Opportunity Recruits

By PaBurke

Summary: Who do you send to recruit the transgenics for Homeworld Security? Why, someone they can relate to, of course.

Fandoms: Season 2 of Dark Angel finale, SG1 Season 8, Fragile Balance

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I made no money. This is all in fun.

Word Count: 550

Max and all the other transgenics retreated to the COMM Center. Those who had been assigned posts stayed there, others milled around looking for work. They had made their decision to stay, but they didn't know how to go about Iliving/I in the real world with normals.

They were all a bit jumpy and so all jumped when the computers were taken over by an obviously military outside entity. A woman appeared on all the screens. She was older, blonde and had serious blue eyes. There was nothing about her that screamed Ithreat/I but the transgenics were very wary. It was how they had stayed alive this long.

"Carter to O'Neill. Come in O'Neill."

Each person looked around to see who could possibly be this 'O'Neill.' They weren't too worried because Carter had just outted the man in the middle of a bunch of super soldiers.

"Carter to O'Neill. Come in O'Neill," the woman repeated.

"I'm here, Carter," a young man hugging one of the pregnant X-5's finally spoke. Max remembered him as one of the two normals who had been a part of Terminal City before the siege. He had been helping all and been especially attentive to a woman who was carrying someone else's baby. "What is it?"

"It's looking hairy outside, sir. Offering EVAC."

"Negative, Carter. Not until the bullets start flying."

"Yes, sir. We will stand by on the EVAC. You now have a COMM unit, please use it. Carter, out."

"O'Neill, out." The young man patted his pants' pocket, stood and looked around. "My name is Colonel Jack O'Neill of the USAF. I'm a recruiter for special people that need special placement."

Alec snorted. "Special people? Why not just say killers?"

"I recruit a lot more than assassins and snipers. I also get the geeks, the aliens, and the bureaucrats." O'Neill shivered as he said the last word and if they were the worst of the lot. "I've got a recruitment packet that's inches thick but can cover any possibility that you can throw at me." He waved at Alec. "Go ahead. Try me. Tell me something true that I don't have a paper for, in triplicate."

"I have a dead evil twin."

O'Neill rolled his eyes. "Come on. Put a little effort into it. And clones are a little too specific for us. There's a section for look-alikes, organic or inorganic, the DNA comparison if organic, general psych eval, and current residence, with room for a cemetery address." O'Neill rocked back on his heels. "Look, I'm here to stay with Star no matter what happens. I can answer questions, granted all perspective missions are classified but I can tell you that we rarely assassinated our enemies and you won't have any difficulty once you see the destruction they were capable of.

"I can't promise total acceptance where we want to send you, but most of our soldiers have been working with the strange and crazy for years. The geeks might want to run some tests, but you will never be ordered to comply after the initial physical evaluation and you can certainly run faster than them if they get persistent. It's an option available to all." O'Neill nodded once to Max and then returned to Star's side like nothing was out of the ordinary.