House entered the hospital whistling happily as he limped toward the elevator, "You seem cheery." Cameron commented.

"What ever could you mean?" he asked stepping into the elevator with her. She shook her head as they rode up to the forth floor. Cameron followed him all the way back to his office, "Can I help you?" he asked.

"Yeah, here. 12 year old fainting dizziness falling asleep all the time. Father requested you."


"Something about the mother."

"I'm flattered." He laughed and picked up the file, "I'll take it." She looked at him curiously and then shrugged before walking out.

"We have a case."


"Where are Thirteen and Foreman?"

"Vacation." Kutner replied.

"Damn. Page Cameron and Chase." He said, "Now." Then he walked out and down to the patients room. The kid was red haired and had freckles, his dad was blonde and very pale.

"Are you House?"

"Whose asking?"

"I'm Jason Carter."

"And the kid?"

"Is my son, Gregory."

House stared at him, "So what's wrong?"

"If I knew I wouldn't be here asking for you to figure it out would I?" Jason snapped.

"Mr. Carter, we need you to fill out some papers."

"His mother-."

"Isn't here yet." Gregory said groggily, "she's not coming."

"Greg." Jason warned.

"Why would she be better?" House asked curiously.

Jason stared at him, "she knows more about his health." He said simply walking out the door.

"That's a lie." House said following him.

"I got here as fast as I could Jason, what happened?" the woman was tall with long brown hair and blue eyes.

"No its not."

"She's not his mother." House said.

"What-How did you know that?"

"The kid as red hair."

"And?" the woman asked, "Your blonde and you have brown hair."

"Well the mother doesn't have anything genetic anyways." The woman huffed.

"She might not have known about it. Get her here now." House turned on his heel and walked down the hall continuing his whistling.

Cameron was now in the office, Chase was not though, "When I left there were two ducklings in here and now I have the runaway duckling."

"Taulb and Kutner had places to go." Cameron said, "And Chase is on vacation."

"Well crap. Come on." They walked over to Wilson's office and got him before going down to Cuddy's office, "you let my entire team except for me go on vacation at the same time?"

"Yes, you haven't had a case in weeks House."

"Well I do now, so heres my new-old team."

"New old?"

"You three all used to be part of my team at one time or another." Nobody said anything, "Alright we have a 12 year-old boy fainting dizzy and falling asleep. Biological mother isn't present but the dad doesn't think its anything genetic."

"Well then he should get the real mother here."

"He is." House said, "Cuddy go get the history from the father and mother, Wilson go ask the kid stuff." They rolled there eyes, Cuddy grabbed her coat, and they both walked out.

"Why is it that you're not taking vacation with your hubby?"

"Chase is not my hubby." Cameron said, "and it's really none of you business House."

"Your part of my team so it is."

"No, your nosey and want it to be your business but its not." She said walking out exasperatedly. After an hour of questioning, it was now 9 and House decided to follow Cameron home. He sat outside watching the shadows inside.


Cameron walked in to find Chase passed out on the couch a beer in his hand empty ones littered around the house, a shirt and bra were on the chair, Cameron looked at them, they weren't hers. She heard the shower turn off and the door open, she turned to see a brunette woman standing there, dripping wet, no towel, glaring at her.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked Cameron.

"I'm his now ex-fiancé." Cameron said yanking off the ring and going over to a now awake blurry eyed Chase.

"Hey babe, missed you." Cameron glared up at the woman and then reached down and slapped Chase across the face and chucking the ring at him before stomping into her room and grabbing a bag, Chase came in behind her.

"Come on Allie, don't act like that."

"Don't act like what, a normal woman who was just cheated on!"


"Don't call me Allie, if you ever want to talk to me again, it better be at work and you better call me Dr. Cameron." She hissed shoving past him and walking out the door, Chase followed her and grabbed her arm pushing her up against the wall.

"Chase get off of me!" Cameron screamed.


House's head snapped up, he had been about to leave when the front door opened. He watched as Cameron stormed out and Chase followed her. Chase shoved her up against the wall, which pissed House off, he was getting off his bike when Cameron stomped on his foot and punched him in the face and ran down the stairs, House revved his engine, Cameron saw him and ran over to him, got on his bike, pulled on the helmet he handed her and wrapped her arms around him as he took off.

House came to a stop outside his House, Cameron got off and he followed in suit leading the shaking crying immunologist into his house. He took her bag and set it beside his piano and led her to his couch. She curled up in the corner continuing to sob. House grabbed a bottle of scotch and two glasses and sat down next to her.

"Cameron stop crying." She didn't seem to hear him or care, "Cam." But she continued her sobbing, "Allison please stop crying." He laid his hand on her arm, she flinched away and then slowly, realizing it wasn't anyone trying to hurt her, she sat up sniffled and wiped her eyes. House poured some scotch into a glass and handed it to her, she took it looked at the bottle and drank it down in one gulp.

House stared at her in astonishment and poured to more, handing her another and drinking one himself. Cameron did the same thing for the next four drinks.

"You're a scotch drinker." She just nodded and stared at the black TV screen, "what happened?"

"Some slut, Chase drunk, slut in shower clothes everywhere, broke it off with Chase, don't ask anymore, please House don't."

"Okay, you can stay in my guest room." He said.

"Thanks." She mumbled. House took her glass and poured her more scotch.

"There's extra towels in the hall closet feel free to use the shower, there's food in fridge I'll be back in a few hours." He said heaving himself up and limping out of the house. Cameron sat there for a minute and then got up, grabbed her bag a towel and disappeared into the bathroom.


House pulled up outside Chase's house and hobbled up to the door, he wasn't ever going to touch Cameron or any other woman like that ever again.


When he got home Cameron was curled up asleep on his couch sponge bob was now playing on the TV. He draped a blanket over her body and turned off the TV before crawling into bed.