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Twisted Knots

Releasing Feathers

Circle, circle, line, spiral.

A pale finger traced patterns on red satin sheets as blank blue-grey eyes stared as they were traced into the dark red fabric.

Line, line, spiral, circle.

The bare figure lying in the middle of the bed trembled as pain took over its form yet again for the tenth time in the hour the boy had been going through his "change". He was laying on his stomach as the skin over his back rippled and tore apart from itself. The satin was now stained with a new red dye; blood. Clawed hands tore at the sheets of the bed as fangs were bared, the patterns being traced interrupted for the time being. The pain pulsed from the base of the boy's neck to his tailbone as four pairs of silver feathered wings ripped themselves out of his back, slowly. The newly opened wings shuddered and shook in the cool air and fell limp behind the heaving body. The pain had dulled but now the boy was tired beyond all reason. Body exhausted from the transformation.

With shallow breathing a naked, newly turned eighteen, Draco Malfoy curled his legs up to his chest and shakily traced a finger on the sheets again.

Spiral, spiral, circle, line.

All of his energy spent the blond fell asleep, still covered in his wings' birth blood, and his new enhanced features on display for all those that walked into his room. He wasn't discovered until early the next morning when Narcissa opened his bedroom door.

"Good Morn-" The curly haired blond woman paused and screamed as she slid down the door to the floor. All she saw was the blood all over the bed and an unmoving Draco with limp wings draped over his body. It was a mess of blood covered sheets, pale skin, and feathers. Lucius then ran in to see his only son and heir laid out unconscious and covered in feathers. His eyes widened from the sight but he wasn't shocked like his wife. He walked up to the bed side and careful of his son's wings, turned Draco around and lifted him up into a sitting position.

"Draco, wake up." At the demand the blonde's eyes slowly opened and fluttered up to his father. He was sore all over and he felt cold and sticky, all some of his not so favorite ways to feel.

"Father…?" With a wave of the older man's hand the sheets were clean of blood but Draco was still covered himself.

"Son, go take a shower and then meet with Narcissa and I back downstairs in the drawing room." The confused and a bit dazed blond just nodded his head and after getting up on shaking legs he exited his room and entered the bathroom connected to it. Lucius motioned for Narcissa to follow him and she got to her feet from the floor, where she had dropped in shock at the scene, and followed with a confused and scared look over her own face.

Draco's breath caught as he saw himself in the mirrors that covered one half of his bathroom. He stared in shock at the newly defined muscles, lighter blond hair, claws, and above all else, silver feathered wings that were currently spread out on his back; all eight of them. Turning around he saw the blood that covered his back and coated his wings. He brought an arm up and shuddered when his hand made contact with one of his wings.

He could feel it.

It was a real wing. His light eyebrows came together as he shuffled over to his shower and turned the water on. He had been raised to think that purebloods are the best, not that he truly felt that way, but now after coming into his inheritance on his birthday he gets these wings and claws and fangs. Things were not adding up. He could not be pureblood, so that meant one or both of his parents were not really a wizard. He got under the spray of the hot water and worked on loosening his tense muscles and getting the blood off his wings and back.

After a good forty odd minutes he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He was careful of his wings as he toweled off and walked into his room. He tossed on some sweat pants and after a search he found a tank top that would let his wings flow out behind him. He then walked down the two staircases to the floor the drawing room was on. He saw his mother outside the door and frowned as she turned to him.

"Mothe-" She cut him off with a shake of her head as she knocked on the door. It opened a crack and she entered with her head down. Draco looked at her in confusion and followed her into the room. He looked up and saw his father; however, he looked different. He was standing in his business pants and polished shoes at the windows of the drawing room, but he didn't have on a shirt of any kind and large silver wings were folded to his back; just two, large, powerful wings. Draco stared at him in shock. His mother wouldn't look up at him or Draco.

"Father, what is this?" The longhaired blond turned to his son with a grim look. He had hoped that Draco would not have to go through what he had, not so long ago, but looking at the silver wings folded to his son's back he was going to have to tell him his greatest secret.

What he was and who Draco's real "mother" is.

"Draco, sit down and I will begin to tell you the truth." The baffled blond did as he was told and sat on the couch in front of his father as he sat in an armchair.

"Draco, Narcissa is not your mother." Before the boy could protest or make a sound Lucius lifted up a hand and held it out in front of him.

"In reality your parents are Severus Snape and myself. I am your "mother" you could say, because I gave birth to you." Draco was speechless.

