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Basic Summary: The Volturi shows up for a little visit and they get ambushed by the ghosts (mainly Henri Thomas) And Harriet will provoke Jane by pulling her hair. I will enjoy writing that scene!

I'm taking a request from a reviewer. There is some Father/Children bonding time in this story. And I am making this one as long as I can.

Chapter 1

I sat there looking out the window at the rain. I sighed at the familiarity. Bella and I had decided not to go to high school this year. We had decided to get familiar with the married life and get to know my children a little better.

And besides, Esme needed help running the hotel. Catherine of course did a lot of work but she and John Lawrence had gotten married the month before. The hotel did, as Carlisle had said make life more interesting with ghosts running around.

"Hi dad!" ghosts Alice said smiling. She and ghost Edward had long since went back to being half human half vampire. No longer ghosts. But I still called them ghost Alice and ghost Edward. As well as little Alice and little Edward. They hated those nicknames almost as much as Edward 2 and Alice 2.

We had also discovered Alice's curious gift of talking to animals and Edward being able to see the past. Not like my mind reading he could see the events not the minds. He could even see Bella's. I was slightly jealous but he showed it to me in his head sometimes and we teased Bella about.

"Hi. What have you been up to?" I asked smiling too. Her smile was infectious I had learned only a few days of living in the hotel.

"Oh Helen got the TV fixed and is forcing Master Lawrence to watch Battlestar Galactica with her," she answered. It was no surprise. Helen loved that old TV of hers and forced people to watch old television series from back when she had been human.

"How many times has he tried to sneak out?" I asked.


I heard a shout from upstairs. "I can't believe I'm having try and sneak out of my own home!" it was clearly John.

"Fine if you wanna have prison break ghost hotel style we'll watch something you can relate to!" Helen shouted back.

"Wait! What? What are you talking about?" I could hear John demanding. "Oh, God you are not going to make me watch that television show where the guys try to break out of jail are you?"

"That is exactly what I'm going to do! And it's called Prison Break by the way," Helen said proudly. Then she sighed dreamily and said in equally dreamy voice, "Michael Scoffield."

"Looks like there's a hostage situation up there for Catherine to deal with," I mused.

Ghost Alice started laughing loudly.

"Not again," we heard Catherine moan.

"So what would you like to do today?" I asked.

"I don't know. I doubt Jasper would let us in his study after last night," she mused.

I smiled as I remembered last night. We were looking at two books and couldn't decide which one to read so we picked a good decider: flipping a coin. While the coin flipped it rolled under the bookshelf. I picked up the corner of the bookshelf so my daughter could go and get when Henri Thomas thought it would be an excellent idea to sneak up behind and scare me. I dropped the bookshelf. It nearly landed on ghost Alice so I grabbed it and threw it aside. But, of course all the books fell off and in stormed Jasper.

"Henri Thomas is a pest," I mused quietly.

"Are we making a vengeance plan?" ghost Edward asked as he walked in.

"Yes we are!" ghost Alice said excitedly.

The rest of the day was spent planning and reviewing and editing the plans. Even Bella had come over and made suggestions. Esme gave us guidelines, limits and even a few suggestions. Henri Thomas had switched her cleaning products with paint that matched the colors of the products. Needless to say she wasn't pleased.

Suddenly Alice burst through the door panting wildly. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess. I tried and failed to make sense of them.

"Alice are you ok?" Esme asked worried. Everyone else in the room looked curious and confused. The rest of my siblings entered the room but Alice stayed in the doorframe panting like a dog on a hot day.

"Alice what is it? Alice? What is it Alice?" I demanded. Where was Jasper when you needed him?

All she managed to gasp out was, "The Volturi."