office when the bell rang and everyone else left the gym.

"Did I do something wrong sir?" Sam asked as he approached the coach with trepidation. He hoped the coach wouldn't keep him long since it was time for science and Mrs. Matthews would give him hell in front of the whole class for being late. She had a knack for making her students feel two feet tall by the time she was finished with them. In her book, there was no excuse in the world for being late.

"No son, I was just worried about you. You didn't seem like your usual self." the coach replied as he moved around and sat just in front of Sam on the edge of his desk. "Is there something troubling you that I can help you with?"

"No sir, I'm fine. Sam replied with a tight smile. "I just found out we're moving is all."

"Well if you're sure there's nothing I can help you with then you can go back to class." Hank informed the youngest Winchester.

"I'm sure, thank you sir." Sam replied as he stood up to turn around. He suddenly found himself grabbed from behind as a cloth was placed over his mouth and nose. He tensed as he instantly recognized the minutely sweet smell being that of chloroform. He tried not to breath in as he fought to pull the cloth away from his face.

As Sam turned to walk away, Hank put his hand into his pocket and pulled out the cloth he had just soaked with chloroform before Sam had walked into the room. He quickly grabbed the kid's shirt and pulled him to his chest in a jerking motion as he used his other hand to clamp the cloth over Sam's nose and mouth. He felt the youngster beginning to struggle and held on tight, the little bastard wasn't going to get away from him.

Sam could feel dizziness overtake him as he fought to get away. He tried to claw the man's hands but found himself unable to do so since he had cut his fingernails the previous day since they were too long for his liking. Knowing that he would pass out soon if he didn't do something, he swung his elbow back and hit them an in the side only to hear him make an "oomphing" sound but still maintain his hold on him. Sam could feel his heart rate speed up and he raised his foot to stomp down onto the other man's foot, but it lacked any real power as faintness assailed him and he passed out backwards into the man's arms.

Quickly checking outside the gymnasium to make sure no one was in sight, he returned to his office and hoisted Sam over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and carried him outside to his car. Opening the trunk, he placed the lanky unconscious boy inside and quickly closed the lid. He then climbed into the old sedan and pulled out of the school parking lot. "Let the fun begin." he thought as he treasured the idea of finally bringing John Winchester to his knees.


Dean pulled up to the school at 2:55 PM and waited for his little brother to exit the building. As he waited, he thought about the conversation he had had with his father earlier. At first, John had bristled at the idea of taking a small vacation, but when he explained how the hunt was affecting Sammy and could possibly led to health problems, their dad had agree to at least think about it. It wasn't much, but at least it was a start.

Glancing at his watch, Dean noticed that it was now five minutes after three and that his geeky little brother was still nowhere in sight. He sighed as he prompted his elbow on the window and rested his head in his palm. "Damn it Sammy, I told you to be out here at three o'clock sharp." he mumbled to himself as he watched another group of student exit the building with no sign of his brother.

After waiting another ten minutes, Dean decided to go in and get his little brother and drag him out, even if it embarrassed him. If Sam had done as he was told, then he wouldn't have had to embarrass the kid. Walking up to the office, he asked the secretary to please page Sam Collins to come to the front office. When Sammy didn't show up within a few minutes, he immediately became concerned. "Where the hell is my brother?" Dean questioned as he drummed his fingers on the secretary's desk. "I don't know sir, let me get the principal and see if he can help you.

A few moments later, a tall stock man walked out of the office and introduced himself as Virgil Cooper. He had the nurse pull up Sammy's schedule and had Dean follow him to the science room where Sammy's last class was scheduled. Upon talking to the teacher, they were informed that Sam had never shown up for class. They were about to walk away when the principal noticed Brian Glenn walking by. "Brian, aren't you a friend of Sam Collins?"

"Yes Sir" Brian answered as he looked warily at the principal and the man wearing the brown leather jacket standing beside him.

"This is Sam's brother Dean, Sam was supposed to meet him up front but never showed up. Do you have any idea about where he might be?" the principal asked.

"No sir, the last time I saw him, he was headed into Coach Alexander's office. He wanted to see him after class.

"Thanks Brian." Principal Cooper stated as he then proceeded towards the gym. Upon entering the gymnasium, the saw no signs of the coach or Sam. The principal telephoned the secretary to put out an all call for the coach to return to the gym. When he didn't arrive, Dean immediately became suspicious. Deciding to check the coach's office, the principal and Dean found Sam's book bag and signs of a struggle. "What the hell?" Dean questioned as he saw the papers strung all over the floor., immediately knowing that someone or something had taken Sammy.

"I'm not sure what happened here, but I can promise you we will get to the bottom of it." the Virgil Cooper stated as he picked up the phone to call the police. He wasn't the only one however placing a call as Dean flipped open his phone and pressed the speed dial for his father's number.

"Dad, Sammy's missing!"

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