"I am from a race of magical beings called Seraph. Muggles often mistakes us for what they call Angels. In essence we are like Muggle's Angels but for the fact we do wandless magic and like most magical beings we have mates." Lucius paused his explanation to gauge Draco's response. At his father's pause he took the time to ask a question.

"So, Sev is really my father? Then, why have I grown up with her as my mother?" He pointed at Narcissa as she just stared down at the floor and stood against the bookshelf in the room. Draco had never really held any feelings for his mother and despite what most thought it was her who was the one most devoted to the Dark Lord. His father wasn't his right hand man but just the husband to his right hand woman.

"He is, but we couldn't be together in front of everyone with both of us being spies for The Order." At this Narcissa looked up as Draco stared at his father with shocked eyes.

"Traitor! I must tell my Lord-" With a wave of the older man's hand the woman was silenced and fell to the floor in a deep sleep.

"Father…" Draco turned confused eyes to the floor. All his life he had been told that Purebloods were the best and everything else was a waste of space. His "mother" had been the one telling him all these things but his father had never objected to his wife telling him all of this. He had believed it all until he went to Hogwarts and met other Slytherins. Unlike their parents they all did not want to kiss the feet of a Dark Lord that couldn't stand up to a half-blood baby.

"It was better that you didn't know, so that you could keep the secret because to you there was no secret. I know you don't plan on getting the dark mark and neither do the other Slytherins. I knew you could be trusted but I didn't want to put you in any danger. Severus thought the same thing." Draco looked back up at his father. The older man was looking down at the floor and his knuckles were white with the strain of his clenched fists.

"But now that I know my Seraph blood was more dominate than I thought, so I can't keep the truth from you. I had wished I could keep things secret until it was a safer time, but…" As his father trailed off Draco stood to his feet and walked across the room to stand behind his father and give him a hug. His arms encircled the thin older Malfoy. The feathers of his father's wings tickled Draco's cheek as he hugged the older man from behind.

"I understand." The older blond turned in his son's arms and wrapped his arms around the smaller man and for the first time since before Draco had been born Lucius felt like things were going to be all right. Truly all right. A huge weight lifted off his shoulders. They stayed like that for a time before the older Malfoy pulled himself together and held his son away from him to smile at him.

"We have a lot to take care of now. First, we have to get out of this house and get to your father at Hogwarts. We will be safe there and then I can show and tell you more about Seraph. I gave the Hogwarts library all of my books on the subject, so that Narcissa wouldn't figure out what I was." At the mention to Draco's "mother" he looked down at the floor where her body was laying.

"What about her?" Lucius sighed and waved his hand again and the woman disappeared.

"What did you do to her?" The older Seraph shrugged.

"I just locked her upstairs in her room." Draco raised an eyebrow.

"She was just a cover up to keep both of us safe. I put a spell on her to make her think we were happily married and I was just as much the Dark Lord's follower as her. I just tampered with her memories from tonight as well. As far as she is concerned we went to one of the other manors for a little bit." Draco just stared in shock at his father and nodded mutely. He was a little in shock at the turn of events. His Godfather was now his father and his father was now his "mother". He some how couldn't see himself ever calling his father, mother.

"Father, what do I call Sev now?" The older man's eyes grew a bit darker.

"Whatever you want." The newly appointed adult Draco nodded his head once more and looked at his feet. Lucius placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile.

"It will come to you my son." Draco gave a half smile and nodded.

"I want you to go to your room and pack away your things and meet me back here in the Drawing room so that we can leave for Hogwarts as soon as possible." With a sharp nod Draco hurried off out of the room and up the stairs to get his things. It took all of three spells (one to pack his things, two to shrink them and put it in his pocket, and three to vanish his blood covered sheets that would never be clean again), twenty minutes, and two deep calming breaths before Draco could go back to the drawing room, ready. His father was waiting for him with his own pockets full of his personal belongings by the fire place in the drawing room. The older Malfoy had opened up the floo network in the Drawing Room's fireplace to get them to Dumbledore's office and in the safety that was Hogwarts.

"Ready?" Draco only walked up to the fireplace and took a hand full of floo powder.

"As I'll ever be." Nodding his head Lucius made the motion that Draco should go ahead. Throwing the floo and shouting out "Hogwarts" the young Seraph disappeared and after one more look around the elder Malfoy closed his eyes, took the floo powder and threw it in, then stepped into the fire place only to open his eyes and be in the headmaster of Hogwart's office.

"Good evening, Lucius…Draco." The two men stared at the headmaster who was staring at them with sparkling eyes that both could not stand the sight of.